Pamper Your Dog This Christmas

Is your dog your best friend? Does your dog offer you the best company, solace, and joy?

They are amazing creatures, dogs. They intuitively know when things are not right with you or when your world has turned upside down. Alternatively, they revel in the opportunity to join in your joy and laughter.

They really are man’s best friend.

All they want to do is show you that no matter what life throws at you, all you need to do is choose to be happy. They trust and love everyone and choose joy always. No matter how they are treated.

Durack Pet Motel has some brilliant ideas to share so that you can show your dog, your best friend, how much it means to you, not only at Christmas time but all the time.

Doggy Day Care

If you are away for long working days you can check your dog into our facilities to be loved and cared for during the day so they don’t suffer the anxiety of many dogs that are left to their own devices. This is especially true during these long hot summer days. A dog can wear itself out constantly patrolling your property for pesky predators.

Doggy Holiday

If you are planning a trip away from home it can be doubly important to ensure your dog is lovingly cared for.

When their owners are away, a dog can become very stressed as it may not understand that you are planning to return. A feeling of abandonment can create all sorts of emotions and issues for a loving dog. Also, a dog left on its own for long periods of time can become bored. Boredom can lead to bad behaviour. Is this your dog’s fault or yours?

Doggy Day Spa

Dogs love to be pampered and shown that they are loved just like humans do. We offer a range of services that can suit any dog and any budget. It may be just a simple nail clipping that is required to prevent damage to furniture and your legs!

We also offer a lovely warm hydrobath, which will have your dog looking and smelling all fresh and new. Our range extends even further into grooming and clipping. Not only will your dog smell fresh and new but it could have a whole new summer look happening.

Getting Ready For The Christmas Celebrations

Well, there goes another year. Can you believe how quickly it has passed?

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are buzzing around the house and home getting ready for a visit from a very special person. And yes, Santa is a very special person but we mean the visit that you are going to be paid or will be paying to loved ones, be they far and near.

Christmas is the time of year to make that visit to parents, grandparents and loved ones. If you are planning on a day trip then you can relax knowing that you will be home again very shortly to shower your much-loved pets with Yuletide joy and a special treat.

But what of those that are planning an extended visit? It really is not the right time of the year to be leaving your pets at home alone with the neighbour or someone else organised to “pop” in to feed and water them.

Christmas in Queensland is generally a scorcher. With summer temperatures often climbing into the high thirties and beyond, it can be a real risk for pets left at home alone.

Sometimes it’s not even the hot weather that may be a concern. This is the time of year for celebration and rightly so. All that extra noise from neighbourhood parties and the comings and goings of strangers can be most upsetting for any animal.

Never fear! Durack Pet Motel is here to save the day.

Don’t Delay – Places are Filling Fast

Most holiday seasons see our boarding kennels fill fast and Christmas is no exception. In fact, it is our busiest time of the year and for good reason.

We don’t wait for Christmas to shower our guests with loving attention. They get it all year round and their human owners know it. This is why they are so keen and comfortable to leave their furry friends in our care. They know they can go visit with family and friends for extended periods of time and trust that their four-legged family are being well cared for back home.

The only drawback to leaving your pets with us over the Christmas break is that you must book in early to avoid disappointment. Don’t delay. Check in with us now for availability. Why not organise a relaxing doggy shampoo? To save you time, and the stress, take advantage of our pick-up service.

Preparing Your Pet for Its Holiday Away From Home

There is no getting around it. Your pet knows when the game is up and you are planning a trip.

You will no sooner start to gather your own belongings into a suitcase and turn to it and find your much loved moggie nestling amongst your belongings.

A dog may not necessarily jump into your bag but they are extremely sensitive animals that pick up on the energy waves their people send out.

So what can you do to get your pet holiday ready?

Talk To Your Pet

This is not as funny as it sounds. We talk to them and have them “talk” back to us anyway so why not when it comes to an imminent trip?

We have spoken with pet owners who swear by this method.

Talk to your pet about where they are going, what their temporary home will look like, what they will see there, the other animals, how long they will be there and the fact that you will be back.

Some people even communicate with their animals by sending them telepathic pictures.

Update Vaccinations

It may seem like a waste of time to update vaccinations, but it is an essential step.

Yes, you have to immunise your animal but so does everybody else.

You do not want your four-legged friend exposed to any illness whilst you are away.

Pack Your Pet’s Toys or Blanket

If your pet has a favourite toy, blanket, pillow, et cetera, that it loves to play or sleep with by all means pack it into its kit.

This should also include any special dietary requirements your pet requires and any medications that need to be administered.

Please ensure all of these items have YOUR name on it. Not your pet’s name. You would not believe how many dogs named Fido we have looked after in our time!

Make a List

Whilst Durack Pet Motel have a fantastic crew who know and love pets, including a 24-hour on call veterinarian, you may wish to have your pet attended by a physician it not only knows and trusts but someone who also has a broader view of your pet’s overall health and treatment.

If you feel you need to, you can include a friend or family member whom we can contact in an emergency.

Every little bit helps towards your pet’s pleasure and comfort.

Drop-off Time

Whether you take advantage of our collection service or deliver your pet yourself it is important you keep your goodbyes brief and with as little emotion as possible.

Longwinded tearful departures only upset your pet more. If you keep it light and happy they will not be as alarmed.

Dog Free Holidays

We love and appreciate having a pet in our lives, they enrich the quality of it, offer comfort, and solace and best of all, unconditional love.

Most of us would endeavour to minimise our time away from home to ensure our pets are in a solid and secure environment.

You may even possibly select holiday destinations where you are able to take your dog.

But what to do if you are going somewhere you dog cannot go with you?

Because we love our four legged family members we want them to go somewhere they feel that same security they do at home.

Considerations and Questions to ask Prospective Boarding Facilities

Durack Pet Motel have put together their most commonly asked questions for you to consider.

1. Where to go is the first thing. A good option is to ask friends and family if they use a service such as this. Heeding word of mouth is always a step in the right direction.

2. Cost is a vital factor to consider. When budgeting for that holiday it is important to work the cost of boarding your pet or pets.

3. What type of accommodation is provided is another consideration. It may be that you have a dog that is used to being housed in a cage overnight. Alternatively, perhaps you may prefer your dog to have a bit of room to move around. If your dog needs a bit more room to accommodate old, arthritic joints you need to consider this. Do not feel that you cannot ask to take a stroll through a boarding facility. A good one will be proud to show you around.

4. What food will be served? It is important to consider your dog’s dietary requirements are satisfied. Old or young, food intolerance or easy going. Whatever food your dog is used to or requires is important.

5. How often is play time engaged? All pets need play time but especially a pet who may feel abandoned so make sure this is a priority.

6. What happens if your dog will get sick?

7. Don’t leave your search for the perfect doggy haven until the last minute. Just like your boss needs notice for when you want time off, your selected boarding kennel will also appreciate the notice. Once you have selected the right boarding kennel it is wise to book ahead, especially during the busy periods.

We hope this gives you some idea of what you can expect when searching for the right boarding kennel. Visit our website for more great tips and information.

Pet Free Holidays Without the Worry

Holidays are always something we all look forward to. There is no doubt your state of mind lifts considerably the closer you get to departure time.

The one fly in the ointment for you may be finding that special someone to look after your much loved moggy.

Here at the Durack Pet Motel we are in the business of boarding dogs safely, securely and especially ensuring that your dog has a holiday as well.

We understand that when a pet comes into our environment, albeit a loving and caring one, the dog may stress about being away from home.

This is why we ensure our guests are treated to lots of loving care, pats, cuddles, and playtime with suitable play partners.

Why not take advantage of our grooming service as well and get your doggy brushed, trimmed, washed and conditioned? He or she will definitely appreciate the five star treatment and feel like they have been on holiday as well!

We have two styles of kennel. A smaller one designed for the smaller dog and a large one, obviously designed to give bigger dogs room to move.

We feed our canine guests a combination of premium Advance dry food, cooked chicken and rice roll, cooked meat and vegetable roll or fresh meat.

We are able to take the time to handfeed a fussy eater and we can offer a special menu to get them literally eating out of our hands. They are on holiday after all!

If you prefer, we are happy to feed them whatever you provide if they have a special dietary need. We are also qualified and able to administer any medications that may be required.

What Does it Mean if a Dog Goes off its Food?

There can be several reasons why a dog goes off its food. These include:-

• Pickiness

• Behavioural

• Recent travel, or unfamiliar surroundings

• Vaccination reaction

• Illness

Whatever the reason, any one of these should be addressed quickly to ensure the comfort of your pet.

Our staff members are able to pick up on a dog’s behaviour very quickly and possess a few tricks up their sleeve to coax most pets out of the blues or stress of being away from their family and home.

Should your dog become unwell or show signs of vaccination reaction whilst in our care we have a veterinarian close by to attend to your pet’s needs promptly.