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Human Food Than Can Also Be Good For Pets

For most people, their pet is their best friend and they enjoy including their pet in many of the activities that they partake in during the day. When it comes to feeding dogs, it can be easy to adopt the mentality of ‘oh, they’ll eat anything’ and give them whatever food you happen to have on hand, however, it isn’t true for most dogs. Most of the time, dogs will eat anything you put in front of them, before realising that it does not make them feel very good, when it’s too late.

Some food can do a lot of damage to a dog’s or a cat’s organs because they are unable to process it effectively. Usually they will not be able to communicate this easily to their owner, so it is best to do your research and only feed them food that is going to be good for them. Because animals have different nutritional requirements from humans, as well as a different metabolism, there are some foods that we can all eat together, while there are some foods that are not good for animals.

Foods That Are Ok for Dogs and Cats

  • Carrots
  • Peanut Butter
  • Eggs
  • Blueberries
  • Salmon
  • Popcorn
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Blackberries
  • Corn
  • Green Peas
  • Oatmeal
  • Apples
  • Broccoli
  • Chicken
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Coconut
  • Pork
  • Mango
  • Turkey
  • Rice
  • Beef
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Mushrooms
  • Potatoes
  • Celery
  • Shrimp
  • Cooked Fish.

Note: Cats will need meats and fish to be cooked; otherwise, it will make them sick. In terms of quality, a good rule of thumb is that if you would not eat it yourself, don’t feed it to your pet!

Foods That Are OK in Small Quantities

  • Salt
  • Cheese
  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Bread
  • Tomatoes
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Cherries

Foods That Are Not OK for Dogs or Cats

  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Chocolate
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Onions
  • Avocado
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Garlic
  • Alcohol
  • Lemon and Lime

Note: You will find that cats do not enjoy eating sweet foods anyway, as they don’t have the receptors to taste sweet tastes.

Choosing the Right Foods for Your Pet

Dogs and cats are very active, so they need food that is high in protein to give them the energy to do all the activities that they do throughout their busy day running around and exploring the world around them. Fish need particular foods that are bought from a pet store that contain everything that they need for their bodies. Other pets will most likely have very specific dietary requirements related to their own specific metabolic and physical needs.

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DIY Dog Snacks

Some of us really seem to struggle to hit the mark when it comes to cooking for our family and friends, which can really knock our confidence with cooking. When it comes to your dogs, they will be grateful for anything that you make for them but they will be over the moon if you cook them these tasty dog snacks. Not only will you have some yummy treats for training your dog, but also you will be assured that they are healthy and nutritious! At Durack Pet Motel, we place value on providing delicious, nutritious meals for your pet.

Peanut Butter Biscuits
Peanut butter biscuits taste great, whether you are a dog or a human, they’ll make your house smell delicious as you are baking them, and dogs love peanut butter – so they are guaranteed to please. You will need 2 cups of flour, half a cup of peanut butter, ¼ cup of water and 2 eggs. Mix all of your ingredients together until they form a dough. Roll it out on a floured surface and cut into shapes with your cookie cutter.

Frozen Apple Treats
These are really easy, they don’t need any cooking and your dog will absolutely love them! You will need an ice cube tray, water, a couple of apples and some plain yoghurt. Remove the seeds and core of the apples and cut them into small pieces. Put them in the blender with the water and yoghurt. Once blended, pour into the ice cube trays and freeze for a cool treat for your dog during summer. Yummo!

Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet potato fries are a healthy treat for humans that are guaranteed to get your dog’s tastebuds watering too! You will need some sweet potatoes, oil and spices. Dogs cannot eat some spices so be sure to do your research. Turmeric and cinnamon are usually a fairly good bet to give them some flavour. Cut potato into bite size sticks, toss in the oil and spices before baking in a moderate oven.

Sugar-free Liver Biscuits

If your dog is diabetic or has special dietary requirements, you may struggle to find a good variety of tasty, healthy snacks to use for training purposes. You will need around 700 grams of liver, ½ a cup of whole wheat flour and two eggs. Put liver pieces into a blender and pulse until very small, then add flour and 2 eggs. Blend until smooth. Spread out onto a lined tray and bake for 15 minutes. When cool, cut into squares and store in the fridge.

Your furry friends will enjoy these occasional treats.

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Items You Will Need In Your Pet Disaster Kit

They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity, so being prepared is your best bet for an outcome that is going to be the most pleasing, no matter what happens. When it comes to preparing for possible disaster scenarios we are all aware that we need a disaster kit for ourselves, but have we remembered to prepare for our pet as well? At Durack Pet Motel, we have a comprehensive pet disaster kit to accommodate all of our lovely guests that might be staying with us when an unforeseen event occurs. Here are some of the things that you will want to put in your pet survival kit.


An essential item that your pet will need if disaster strikes is adequate water, so when you are stocking up on water for yourself, be sure to include enough for your pet as well. Plan for having at least a week’s worth of water for each member of the family, including your pet.


Be sure to stock up on the canned wet food for your pet, which will last longer than dry food and provide more moisture, which will assist in keeping your pet hydrated.

First Aid and Medications

When planning your first aid kit for the family, be sure to include all medications for your pet, as well as yourself. Ensure that you get enough from your vet to last you through at least a month, which should be enough to last until you are able to see the vet again. Also, include first aid supplies that you might need in case your pet sustains an injury. It may be helpful to include bandages, wound disinfectant and any other items that you use frequently to treat your pet.

Relevant Paperwork and ID Tags

Be sure to include any important paperwork relating to your pet, in an airtight container to protect it from getting wet. These may include proof of ownership and proof of vaccinations. In the event that you need to be evacuated from your home, you may need to show proof of vaccinations for your dog to join you in your temporary digs. Ensure that your pet has its ID tags, or that it has been micro-chipped in case you lose your pet during the event, so that you will be able to find it easily when the dust has settled.

Pet Carriers and Leashes

Pets can sometimes feel afraid in the case of severe weather events and they may try to run away to find somewhere to hide. For this reason, including a leash or pet carrier in your emergency kit is definitely going to prevent you from losing your pet in the process of trying to get to safety.

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Five Indicators That Your Dog Might Be Stressed Out

Not unlike human babies, our fur babies cannot talk to us and let us know how they are feeling so it is up to us to monitor their behaviours to make sure that they are not suffering in silence. Like humans, stress and anxiety can affect their quality of life, and cause them to behave in ways that are unusual or are a cause for concern. Some symptoms of stress in pets include:


When human beings are stressed or upset they will often display aggressive or defensive behaviours, which are good indicators that there is a problem, even if they are not talking about what is happening for them. Dogs do not have the ability to tell us if they are feeling stressed but you may notice that they are behaving aggressively towards yourself or others and destroying furniture and other items in the home. Taking the time to identify what may have happened (or is still happening) to cause them to feel stressed, and making changes where needed will usually help to alleviate the symptoms of the problem.

Diarrhoea or Constipation

Like humans, if animals are feeling anxious then there will often be physiological changes that accompany the behaviour changes. One area where this can occur is in their digestive system. If your dog is suffering from diarrhoea or constipation it is a sign that something is wrong, which could either be stress related or due to a physical issue such as an illness. Seek veterinary expertise if you are unable to work out what might be wrong, as it could be an indicator that treatment is needed.

Excessive Shedding

You may have heard of the human hair shedding disease, alopecia, which is often caused by stress but have been unaware that it can occur in animals too. If your dog is feeling stressed, especially for a long period of time, it may start to shed more hair than usual. Working out what the issue is, and seeking the appropriate change or treatment, will help to get it back on track and allow for its hair to grow back.

Decrease in Appetite

If your dog is not eating as much as it usually does (for any length of time) then it is likely that it is suffering with some sort of discomfort, whether it be stress or illness. It is important to be aware that if you are stressed then your fur baby will likely pick up on this. Similarly, stress occurs if there have been big changes to your lifestyle such as moving house or introducing a new pet to the family.


Dogs are very sociable animals so if they are isolating themselves and not being as involved as they usually are, it is a good indicator that they are feeling stressed, sick or unhappy. If there are obvious reasons for their behaviour, it can be rectified but if you are unsure, it is best to seek veterinary assistance to be sure that there is not a physical issue that needs to be treated. At Durack Pet Motel, we get to know your fur baby so that we are able to provide the best care possible during its stay.

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How To Tame Aggressive Dogs

When we think of an aggressive human, we can often look beneath the behaviours and see that they are a person who is suffering in some way, and are expressing their feelings negatively. There are many different reasons why a dog might be behaving aggressively and often it is not just due to the breed, as even the seemingly calmest breeds of dogs can become aggressive at times. Thankfully, there are ways of identifying the issue and working with dogs to assist them in becoming less aggressive and more sociable.

Knowing Your Breed
We often hear in the news about particular breeds of dog behaving aggressively and causing injury to people; however, this is less to do with the breed and more to do with the owner, and how the dog has been trained. It is important to note that some breeds of dogs are a lot stronger and have more power than others have, which may cause them to appear more aggressive when, in fact, it is more a case of them not realising their own strength.

Understanding the breed of dog that you have will assist you in providing a lifestyle that suits its strength, power and personality. Rules and boundaries need to be established early for a powerful breed of dog, with you established as the leader of the pack, providing adequate training and exercise.

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to ensure that it is having enough exercise every day, no matter what the breed. Exercise allows the dog to release energy from its body that prevents you from being able to communicate effectively with its mind. At Durack Pet Motel, we recognise the importance of exercise to ensure that dogs are able to release built up energy and tension so that they can be the best version of themselves possible.

Aggression amongst Dogs
If you have more than one dog and if you are experiencing increased aggression among them, this is because you have not adequately established yourself as their leader. The leader of the pack is responsible for protecting and directing the entire pack, to ensure that they are kept safe at all times. By providing rules, boundaries and limitations you are asserting yourself as their leader, and the fighting will cease once this role has been firmly established, as they will not be fighting amongst themselves to establish who will take on that role.

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How Cigarette Smoking Affects Your Pet’s Health

It is now common knowledge that smoking cigarettes can severely damage your health, causing a number of psychological and physiological issues that could impair your well-being. For this reason, it probably comes as no surprise to imagine that anyone else who is exposed to the chemicals produced from smoking cigarettes will also be affected. Our pets are often the unwitting victims of our smoking, which can have dire effects on their health with exposure over time.

Exposure to Chemicals from Surfaces

Unlike humans, our pets groom themselves by licking their fur, which means that whatever chemicals are on their fur can be ingested very easily. Because cigarette smoke and its residue lingers upon all surfaces where the smoking is taking place, this means that carpets, furniture, curtains and other fabrics of the house will absorb the chemicals.

Your pet spends a lot of time brushing past, lying and sitting on these surfaces, which allows the residue to be picked up on their fur. When they groom themselves, by licking their fur, they are likely to ingest whatever chemicals they have picked up. Over time, this can lead to a very sick animal as its body is strained from the effort of cleansing the chemicals out.

Ingesting Cigarettes and Nicotine Products

One thing about pets is that they are very inquisitive and will literally put their noses into anything to discover what it is, and how it works. Unfortunately, ingesting cigarette butts, nicotine replacement gum, patches or drinking water that has become contaminated with nicotine can be a fatal mistake for your pet.

Diseases and Allergies

In addition to all the risks of ingesting the nicotine chemicals, inhaling the second-hand smoke from your cigarette can cause pets to develop allergies and other respiratory diseases that can cause them pain and misery. Second-hand smoke has been shown to cause lymphoma in cats, as well as nasal tumours and sinus problems for dogs that are living with a smoker. Dogs that have shorter noses (and living with a smoker) have been found to have a higher risk of lung cancer also, due to the second-hand smoke being able to reach the lungs a lot easier.

Reducing the Risks

At Durack Pet Motel, we encourage all of our pet owners to minimise harm for their pets in any way possible. One way to reduce the risks of your pet being affected by your smoking is by making the inside of the house a non-smoking zone. Smoking outside allows for the smoke to be dissipated into the air, where it cannot linger on carpets and other surfaces, thus becoming a hazard for your pet.

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Ways To Keep Your Best Buddy Active

We all know dogs are very physical animals. They do belong from an animal family that connects them to wolves and foxes, so we definitely know that they are born to run and explore. This also means that their health relies on the intensity of their daily work outs and routine.

We cannot reiterate the importance of exercise to your dogs. It is a part of their genetic makeup to be active and so it is vital to keep him fit.

Having a dog can help you get healthy yourself, because you will be pushed to do these activities with them, and you can be a prime example of health to them. If the master is healthy and fit, there is a great probability that the pet is in the same shape. Now you then ask, what are the variety of exercises you can do with your dog?


Encourage your dog to swim and learn how to appreciate water. It is such a wonderful skill to learn for any dog. It is not easy for some though, because there are dogs who hate the sight of water. What you can do first is lead him into it by teaching him how to chase a ball first then, when he gets that skill you can then start throwing the ball into the water.


Teaching your dogs the basic tricks can be an exercise for you and for him, mentally and physically as well. This will test your patience and your stamina. Teaching him how to sit and lay down or bark, or roll over, will be such a good starting point for elevating his knowledge and his skills in exercise. This will also wear him out at the end of the day. This classic training strategy is well worth the exercise in the end.


It is made in different sizes and different colours, and it is and will be your dog’s favorite thing in the world. A boomer ball is a ball specially designed to cater to the needs and the conditions that your pets can put it through. It is water resistant, scratch resistant and chewing resistant (but of course like any other toy it will wear out).Your dog will have tons of good times with this one.


The simple game of “hide and seek” can give you and your dog such a work out, you’ll be surprised. Aside from it is so much fun for your dog to run around and look for you. It has proven to be an ultimate exercise for your dog mentally and physically. Try doing this on bigger areas and fields to get the most out of the activity.


There are so many possible exercise activities for your dogs out there. You just need to research and try it out. You have agility challenges involving obstacle courses, obedience training etc. This can truly help your dog out physically and mentally as well.

Remember it will always be to your advantage if you make an effort towards improving your dog’s physicality and health. As the saying goes “a tired dog is a good dog”.

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Man’s best friend needs friends too!

If in the right state of mind, dogs are the friendliest creatures in the planet. They are called “Man’s best friend” for a really good reason. Just like people, dogs have a strong need for interaction and love. That is why simple acts of affection like a pat on the head or a stroke on their coat, gives these creatures satisfaction.

Same way dogs need exercise and play as well. They are social creatures and their wellbeing and sanity relies on their daily activities. Exercise and play allow these animals to release pent up energy and emotions while connecting with animals of different species.


And that doesn’t just mean you. Although you are a big part of his life and he can definitely sacrifice a lot of things for the love of you, it is still ideal that you let your dog interact with other dogs. You don’t know their language so it is vital that they get to talk with someone who understands them. They too have emotions and issues, and connecting and playing with other dogs will help them to develop emotionally.


Walking is more than just exercise for him, it is a way to see and feel other environments and also meet new faces. Walking every day is a good way for your dog to familiarise and be comfortable with being around different environments and people. He then becomes a more sociable well- rounded animal. By doing this, he learns how to behave properly at any given space, time and with different people or animals as well.


Always schedule a time in your day to sit and cuddle or run and play fetch with him. The internal connection you have with your dog is very important because this is his first step to build his confidence. Just like with kids, when values start at home, that goes the same with your pet dog. His confidence and attitude starts with his relationship with you. So if you give him love in the form of play and cuddle time, he will also give the same love and energy to other people and animals around him. The simple act of playing fetch is an act of love towards your pet dog, and helps boost his morale.


This socialisation practice should not just happen for a year, the process goes on as long as your dog is alive. You cannot just give up on him if he has a bad day, you have to keep on helping him out in this process. Think of your dog as a little kid learning to walk his first little steps. You have to be there to guide him in everything he does. This requires a lot of patience and love. Be consistent above all.

When people tell you that having a dog is like having a baby, it is no joke. This does not mean though that you will cage them up like little babies and carry them around. The younger they are, the more there is a  need for them to connect and socialise. Do this for him and for yourself.

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Dogs feel stress too

Dogs have feelings too. They have emotional issues and psychological issues as well. Just like people, they know fear, courage, pain, joy, sadness and love, so it is quite natural that in their daily lives they also know stress.

We then ask why my dog would feel stressed when all he does is walk around the whole day, eat, sleep and go about his doggy business. There are so many things that we humans do that actually stress our dogs out. Remember dogs are not children. Their behavioral patterns are very different and their reactions are different. Although they feel the same emotions as human beings, their psychological make up is different.

Dog Stressors

Conflicting Instructions

Dogs have a different language, and saying it out loud may be gibberish to them, unless he is already used to his owner’s behavior. When you give an instruction make sure that you do it with one word or action only, so that the dog knows which one to follow. Doing different hand gestures and saying different words for one action will only give them a hard time.

Punishments for Misbehaving

A dog is a dog, he will behave like a dog. So if there is an opportunity to play and run around he will definitely do it. Now if you punish him for his supposedly normal dog behavior it confuses them, and causes them a lot of stress.

Spanking or Pulling their Leash

We all know why this is the number 1 cause of dog stress, right? It is pretty natural that when you hurt a dog or even a human being as a matter of fact, this will cause a certain amount of stress to them.


Even your boyfriend will get mad at you if you wake them up the wrong way. Dogs love their nap times, and they really sleep soundly and deeply. So if you wake them up in a sudden whim, this creates quite a harsh environment for them.

It’s “okay” When It’s Not

Dogs know when things are not okay, so don’t say it is when it’s not. For example, if your dog hates to take a bath, and you keep on telling him that it’s all “okay”, when he clearly knows he does not like it. The word triggers them to feel stressed and feisty. Better to just calm them down first with a pat on the head and a stroke on their coat.

Negative Energy

Dogs pick up a change in energies around them, especially when it comes to their owners. So when you are angry or you and your partner are fighting, they can instantly pick this up and they get stressed out by the energy they feel.

There is still a number of things that cause stress in our dogs, and these are just a few of them. The key to eliminating or even just minimizing stress in the lives of man’s best friend is to respect their dog-liness and their needs as well. Spend time with them, and give them a stroke or a pat. Try to understand their disposition and look out for things that may be causing stress in their lives. Being conscious about all of this may just help you encourage a stress-free environment for your dogs.

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Why do dogs like to hump?

Why do they do it? We always ask that question, right? Do they have an attraction to the couch or maybe in love with our legs? Or maybe they are suffering from a rare sex addiction syndrome that has not been discovered yet? So we ask why dogs keep on humping.

Dog humping, just to clear out the elephant in the room, is a form of masturbation by dogs. Yes, it is sexual, but can be entirely innocent in some standards and may not even be all about sex at all. It is not unusual though that dogs are doing this, because it is already innate in their nature, and this should be considered a normal behavior for dogs to have.

You can call it any name you want; thrusting, mounting, rubbing or humping, it is still a form of dog masturbation. There are a number of different reasons they actually do this and this is what we will find out in this article.


Of course, it doesn’t mean they know they are practicing, but they literally are. This is a biological calling that no one has to tell them to practice the process, but just to do it. Their bodies are automatically triggered at a certain stage in their lives and they become actively seeking sexual pleasure, which results to humping anything and everything they see that is humpable. This is a sign that your dog has reached sexual maturity and is ready to pro-create with a lady dog in heat.


Yep, this is how they play. How would they know that this is not proper decorum? They are dogs for Pete’s sake. This is how they express their youth and playfulness at times. If this is the case, this one is purely innocent, like a kid who does not know what’s right from wrong. They already associate the act to happiness and pleasure that even when they are already neutered, some dogs still have the tendency to do this because they remember feeling good when they did this before.


When humans get stressed, we eat, we exercise, we drink etc. Dogs masturbate. This is for real, masturbation or humping is a way for them to release pent up energy inside them. When they are happy or excited. Stressed or sad, this is a way to let it all go. That is why dogs who lack exercise or are not encouraged to move around have the tendency to do this more. Dogs have tons of energy and they have to release it sometime during the day.


In the animal kingdom, someone has to be the king, or better yet even just be the alpha male or female. Mounting or humping a less dominant member of their tribe or lady dogs, shows their dominance and this is considered social behavior for the dogs. During the time of sexual activity their testosterone is over flowing and they need to establish their seniority within their territories, hence the mounting occurs. They will actually do this even towards male dogs alike.

This may be an embarrassing behavior for your dogs, but it is inevitable. To minimize it, you can consider having the dog spayed or neutered, but at the end of the day you have to understand that this is just normal for your dogs to do.