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5 Things A Pet Motel Must Have

In the event of travel or illness, being faced with the need to find a temporary home for your pet can feel a bit daunting for devoted pet owners. But it does not need to be a worry if you do adequate research to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Visiting a few different motels and checking to make sure that they have all the essential elements will assist you in feeling happy as you hand over your furry companion.

Adequate Staff

Adequate staff to look after the amount of animals that are being housed there is the first thing you will want to ask about. This is important because you will want to know that your pet is being supervised while it is in their care.

Adequate Sanitation

How clean the place looks (and smells) will give you a very good idea about how good their sanitation routine is. There should not be any fecal matter in the kennel and it needs to have adequate sanitation procedures in place to prevent the spread of the intestinal disease canine parvovirus, which is spread through contact with a contaminated surface.

Secure Housings

Because pets have been known to try and pull the Houdini act and attempt to go off to find their owner, secure housings for your pet are a must. When checking the place, make sure to look at the fences, gates and runs to ensure that they will be able to accommodate your pets, and keep them safe from running off. If your pet is a typical Houdini type, be sure to let the kennel carers know so that they can take extra precautions.

Safety Procedures

All kennels and housings need to be free from sharp objects, damaged wires and any other elements that your pet may find to cause it harm. Ensure that your pet will have its own private place to sleep and live, and that it is adequately divided from other boarding residents, so that it can relax and enjoy its time.

Health Care

Your pet’s health care is one of the key elements that you will need to ask about, to get an idea about what life will be like for your pet. Be sure to ask about water and feeding procedures, as well as what veterinary services are available if your pet does become ill during its stay. Reputable kennels will have specific requirements for vaccinations, so be sure to check what your pet will need to have up-to-date, as well as asking what parasite control the kennel has in place.