Cat lying on a dog

Best Outdoor Activities For Cats and Dogs

A key element for taking your dogs and cats outdoors is going to be how well you trained them to use a leash in the early days. Cats and dogs that are leash trained will be easier to manage during outdoor activities, and increase the number of activities that are an option for you to enjoy together.

If your cat is primarily an indoor cat, it will benefit hugely from having access to an outdoor run that comes from your home, but leash training it will certainly increase your options for other activities that you can do with it. Also, be mindful of taking cats outdoors as they tend to kill a lot of birds, this being their natural instinct. Dogs are usually trained to use a leash early on as a matter of their basic training, and if this is done well then you should have no problem bringing it along to participate in any of the outdoor activities that you are doing yourself.

Bicycling Riding

While this would probably not be an activity suited to cats on leashes, they may enjoy sitting in a basket while you ride. However, if you have a dog and also love riding your bike, this is a must-do activity that you can enjoy together. Dogs have loads of energy that needs to be expended, so running alongside your bike will give them great pleasure and give them a chance to exercise their strong muscles, as well as feeling the wind in their coat.

Dog Parks

As the name suggests, dog parks are a suburban oasis for owners and their dogs to meet up with other dogs (and their owners), to run about, sniff each other, and do doggy things. At present there is no such thing as a cat park in Australia, most likely because cats are very self-contained creatures and do not often socialise with other cats, unless they are in the same household.


While cats would not enjoy swimming at all, dogs love getting into the water and chasing a ball, or exploring ponds, pools or coastal areas. They will gladly swim along with you, or jump into the water to take part in whatever activity you are doing, and it is another activity that is excellent for keeping their muscles strong. At Durack Pet Motel, we encourage owners to do lots of outdoor activities with their pets to socialise them with other animals to make their transition to staying with us as comfortable as possible.