Boarding Your Pet Cat

People often do not know what to do with their pet cat if they need to be away from home because of travel, illness or family emergencies. Some pet owners choose to bring along their cats, only to find out too late that their hotel does not accept pets or that travel does not agree with their pet. Some hand their cat to a neighbour, friend or part-time pet carer, but the results are often unsatisfactory for both the pet and the pet owner.

You can leave home without the guilt and worry about your cat by boarding your pet while you are away. Places that board pets, including cats and dogs, are often known as pet motels. They offer accommodation and facilities to make your pet’s stay with them relaxing and comfortable.

Your Cat’s Home Away From Home

orange cat sitting on a scratch post platformPet motels offer accommodation specifically made and designed for cats. Some cats can suffer from stress and anxiety, while some cats may be shy or scared of being in a new environment. A typical cat suite is roomy as well as having sufficient fresh air and sunlight; In addition, it offers a charming view such as a garden.

The suite may also provide facilities that your cat can enjoy such as a trampoline bed with a scratching pole. Your cat may also have fun climbing and exploring several shelves and cubby holes. Your pet’s stay will be enjoyable because of highly trained carers who will give your cat plenty of pats, cuddles and daily playtime. Pet owners are also welcome to bring along a favourite toy, blanket or treat for their beloved kitty.

For the protection of all cats staying in the pet motel, your cat will be required to be up-to-date with vaccinations. Before the cat can enjoy the motel’s accommodation, the owner must present a copy of the pet’s current vaccination certificates.

It’s Feeding Time

A good cat boarding facility recognises that each cat has a unique preference in food. With this in mind, different dry and wet foods are available to suit the taste of each cat staying in the pet motel. Just inform a staff what your cat’s favourite food brand is, whether Eukanuba, Friskies or Purina. The pet motel will be sure to stock it. A further testament to the flexibility of cat boarding facilities is that they are willing to accommodate the diet that the pet owners will specify for their cats.

Pet motels also recognise and are willing to administer any medication, treatment or special diet your cat may need with the help of a team of professional carers. All a pet owner has to do is to let a carer know the special needs of their cat.