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5 Things A Pet Motel Must Have

In the event of travel or illness, being faced with the need to find a temporary home for your pet can feel a bit daunting for devoted pet owners. But it does not need to be a worry if you do adequate research to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Visiting a few different motels and checking to make sure that they have all the essential elements will assist you in feeling happy as you hand over your furry companion.

Adequate Staff

Adequate staff to look after the amount of animals that are being housed there is the first thing you will want to ask about. This is important because you will want to know that your pet is being supervised while it is in their care.

Adequate Sanitation

How clean the place looks (and smells) will give you a very good idea about how good their sanitation routine is. There should not be any fecal matter in the kennel and it needs to have adequate sanitation procedures in place to prevent the spread of the intestinal disease canine parvovirus, which is spread through contact with a contaminated surface.

Secure Housings

Because pets have been known to try and pull the Houdini act and attempt to go off to find their owner, secure housings for your pet are a must. When checking the place, make sure to look at the fences, gates and runs to ensure that they will be able to accommodate your pets, and keep them safe from running off. If your pet is a typical Houdini type, be sure to let the kennel carers know so that they can take extra precautions.

Safety Procedures

All kennels and housings need to be free from sharp objects, damaged wires and any other elements that your pet may find to cause it harm. Ensure that your pet will have its own private place to sleep and live, and that it is adequately divided from other boarding residents, so that it can relax and enjoy its time.

Health Care

Your pet’s health care is one of the key elements that you will need to ask about, to get an idea about what life will be like for your pet. Be sure to ask about water and feeding procedures, as well as what veterinary services are available if your pet does become ill during its stay. Reputable kennels will have specific requirements for vaccinations, so be sure to check what your pet will need to have up-to-date, as well as asking what parasite control the kennel has in place.


How Grooming Is Beneficial For The Health Of Your Pet

Anyone who says they can resist hugging a freshly groomed animal is either lying or is simply not an animal person. Either way, grooming serves many functions for pets, and it isn’t just about lifting their self-esteem, although it can definitely contribute to making them feel good. Regular pet grooming is not just for keeping up appearances, it also serves a very important function in maintaining your pet’s optimal health and wellness. During the grooming you also have an opportunity to check for health issues such as skin problems, or signs of inflammation; therefore, at Durack Pet Motel we encourage regular grooming for good health.

Cutting Hair

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat from all areas of their body. They only sweat through the places where there is no fur, so cutting their hair will allow for better air circulation and assist them with maintaining an optimal temperature, especially on a hot day.


As many of us are aware, dogs are descended from wolves, which is probably a big part of why they love exploring and don’t mind getting dirty in the process. Regular cleaning is an important part of your pets’ grooming, not only to remove any of the debris that they have picked up on their fur, but also to be able to see what is going on underneath the fur. Additionally, dogs usually get a build-up of crust around their eyes, which is often only revealed during cleaning, but can cause problems if it is not cleared out regularly.


Regular brushing of your pet also contributes to a healthier state, by removing dead fur, dandruff and dirt. An added benefit of brushing is that it spreads the natural oils around an animal’s fur, leaving a healthy, shiny coat. Regular brushing of your pet is best begun while it is still a puppy, so that it can get used to standing still for the duration of the brushing. If you do not start at an early age, an older animal is a lot more challenging to train to appreciate the experience. A helpful tip is to make sure you brush your dog’s hair before shampooing; otherwise, the hair will become matted and it will cause pain when you try to brush it after it has been washed.

Clipping of Nails

Clipping of the nails will prevent health issues later such as arthritis or infections. If a dog’s nails are too long, they will start to accommodate this by walking on the sides of their pads, which can lead to arthritis later in life, causing them a lot of pain.

Safety, Security and Comfort Measures for Dog Boarding

If you have never checked your dog into a boarding kennel, you may have questions about what is involved and what your pet might need while it is on its ‘holiday’. Animals feel more secure when they feel at home in their environment, so our focus is on creating a home away from home for your pet. Caring for the needs of your dog will encompass our staff becoming the surrogate ‘parent’ of your pooch, and your dog’s safety and comfort is of the upmost importance for us at Durack Pet Motel.

Vaccination History

As a health and safety measure we require for all dogs that stay with us at Durack Pet Motel to have their vaccinations and parasite treatments up to date. This ensures the minimisation of infectious diseases that could cause the animal discomfort, or spread among the other ‘guests’.

Sleeping Arrangements

Dogs make themselves at home by moving their bedding around in their kennel until they find a dark, comfortable place to sleep. We provide a comfortable, dry, sleeping quarter of the appropriate temperature and ensure that there are no sharp objects or places where they can get their limbs caught or cause damage to themselves or others.


An important aspect of life for dogs is companionship. As ‘man’s best friend’, dogs benefit from regular human contact, as well as being able to see other dogs. Without appropriate mental stimulation, dogs can become unhappy and display ‘acting out’ behaviours such as barking. Similarly, if dogs are housed in a highly active area with lots of traffic this may over-stimulate them, which can also lead to barking. As we know, when one dog barks unnecessarily, it often creates a chorus, which is often not music to the ears of humans, so our focus is on providing a balance between the two.

Special Dietary Needs

We recognise that different dogs require different diets, so we encourage owners to advise us of specific foods that make life more comfortable for their dog. The more information we have about your pet, the best care we will be able to provide, in all areas, so we make this a priority as we prepare for the arrival of your dog.

Exercise and Toilet Routines

During your dog’s stay with us, we ensure that it receives ample opportunity for adequate exercise, and time away from its kennel to stretch its legs and explore its environment. This includes ensuring that it has adequate opportunities for satisfying its defecating and toilet needs away from its sleeping areas.

Why Potty and Behavioural Training Are Recommended for Pets

When we begin a relationship with a human, we set clear boundaries about what will work for us in the relationship; we also provide the person with skills to understand the way that we do things. When beginning a relationship with a pet, it is recommended to do the same thing, only in the context of what you desire from the relationship with your pet. Two areas that are important for your pet to learn about are toilet training and behavioural training to assist in a harmonious and smooth relationship. The best time to train your pets is from when they are very young, so that they learn what is appropriate and what you will expect from them during the relationship.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are as important as freedom, for both pets and people. Knowing what we can and cannot do allows us to feel secure, and consistency is an important part of this. Teaching pets where they need to go to the toilet from an early age not only assists you in maintaining a hygienic home, but also helps when you are out in public places. Knowing where they are allowed to sit, what they are allowed to chew and where they sleep allows pets to feel more relaxed and secure.

Prevent Damage to Property

During the younger years, we can often expect some property to be damaged by our pets as they ‘learn the ropes’ and gain valuable experience about what they can and cannot do. As pets grow older, if they are trained appropriately and understand what their owner likes or does not like, then there are (hopefully) going to be less damages and a more harmonious relationship for everyone.

Prepare Your Pet for Social Outings

People who have ever witnessed a child throwing a crazed tantrum in public will be able to appreciate the embarrassment and horror for the parent of the child, and understand how an unruly pet can cause similar embarrassment. Owning a pet that will not listen to your commands or do its business in the appropriate places can be extremely embarrassing as a pet owner, often causing the owner to avoid public outings or social visits. It is for this reason that putting in a little effort to train your pet can go a long way for a happier life together, and at Durack Pet Motel, we encourage this type of training for your pet while it is young.

Achieving Mental Well-being for Your Dog Through Exercise

Anyone who has ever been a parent of a toddler, babysat one or spent any amount of time with one will know that if they do not expel some of their energy through some serious movement and activity, they could end up being a very unpleasant companion after a while. The same can be said for dogs. They need the stimulation of getting regular exercise to keep them feeling mentally well; otherwise, they could end up expressing themselves in ways that could really push the friendship.

If you weren’t aware of it already, some news that might be surprising to you is that canines are actually descended from wolves. So, in essence, our domesticated dogs that live in our homes with us are actually domesticated wolves. When we think about a wolf, we have an image of a wild creature that enjoys roaming free, exploring its surroundings, hunting and spending time with the other members of its pack.


When we remember its genetic roots of being a descendant of the wolf family, we can understand how the domesticated dog of today still requires a large degree of stimulation to keep it happy and to enjoy life. For most dogs, their life consists of spending a good portion of their time between four walls, the boundaries of the garden and house where they reside. Although there is often stimulating happenings going on within these areas through the humans whom they reside with, as well as the other small animals that come to visit every now and then, they can certainly do with regular opportunities for a little more.

Physical Exertion

When dogs get out exercising they do a lot more than what we do, as well as getting the opportunity to use their powerful muscles for running, jumping and physical exertion, they also use their powerful sense of smell to enjoy the smell-scapes that exists in the world outside of the fence. If you as their human owner find that you are unable to accommodate daily exercise out of the fence, be sure to spend time with them throwing a ball, stick or other toy so that they can be stimulated within their home area, to ensure that they do not get bored and start tearing up the place.


Another important part of exercise for dogs is the socialisation that they enjoy when they are out exploring the world with you. All those smells that they stop to sniff and the small spurts of wee that they put on as many poles as they can manage are all their way of communicating with each other, even when they are not in the same area at the same time. As we know, when dogs happen to see each other in person, their excitement is palpable because they are very sociable animals and really love the opportunity to pass the time of day with other members of their species.

All of these factors, if taken into consideration and given the attention that they are due, will contribute to a dog that enjoys good mental health, which, in turn, leads to a happier owner, so it is definitely worth exercising your dog regularly. At Durack Pet Motel, we take all of these factors into consideration when we have dogs come and stay with us, so they can be as happy here as they possibly can be.

Environmental And Lifestyle Considerations For Different Pets.

There’s an old adage that says ‘different horses for different courses’, meaning that different horses are suited to different conditions. When it comes to your pet’s lifestyle and special needs, this would be reflective on the type of environment that the breed is suited to and what it needs to be happy. Depending on the pet, the needs of the animal might be very different from what you are able to offer, so it is important to take this into consideration before choosing a pet to become your lifelong companion.

Living Arrangements

Choosing a pet that fits in with where you live is really important. For example, a Great Dane will not be happy living in a tiny apartment, and why would you want to force a large animal such as this to be squeezed into a small space? It wouldn’t be fair to either of you. Similarly, if you live in an area where there are no dog parks, or do not travel regularly to places where your dog can have a good run off the leash it will become more and more unhappy over time. This could cause it to act up, and start to destroy things in the house, which would affect your relationship with the pet.


Your lifestyle will have a direct impact on the sort of pet that is suited to you. Some animals are happy to be alone and will find lots of different ways to occupy themselves without you being there, but others need more attention. If you are a person who is not home very much, it would be best to choose a pet that will not be pining for you to come home all the time. Dogs enjoy going for a walk every day, or at the very least, a few times a week. If you are not able to commit to the time and effort to do this, perhaps a different animal might be better suited to your lifestyle.


Many pets require different diets, and as such, it is important that you are aware of what your pet needs for its optimal health, and are able to provide it. Different dogs and cats need specific vitamins and minerals at various times in their life, which is why there are pet foods suited to the various stages in a pet’s life. At Durack Pet Motel, we recommend that people do their research before choosing which pet is the right pet for their environment and lifestyle.

Choosing The Right Cat For You

There is an old racing adage that says ‘different horses for different courses’, and the same can be said for pets. It is worth taking the time to do your research to ensure that you choose a breed that suits your personal circumstances.

If you are thinking of welcoming a feline friend into your home and life, it is important to consider carefully which breed of cat would suit your lifestyle before you commit. There are so many different breeds of cats, all with their own personalities and physical attributes that it is worth taking the time to find one that will suit you perfectly to ensure a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.

Getting the Right Breed

In the same way that humans all have different personalities, so do pets, and like humans, not all personalities are suited to each other. Different breeds of cats require various levels of attention, and some may be happier to be man-handled by children, while for others this may cause distress. Some breeds will be more active, while others may enjoy sleeping all day. If you choose a cat that requires a lot of attention, but you are out at work all day, the cat will not be happy and it may tear up your house in protest, when you are not home.

Adult or Kitten?

The choice as to whether you choose an adult cat, or one that is still a kitten is a good question and one which requires some thought. A kitten will require a lot more attention than an adult cat, and will need a lot of training in the early days. This will include toilet training and supervision on learning the ropes of living in your home. A cat that is at least a year old or more, will be calmer and its personality will already be established, so you will have an idea as to whether you will enjoy each other’s company.

Who Lives With You?

When bringing a new member of the family into a household it is important to consider all of the different parties involved. For households that have young children, life for the cat can become a miserable existence as young children are usually quite rough so they need to be supervised with the cat as much as possible. At Durack Pet Motel we understand the importance of choosing the right breed of cat for the whole family, so it is worth doing your homework in order that everyone is happy.

Ten Tips for New Cat Owners

At Durack Pet Motel, we love cats, and as such we thought it might be a good idea to share some of our experience for new cat owners. Bringing a new pet into the household can be similar to bringing a new baby. There is much to learn, and you will have fun along the way as you get to know your new feline friend.

Find the Right Breed

Finding the right breed of cat that suits your lifestyle is important to having a happy relationship with your cat. If you are the sort of person who works long hours, or is not home very much, you would be best to choose a breed that is not highly intelligent and needing lots of attention.

Does Your Cat Need a Buddy?

If you are the sort of person who isn’t home much, but you still want to have a cat waiting for you to greet you when you get home, perhaps you might consider getting two cats. The advantage of having two cats is that they will keep each other busy when you are not home, which will hopefully prevent them from wrecking the place while waiting for you.

Is the Cat Immunised and Neutered?

One important aspect of being a pet owner is having your cat immunised against diseases to prevent it from getting sick. Having your cat neutered at the appropriate age will also prevent it from trying to get out of your house when you aren’t there, or spraying on the furniture.

Check for Allergies

If you are person who has allergies you may want to take this into consideration before choosing which breed of cat is the right one for you. While some people find that their bodies adapt to the allergic reaction, for some it doesn’t and, as such, you may find yourself suffering from your new feline friend.

Choose a Quality Litter Box and Litter

When choosing a litter box, make sure that you go for a quality one, such as one with a lid, which will give your cat more privacy. It is also best to get quality litter that clumps easily, which allows for easier cleaning of the box.

Provide Enough Toys for Your Cat

Like children, cats love to play, and if you don’t provide them with enough toys they will likely start to use your possessions as toys. Ensure that you introduce them to their toys and play with them regularly, to prevent them from getting bored and taking it out on you or your belongings.

Keep a Stock of Cat Treats for Training

Like humans, cats don’t just come into the world knowing everything, so you need to help them to learn. Keep a stock of cat treats for when you are training or needing to bribe your cat.

Did Somebody Say Scratching Post?

One way to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture or belongings to pieces is to buy them a scratching post. You can entice your cat to use it by sprinkling catnip on it or playing with a toy around it, and giving rewards when it uses it.

Are You Going to Get Pet Insurance?

When something goes wrong with a cat’s health, often it can become a costly exercise if you don’t have pet insurance. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing that your cat is covered if something does go wrong.

Do Your Research

Probably the best tip that we could give to any cat owner is to do your research. Read books and research online. Talk to other cat owners. Get to know your breed of cat, and learn to understand what it likes or doesn’t like. It is a new member of your family and just wants to be loved, like everyone else.

Choosing The Right Pet Motel

If you are a pet owner and are planning on taking a holiday, it might be a good idea to put your pet into a pet motel, to avoid any problems with taking your pet with you. Often pets will not enjoy a long journey to your holiday destination, and often hotels do not look favourably on having your pet as a guest. Once you’ve decided to give your pet a holiday of its own, in a pet motel, you will want to find somewhere that will allow your pet to feel at home, away from home. Choosing the right pet motel is the next important step, so follow this guide and see where it leads you, and your pet.

Recommended Pet Motels

When choosing the best place for your pet to reside while you take your holiday, make sure that you ask around and get some background information on the places you have in mind. Usually your vet, or other pet owners will have a good idea about places they might recommend, so do your homework and ensure that you have peace of mind while you are away.

Logistics of the Pet Motel

Rather than organising everything over the phone, make sure to go and check out the pet motel before your departure date, to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Some areas to look at when making your assessment are on the cleanliness of the place, whether there is sufficient ventilation and light, as well as how big the kennels are. One thing that you definitely don’t want is to return from your holiday to a pet that has been through hell, and is left traumatised for life by its experience.

Who Looks After Your Pet?

In the same way as with our children, we would not want our pet to be around someone who does not care for them as well as we would. When choosing a pet motel for your pet, make sure that you become acquainted with the people who will be looking after them. Do the staff members seem to know what they are doing with pets? Do they appear to care about the animals in their care?

What Will Your Pet Be Doing?

During the time your pet will be staying at the pet motel, you will want to be sure that they are getting enough exercise and have enough to keep them occupied. A good pet motel will have an adequate outdoor run for the pet, or at least a scheduled exercise routine, to ensure that they are getting enough stimulation and activity. At Durack Pet Motel we aim to make your pets stay with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible so that you will feel confident in leaving your pet with us.

If You Love Your Dog, Read This!

Dog owners now have an array of services available to make their furry family members happy, comfortable and enjoying life. Washing, grooming, clipping, massage therapy, day care for dogs whose owners work; the list goes on. In fact, a person could own a dog and never do anything with it other than feed it.

Dog Walking is Now a Real Job

Even the daily walk, that incentive that gets us off the couch to exercise our dog, and therefore ourselves, can be by-passed by handing over the leash to someone else. Dog walking is now on the list of services offered to owners who are too busy or have some other reason to hand over this task.

The fact that owners are prepared to pay for the service tells us they know how important a daily walk is for the health and wellbeing of their dog. If they are tied down by work or perhaps too ill to do it themselves, they value the practice enough to engage a dog walker.

Pet Care Programs Include Exercise

We also understand the importance of regular exercise for dogs of all sizes, and this is part of our pet care program at Durack Pet Motel. When you board your dog with us, you leave knowing that your precious pet will have plenty of opportunity for exercise. Our doggy boarders have access to large, safe, grassed play areas where our caring staff members engage them in daily play and petting.

Individual Attention Plus Exercise Equals Dog Heaven

The difference between the care and exercise we provide and the activities of a dog walker, is the individual attention our staff can offer. They are in the kennels with our guests for the whole day and have the time to become friends. A dog walker typically enters a client’s premises, takes the dog for its exercise and returns it immediately afterwards.

Dog Sitting an Option Based on Trust

Another service popular among dog owners, is that of the dog sitter, which is not the same as the dog walker. A sitter may take a dog they are looking after for a walk, but they are primarily engaged to live in its home and provide its care while the owners are away.

This can be successful provided the owners trust the people they have employed. Not only will the sitters have unfettered access to the homes, but they are also responsible for the safety of the pets in their care. A careless moment leaving a gate to a busy road open is just one of the things that could go wrong.

Boarding Kennels Offer Safety and Care

Leaving their dogs in the safety and security of our purpose-built facility is a much better option. The dogs have a great time interacting with our staff; they have comfortable, secure accommodation, and they leave relaxed and happy.