Are You Stressed?

Are you stressed? If you are, there is a good chance your cat is too. Uncanny how they can pick up our moods. Just like children and others who are a bit more “sensitive” they tend to take on too much of our stuff and end up stressed themselves.

Just like humans the major stressors in a cat’s life can include:

• Divorce
• New baby
• Death in the family
• Moving house
• Renovating house
• Illness
• A new pet
• Injury
• Abuse
• Storms

Even day to day occurrences can have a big effect on how a cat’s day went. For example, just take these experiences from your “cat’s point of view”-

• They stopped me sleeping in my favourite spot
• The litter has not been cleaned quickly enough (for their taste)
• My owner is playing loud music and scaring me
• Bleh! What is that new food, I hate new things
• The carpet man came today and took away all our stuff and put something that smelt revolting on the floor
• Eeek! New furniture
• That dog constantly barking is sooo annoying
• Who let THAT in my yard?
You’re getting the idea we’re sure!

Signs of Kitty Stress

Because cats choose not to talk with us and we don’t understand kitty talk we are left to watch for other signs.
These may include, a change in diet usually not wanting to eat, excessive grooming, aggressive behaviour and less interest in family members and companion animals, hiding and inappropriate elimination (always our personal fave – joking).

Help Your Cat Through Stress With Ease

So how can you help your cat through any of these experiences? Well, we are glad you asked. Durack Pet Motel staff love animals and can tell from all sorts of indicators from the tiniest nuance in body language all the way through to out of control spitting, slashing and hissing. Talking with your cat in words and pictures can be a real asset. For major events such as moving house or getting new carpets laid, prepare them as long as possible. The more they “know” the better they feel. Allow them plenty of hidey holes and increase areas they can climb to help them feel more secure and allowing them the choice of exposing themselves or staying hidden. Interactive playtime, is one of the best ways to get a young kitten used to a busy family life. For a more fearful or older cat this is still an opportunity to bring them out of their shell and give them some attention.