How Did My Dog Get Fleas And or Ticks?

The same as with children catching head lice at school, it goes without saying that if you have a dog it will likely come into contact with fleas and ticks, regardless of what preventative measures you take. Often pet owners may think that as long as they take all of the preventative measures possible, their pooch won’t get ticks or fleas, but there are many different ways that animals can attract them. At Durack Pet Motel we take care to check all dogs that are in our care to ensure that they are not spreading ticks or fleas to other dogs at the motel.

Other Animal Visitors

The thing about animals is that they are not restricted by the fences and walls that we humans put up to keep each other out. Other animals can find ways of entering your garden and they bring with them ticks and fleas, which they leave on branches, grass and fabrics that they come into contact with. Bandicoots and other small rodents are responsible for the little holes that you often see dug out of your yard, and they carry fleas and ticks upon their bodies, which they drop wherever they go. Feral and even neighbourhood cats are adept climbers and spend their nights exploring the world around them, which includes your garden, dropping ticks and fleas wherever they go.

Human Carriers

If someone has unknowingly been in contact with an animal that has fleas or ticks, they may be carrying them on their clothes and could bring them to your yard or infect your dog when they pat it. If you have been visiting a place where there is a high risk of ticks, such as bushwalking, you may have inadvertently picked one up and brought it in on your clothing or shoes. Ticks can last for a long time away from a warm body and they are skilled at tracking down and finding a warm host to attach to and feed off.

Anywhere, Anytime, Outside

The reality is that wherever you go outside of the home, there is a risk of your dog attracting ticks or fleas from other animals, or the surroundings that you visit. Even if you take care to check your dogs for ticks after your return from outside excursions, they could be buried deeply in the fur of your animal, waiting to move around the body and eventually find a warm spot where they can attach themselves. It is important to check your dog every day to ensure that you have not missed a hidden tick, as ticks can bring even the largest dogs down and cause them to become very ill.

Responsible Pet Ownership Includes Regular Vaccinations

We have one of the highest pet ownership in the world in Australia, with 63% of households owning pets. 40% of these pets are dogs and 30% are cats. There is also a menagerie of others including birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits and more, depending on the interests of individual owners. While vets treat all comers, predominately their patients are domestic dogs and cats.

Four Common Diseases that Affect Puppies and Dogs

All vets urge their clients to vaccinate their puppies and kittens, then keep these vaccinations up to date with regular booster shots. For dogs, distemper, infectious hepatitis, parvovirus and canine cough are the four most common diseases that are controlled by vaccination programs. Distemper is not as common as it once was because of the success of these programs, but it still occurs, so complacency is not an option.

Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu Dangerous for Cats and Kittens

Cats can contract feline enteritis and feline respiratory disease, more commonly known as cat flu. Cat flu is particularly difficult to control as cats that survive the infection can become carriers for many years, spreading the virus without appearing to be ill themselves. Vets also recommend a regular vaccination schedule for both dogs and cats.

At Durack Pet Motel every dog or cat boarding with us must have their vaccinations up to date to protect all the animals staying with us. We require proof that these are up to date by presenting current certificates prior to, or on arrival for boarding.

Pets are Safe with Us – We Require Proof of Vaccination

We understand that for most pet owners, leaving their furry family members, even for a short time, is difficult. Knowing that they have the best accommodation, play time and cuddles with our staff and no risks to their health means they can enjoy their break and come back ready to love their pets all over again.

Combine Annual Booster Shots with Regular Health Checks

Puppies require their first vaccinations at 6 to 8 weeks, the second at 12 to 14 weeks, the third at 16 to 18 weeks and thereafter, an annual booster. Kittens follow the same schedule. The annual visit is also an excellent opportunity for a general health check-up and to discuss any concerns you may have with your vet.

Up-to-Date Protection Handy when Emergency Accommodation Needed

By regularly scheduling not only the original vaccinations, but also the annual top-ups, your pet will always have up-to-date protection. This will give you peace of mind and is very useful when emergency accommodation needs to be found for your pet at a moment’s notice. If you need to be on a plane to respond to a work or family crisis, there will be no time to visit your vet, so having everything in place all the time solves all problems.

How Do You Know When Your Pet Is Obese?

When we see a human who is grossly overweight, usually we can easily identify whether they are obese or suffering from weight issues. This allows us to implement effective methods of bringing the weight back down to where it needs to be. But often when it comes to pets, we may not be aware when they are becoming overweight until there are health problems and long-term damage, which can impact their mobility greatly. Unfortunately, due to overly loving owners, many pets are overweight and can suffer as a result.

Body Condition Score

The most effective method for determining if a pet is obese is by using a body condition score, which allows you to view a picture of an animal like yours and compare body shape and size. Body condition scores are available on many different websites and are easily accessible. They provide pictures of animals in all of the different weight ranges and your pet should ideally fall somewhere in the middle range.


Common sense is a very valuable tool to use in life, whether it is for ascertaining the correct weight of your dog, or doing anything else. Be realistic with yourself about whether you are overfeeding your animal or not, and ensure that you are following the amounts that are advised as a guide for quantity that is needed for the age, breed and size of the animal. Animals will sometimes eat everything that you offer them, whether they are hungry or not, so it is often not best to use this as a gauge of how much you need to feed them.


When we think of humans, we generally are all of a consensus that an ‘hour glass figure’ is usually a healthy shape, and pets are no different. If you are not exercising your pet regularly then its body will not be working at its optimum, and often this can cause weight gain and deterioration of its body in some areas. At Durack Pet Motel we ensure that all of the animals in our care get adequate exercise so they return home in great condition.

Health and Wellness

General health and wellness of your pet can be a clear sign as to what is needed. You can assess your pet yourself by looking it at from above. If you are able to feel its ribs, without seeing them, then the pet is usually in a good condition, but if you can see them, this can indicate that it is too skinny. If you are unable to see their ribs, even when you place your hands on either side of their chest, then it is likely that they are too fat.

If You Love Your Dog, Read This!

Dog owners now have an array of services available to make their furry family members happy, comfortable and enjoying life. Washing, grooming, clipping, massage therapy, day care for dogs whose owners work; the list goes on. In fact, a person could own a dog and never do anything with it other than feed it.

Dog Walking is Now a Real Job

Even the daily walk, that incentive that gets us off the couch to exercise our dog, and therefore ourselves, can be by-passed by handing over the leash to someone else. Dog walking is now on the list of services offered to owners who are too busy or have some other reason to hand over this task.

The fact that owners are prepared to pay for the service tells us they know how important a daily walk is for the health and wellbeing of their dog. If they are tied down by work or perhaps too ill to do it themselves, they value the practice enough to engage a dog walker.

Pet Care Programs Include Exercise

We also understand the importance of regular exercise for dogs of all sizes, and this is part of our pet care program at Durack Pet Motel. When you board your dog with us, you leave knowing that your precious pet will have plenty of opportunity for exercise. Our doggy boarders have access to large, safe, grassed play areas where our caring staff members engage them in daily play and petting.

Individual Attention Plus Exercise Equals Dog Heaven

The difference between the care and exercise we provide and the activities of a dog walker, is the individual attention our staff can offer. They are in the kennels with our guests for the whole day and have the time to become friends. A dog walker typically enters a client’s premises, takes the dog for its exercise and returns it immediately afterwards.

Dog Sitting an Option Based on Trust

Another service popular among dog owners, is that of the dog sitter, which is not the same as the dog walker. A sitter may take a dog they are looking after for a walk, but they are primarily engaged to live in its home and provide its care while the owners are away.

This can be successful provided the owners trust the people they have employed. Not only will the sitters have unfettered access to the homes, but they are also responsible for the safety of the pets in their care. A careless moment leaving a gate to a busy road open is just one of the things that could go wrong.

Boarding Kennels Offer Safety and Care

Leaving their dogs in the safety and security of our purpose-built facility is a much better option. The dogs have a great time interacting with our staff; they have comfortable, secure accommodation, and they leave relaxed and happy.

The Importance Of Maintaining A Pet’s Diet For Health And Medical Reasons

Like humans, pets require a diet that is balanced, with the right combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals for their bodies to function properly. During the different stages of life, such as when they are pregnant or ageing, animals require a different diet to ensure that they are getting adequate nutrition. At Durack Pet Motel we use premium Advance dry food as well as fresh meat, cooked chicken and rice rolls, or cooked meat and vegetable rolls, to ensure that our guests have a healthy diet during their stay.

Prevention of Disease

Most of the companies that manufacture food for pets, put a lot of research into the ingredients. This is to ensure that the food delivers a balance of all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for that particular pet, at that time. Maintaining a healthy immune system and metabolism with adequate vitamins and minerals will prevent pets from getting sick, or experiencing disease.s animal, whether it be a human or a pet, is protein. Without adequate protein the body cannot build, hair, muscles, skin, organs and other tissues. Family pets are usually very active and, as such, they need protein for maintaining muscle tone, which helps them to have the energy to do the many activities that pets find enjoyable.

Elimination and Digestion

They say that for humans, all disease starts in the digestive system, and the same goes for pets. Carbohydrates provide fibre, which is essential for optimal digestion and elimination of waste from the body, so ensuring that your pet gets enough is an important part of owning a pet. Ensuring that a pet eats carbohydrates that work for its specific digestive system means choosing foods that are prepared specially for your pet’s needs.

Skin and Coat Health

Similar to humans, when the skin and hair are not healthy and shiny, it can point to issues with diet, or other emotional factors that need to be regulated. Most pets have a lot of hair that covers their skin, so the hair is where the health is shown easily. If a pet has healthy skin it will produce shiny, healthy looking hair, with a nice sheen. Omega 3 and 6 oils are essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin, as these oils prevent itching and irritation. Ensuring that your pet has adequate amounts of these in its diet is important.

Why Should I Consider Pet Insurance?

If you have recently welcomed a new furry friend into the family, you’ll probably be thinking of how to give them the best start in life, the same as you would for a child. Apart from training them about what is appropriate for your household, you might be considering whether you would benefit from getting pet insurance for them.

What are the Benefits?

Like having a child, if you are the proud owner of a pet, it is good to be aware that anything can happen, at any time; usually when you least expect it. But unlike children, dogs and cats are notorious for getting into trouble and you can’t always be there to ensure that they are safe and sound. Seeing a vet can be really costly to the hip pocket and can end up costing you a lot of money if your animals hurt themselves or get sick and need emergency medical treatment. But having pet insurance could save you some money in the long run.

What it Covers

Pet insurance usually will not cover the routine vaccinations and day to day expenses of looking after a pet but it will provide you with emergency medical care and treatment for unexpected diseases and injuries. Having said that, some pet insurance will also cover for routine vaccinations, parasite treatments and other expenses.

If you need to have your pet minded by a professional such as Durack Pet Motel, for a period, due to you being hospitalised, you may find that your pet insurance covers some of the expense. Additionally, there are some policies that will cover your legal expenses should your pet injure someone else or cause damage to property.

How It Works

Having pet insurance means that should your pets injure themselves in an accident, you will be able to claim back up to 80% of the costs of their medical bills. It is beneficial to seek pet insurance as early as possible while your dog does not have any pre-existing conditions. A lot of pet insurance companies will not insure your animal if it is over 8 years of age. The older the dog becomes, the more expensive your pet insurance is likely to be due to possible illnesses and conditions that occur frequently in older dogs.

Keep Your Beloved Pets Warm and Safe This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and although Brisbane winters are mild in comparison to the southern states, temperatures get to single figures most nights. We also have days where we are tormented by westerly winds, and if it rains or we get a southerly change, early morning frosts are common.

Dogs and Cats Feel the Cold, Just Like We Do

Just as we feel the cold and need to find warmth, so do our dog and cat family members. While they may have fur to keep them warm, this is often not enough, especially in short haired breeds, to keep the chill from their bones.

If you are leaving your beloved dog or cat with us during winter, you can be assured that our pet accommodation at Durack Pet Motel has been designed with all seasons in mind. The beds are trampoline style so they are not in direct contact with the floor, the suites are sheltered and you can bring along a blanket from home for reassurance, which will also keep them warm.

Outdoor Pets Need Warm Shelters

So how do you keep your pets comfortable this winter? Let’s start with their accommodation. Outdoor pets need their kennels and shelters upgraded to stop the cold from seeping through concrete floors or cracks in the walls. Floors should be covered with something like thick layers of newspaper, with their beds raised off the floor and a blanket to keep them warm.

Indoor Cats Love Comfortable Cushions

Cats should be kept indoors, especially at night. They have a unique ability to find the warmest spot in the house, so if sharing your bed with your feline friend is not to your liking, buy a soft cat cushion and slip it into a corner of the room. If they must sleep outside, a small shelter away from wind and rain is ideal, again with a bed or large cushion in the corner.

Warm Jackets Keep Them Snug

The next thing to consider is clothing. Dogs, especially old, sick or short-haired dogs, need a warm jacket, especially at night. Look for them shivering or feel their skin to see if it is cooler than normal. In conjunction with a warm bed in a cosy corner of the house, wearing a jacket will keep them snug.

Remember to remove the jacket through the day. In Brisbane our daytime temperatures climb to the mid-twenties on most days. We start removing our jackets if we are out in the sun during these times, so we need to remove theirs, especially if they are exercising.

Just be mindful of their comfort, and provide the same conditions for them as we would for ourselves where possible. This will keep them happy and healthy until summer.

More Toxic Items To Keep Away From Fido (Or Fifi)

Today we want to continue our talk about a recent blog we made concerning the human foods that are toxic to your dog or cat.

The items listed in that blog regarded chocolate, alcohol, avocado, corn on the cob, grapes and raisins, stone fruit seeds, onions, chives, and yeast. Interestingly, you will find that both your cat and dog are allergic to all of these items. Whilst this list is important it was not conclusive.

Other items humans consume that you should not feed your pet are:

Coconut Oil

Whilst coconut oil, milk and water will not likely cause serious illness, It has been suggested that these items may cause stomach upsets and loose stools and they should be treated accordingly.


Every part of the citrus is permeated with citric acid. It is important to discourage your dog or cat from chewing on the fruit, its skins, and the leaves and stems itself.

Milk and Dairy

As with humans, you will find that most cats are lactose intolerant. All forms of milk and dairy should be kept to a minimum.

Raw Undercooked Meat, Eggs and Fish

If you can be absolutely certain your eggs do not contain salmonella or E.coli they are safe for your dog or cat. If in doubt – don’t. Likewise with raw meat and raw fish but BE CERTAIN.

Cooked bones

There is a lot of evidence out there that cooked bones can splinter more easily and therefore cause injury to your pet’s mouth or digestive tract. Raw chicken bones such as a wing, on the other hand, can be beneficial for growing teeth, keeping them strong and clean.

Salt and Salty

If too much salt is taken into the system an electrolyte imbalance may develop. Signs may include excessive thirst and urination, vomiting, seizure, high temperature, depression, diarrhoea, and tremors.


Okay you got us! People don’t eat string…. But your dog and cat do!

It seems like a good idea at the time to tie a toy to something with a bit of string. There is nothing a kitten or puppy likes more than playing pounce on it! If you don’t keep an eye on hat string it can disappear quicker than you realised and it will become tangled in the digestion tract.

We hope this helps keep you informed on how to care for your pet. If you have any questions at all give Durack Pet Motel a call!

What Is Good for You Can Be Toxic to Fido

You have probably heard that feeding your dog chocolate is a big no-no. If you ever wondered if it’s true Durack Pet Motel is here to tell you that it absolutely is toxic for Fido.

If eaten by a dog, chocolate can cause vomiting, abdominal pains, muscle tremors, elevated body temperatures, agitation, seizures and, in extreme cases, death.

A large dog may get through it but for a pup it really could mean the difference between happy and yappy or gone for good.

Interestingly there are many “people” foods that you should not feed your canine companion. Today, we are putting the spotlight on the top eight human foods to never give your dog.


Now really, we are all intelligent beings but if a dog should eat something that contains alcohol it will result in the very same symptoms as humans. Just with a quicker response and higher chance of a lethal outcome. The same goes for coffee or products containing caffeine.


Avocado is not a good food for most animals, including birds, rabbits, cows, horses, donkeys, goats, and sheep. Don’t give these animals any part of an avocado.

Corn on the Cob

Whilst a dog can consume and digest small amounts of corn they do not usually chew up the cob which will (and we mean will) lodge in the small intestine. The only way to remove it is through surgery. You don’t want to think about what might happen if you don’t take this extreme measure.

The same can be said for any fruit that contains a large seed such as persimmons, peaches and the like. The seed can lodge in the intestine causing intestinal obstruction and enteritis.

Don’t let your dog forage under trees of this nature.

Grapes and Raisins

These little gems are packed full of nutrients for us humans but they contain a toxin for dogs. As little as a handful of these little guys have been responsible for causing severe liver damage and kidney failure in adult dogs. They are extremely dangerous for pups.

Macadamia Nuts

These lovely little nuts can cause muscle tremors and weakness, panting, swollen limbs and damage to a dog’s digestive and nervous systems.

Onions and Chives

Any form of these herbs, be it fresh, dry or cooked, is poisonous for dogs and lethal for cats.


Small amounts of yeast on its own or in dough can cause intestinal discomfort and gas. Obviously this leads to lots of gas. In large amounts it can rupture the stomach and intestines.

Other foods that can cause discomfort and illness are apple seeds, cooked bones, fish, milk products, mushrooms, salt and sugar.

Pamper Your Dog This Christmas

Is your dog your best friend? Does your dog offer you the best company, solace, and joy?

They are amazing creatures, dogs. They intuitively know when things are not right with you or when your world has turned upside down. Alternatively, they revel in the opportunity to join in your joy and laughter.

They really are man’s best friend.

All they want to do is show you that no matter what life throws at you, all you need to do is choose to be happy. They trust and love everyone and choose joy always. No matter how they are treated.

Durack Pet Motel has some brilliant ideas to share so that you can show your dog, your best friend, how much it means to you, not only at Christmas time but all the time.

Doggy Day Care

If you are away for long working days you can check your dog into our facilities to be loved and cared for during the day so they don’t suffer the anxiety of many dogs that are left to their own devices. This is especially true during these long hot summer days. A dog can wear itself out constantly patrolling your property for pesky predators.

Doggy Holiday

If you are planning a trip away from home it can be doubly important to ensure your dog is lovingly cared for.

When their owners are away, a dog can become very stressed as it may not understand that you are planning to return. A feeling of abandonment can create all sorts of emotions and issues for a loving dog. Also, a dog left on its own for long periods of time can become bored. Boredom can lead to bad behaviour. Is this your dog’s fault or yours?

Doggy Day Spa

Dogs love to be pampered and shown that they are loved just like humans do. We offer a range of services that can suit any dog and any budget. It may be just a simple nail clipping that is required to prevent damage to furniture and your legs!

We also offer a lovely warm hydrobath, which will have your dog looking and smelling all fresh and new. Our range extends even further into grooming and clipping. Not only will your dog smell fresh and new but it could have a whole new summer look happening.