Choosing The Right Cat For You

There is an old racing adage that says ‘different horses for different courses’, and the same can be said for pets. It is worth taking the time to do your research to ensure that you choose a breed that suits your personal circumstances.

If you are thinking of welcoming a feline friend into your home and life, it is important to consider carefully which breed of cat would suit your lifestyle before you commit. There are so many different breeds of cats, all with their own personalities and physical attributes that it is worth taking the time to find one that will suit you perfectly to ensure a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.

Getting the Right Breed

In the same way that humans all have different personalities, so do pets, and like humans, not all personalities are suited to each other. Different breeds of cats require various levels of attention, and some may be happier to be man-handled by children, while for others this may cause distress. Some breeds will be more active, while others may enjoy sleeping all day. If you choose a cat that requires a lot of attention, but you are out at work all day, the cat will not be happy and it may tear up your house in protest, when you are not home.

Adult or Kitten?

The choice as to whether you choose an adult cat, or one that is still a kitten is a good question and one which requires some thought. A kitten will require a lot more attention than an adult cat, and will need a lot of training in the early days. This will include toilet training and supervision on learning the ropes of living in your home. A cat that is at least a year old or more, will be calmer and its personality will already be established, so you will have an idea as to whether you will enjoy each other’s company.

Who Lives With You?

When bringing a new member of the family into a household it is important to consider all of the different parties involved. For households that have young children, life for the cat can become a miserable existence as young children are usually quite rough so they need to be supervised with the cat as much as possible. At Durack Pet Motel we understand the importance of choosing the right breed of cat for the whole family, so it is worth doing your homework in order that everyone is happy.

Ten Tips for New Cat Owners

At Durack Pet Motel, we love cats, and as such we thought it might be a good idea to share some of our experience for new cat owners. Bringing a new pet into the household can be similar to bringing a new baby. There is much to learn, and you will have fun along the way as you get to know your new feline friend.

Find the Right Breed

Finding the right breed of cat that suits your lifestyle is important to having a happy relationship with your cat. If you are the sort of person who works long hours, or is not home very much, you would be best to choose a breed that is not highly intelligent and needing lots of attention.

Does Your Cat Need a Buddy?

If you are the sort of person who isn’t home much, but you still want to have a cat waiting for you to greet you when you get home, perhaps you might consider getting two cats. The advantage of having two cats is that they will keep each other busy when you are not home, which will hopefully prevent them from wrecking the place while waiting for you.

Is the Cat Immunised and Neutered?

One important aspect of being a pet owner is having your cat immunised against diseases to prevent it from getting sick. Having your cat neutered at the appropriate age will also prevent it from trying to get out of your house when you aren’t there, or spraying on the furniture.

Check for Allergies

If you are person who has allergies you may want to take this into consideration before choosing which breed of cat is the right one for you. While some people find that their bodies adapt to the allergic reaction, for some it doesn’t and, as such, you may find yourself suffering from your new feline friend.

Choose a Quality Litter Box and Litter

When choosing a litter box, make sure that you go for a quality one, such as one with a lid, which will give your cat more privacy. It is also best to get quality litter that clumps easily, which allows for easier cleaning of the box.

Provide Enough Toys for Your Cat

Like children, cats love to play, and if you don’t provide them with enough toys they will likely start to use your possessions as toys. Ensure that you introduce them to their toys and play with them regularly, to prevent them from getting bored and taking it out on you or your belongings.

Keep a Stock of Cat Treats for Training

Like humans, cats don’t just come into the world knowing everything, so you need to help them to learn. Keep a stock of cat treats for when you are training or needing to bribe your cat.

Did Somebody Say Scratching Post?

One way to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture or belongings to pieces is to buy them a scratching post. You can entice your cat to use it by sprinkling catnip on it or playing with a toy around it, and giving rewards when it uses it.

Are You Going to Get Pet Insurance?

When something goes wrong with a cat’s health, often it can become a costly exercise if you don’t have pet insurance. Pet insurance gives you peace of mind in knowing that your cat is covered if something does go wrong.

Do Your Research

Probably the best tip that we could give to any cat owner is to do your research. Read books and research online. Talk to other cat owners. Get to know your breed of cat, and learn to understand what it likes or doesn’t like. It is a new member of your family and just wants to be loved, like everyone else.

To Board or Not to Board Your Cat

What most people do not realise is that a cat is similar to a dog in that it knows and understands its domain to such an extent that it will do “rounds” similar to a security check to ensure all is well on their patch.

Just as a dog will check the perimeter fences, a cat will check out the house and grounds, sniffing out visitors of both the two legged and four legged variety.

They are just as territorial, if not more so, than a dog.

The question of whether you should board your cat or leave it at home on its own with someone coming in to feed it, arises only when you need to go away, be it holiday or work.

If you know your cat well then you have seen how it may duck out the door in the mornings to see “who” has visited in the night. They are not too good at accepting others into their environment be it human or otherwise.

If you have someone you and your cat know and whom you can trust to come stay in your home, this will go a long way to ensuring your feline friend is kept happy and stress free.

Yes they suffer stress just like us and especially when their owners are away. It’s a big responsibility to look after everything while you are gone and to do without your company and affection as well only makes it worse.

Give Your Cat a Holiday Too

As cats are so territorial you may think that boarding your much loved moggy in a pet motel is a recipe for disaster.

When you consider the stress your cat goes through when you leave it on its own, the risk of boarding lessens.

Boarding your cat with us at the Durack Pet Motel clearly shows it that it can relax and does not need to parole the premises and keep the intruders away all on its own while you are unable to do it yourself.

Our friendly staff members are all here because they love animals and understand their needs and habits.

Our large suites are equipped with comfortable trampoline beds and 6-foot tall scratch posts with shelves and a cubby to explore and hide in.

Regular cuddles and pats are not only demanded by them but are gladly offered by us.

We are able to cater for all dietary needs and medical conditions.

Boarding Your Pet Cat

People often do not know what to do with their pet cat if they need to be away from home because of travel, illness or family emergencies. Some pet owners choose to bring along their cats, only to find out too late that their hotel does not accept pets or that travel does not agree with their pet. Some hand their cat to a neighbour, friend or part-time pet carer, but the results are often unsatisfactory for both the pet and the pet owner.

You can leave home without the guilt and worry about your cat by boarding your pet while you are away. Places that board pets, including cats and dogs, are often known as pet motels. They offer accommodation and facilities to make your pet’s stay with them relaxing and comfortable.

Your Cat’s Home Away From Home

orange cat sitting on a scratch post platformPet motels offer accommodation specifically made and designed for cats. Some cats can suffer from stress and anxiety, while some cats may be shy or scared of being in a new environment. A typical cat suite is roomy as well as having sufficient fresh air and sunlight; In addition, it offers a charming view such as a garden.

The suite may also provide facilities that your cat can enjoy such as a trampoline bed with a scratching pole. Your cat may also have fun climbing and exploring several shelves and cubby holes. Your pet’s stay will be enjoyable because of highly trained carers who will give your cat plenty of pats, cuddles and daily playtime. Pet owners are also welcome to bring along a favourite toy, blanket or treat for their beloved kitty.

For the protection of all cats staying in the pet motel, your cat will be required to be up-to-date with vaccinations. Before the cat can enjoy the motel’s accommodation, the owner must present a copy of the pet’s current vaccination certificates.

It’s Feeding Time

A good cat boarding facility recognises that each cat has a unique preference in food. With this in mind, different dry and wet foods are available to suit the taste of each cat staying in the pet motel. Just inform a staff what your cat’s favourite food brand is, whether Eukanuba, Friskies or Purina. The pet motel will be sure to stock it. A further testament to the flexibility of cat boarding facilities is that they are willing to accommodate the diet that the pet owners will specify for their cats.

Pet motels also recognise and are willing to administer any medication, treatment or special diet your cat may need with the help of a team of professional carers. All a pet owner has to do is to let a carer know the special needs of their cat.

Loving Care for Your Feline

It can be a challenge to organise someone to look after your cat when you are planning a holiday away from home. To have someone come to your home to look after the littlest member of the family may be the ideal situation, but to hand over the key to your home whilst you are away demands you select someone you can trust.

orange cat sitting on a scratch post platformA better solution may be to take advantage of the services of a pet motel. Selecting a reputable healthy cat boarding establishment in Brisbane is a better way for you and your family to enjoy your holiday and let your cat be looked after by fully trained and caring staff.

Durack Pet Motel is conveniently situated in southwest Brisbane. We are able to offer pats, cuddles and playtime to your pampered kitty. Our pet carers are trained to care for your pet and also administer medication if required and we definitely cater for the fussy eater!

Each cat suite is 2.8 metres long, 2.4 metres high and 1.2 metres wide and is fitted with a trampoline bed and a six foot high scratch pole. Your cat can spend hours playing and exploring the many shelves and cubby holes whilst keeping an eye on the garden and activity outside.

Special Requirements – Medication and Vaccinations

If you have any special requirements for your pet such as grooming, medication or diet we are more than happy to assist.
In return, we do have one requirement and that is that your pet is currently vaccinated. For the protection of your own and the other pets we care for, it is absolutely essential to maintain a minimum F3 vaccination for your cat, this provides protection against feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus and feline panleukopenia.

You may find that your vet will also advise vaccination against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) for any cats that spend time outdoors.

Pickup and Delivery Service

It is not common for a cat to go travelling in a vehicle. As such, many families are not equipped to travel with a pet in the car.

We have a vehicle that is fitted with individual travelling compartments, thus allowing your pet safety and security when being transported.

This service can get extremely busy during our peak times, so if you think you need us please book in plenty of time. This service is available Monday to Saturday (excluding school holidays).

To find out more please visit us in person to inspect our facilities or visit us online.