Black dog biting a green ball

Ways To Keep Your Best Buddy Active

We all know dogs are very physical animals. They do belong from an animal family that connects them to wolves and foxes, so we definitely know that they are born to run and explore. This also means that their health relies on the intensity of their daily work outs and routine.

We cannot reiterate the importance of exercise to your dogs. It is a part of their genetic makeup to be active and so it is vital to keep him fit.

Having a dog can help you get healthy yourself, because you will be pushed to do these activities with them, and you can be a prime example of health to them. If the master is healthy and fit, there is a great probability that the pet is in the same shape. Now you then ask, what are the variety of exercises you can do with your dog?


Encourage your dog to swim and learn how to appreciate water. It is such a wonderful skill to learn for any dog. It is not easy for some though, because there are dogs who hate the sight of water. What you can do first is lead him into it by teaching him how to chase a ball first then, when he gets that skill you can then start throwing the ball into the water.


Teaching your dogs the basic tricks can be an exercise for you and for him, mentally and physically as well. This will test your patience and your stamina. Teaching him how to sit and lay down or bark, or roll over, will be such a good starting point for elevating his knowledge and his skills in exercise. This will also wear him out at the end of the day. This classic training strategy is well worth the exercise in the end.


It is made in different sizes and different colours, and it is and will be your dog’s favorite thing in the world. A boomer ball is a ball specially designed to cater to the needs and the conditions that your pets can put it through. It is water resistant, scratch resistant and chewing resistant (but of course like any other toy it will wear out).Your dog will have tons of good times with this one.


The simple game of “hide and seek” can give you and your dog such a work out, you’ll be surprised. Aside from it is so much fun for your dog to run around and look for you. It has proven to be an ultimate exercise for your dog mentally and physically. Try doing this on bigger areas and fields to get the most out of the activity.


There are so many possible exercise activities for your dogs out there. You just need to research and try it out. You have agility challenges involving obstacle courses, obedience training etc. This can truly help your dog out physically and mentally as well.

Remember it will always be to your advantage if you make an effort towards improving your dog’s physicality and health. As the saying goes “a tired dog is a good dog”.