Keeping Dogs Warm in Winter

Dogs with a double coat and thick fur have little problems in winter time. But this is not the case for the rest of the dog population. Because of the drop in temperature, most dogs need extra help from their human friends. There are steps you can take to keep your furry friend warm in winter. Here are just some of them.

Warm Dog Bed

You can provide your dog with a comfortable bed to keep it warm during the cold winter months. If your dog is staying outside the house, then a warm bed is all the more called for. There are beds specially designed for dogs of varying sizes. Choose one that can provide the warmth the body will need especially when outside the house.

If your dog is staying in a kennel in the yard, it will be best to install a door for the dog house, but your dog should be completely trained to close and open it. Place the dog house in a sheltered area so as to protect the pet from rain and moisture. At Durack Pet Motel, we make it a point to provide your dog with the warm bed it needs during winter. This will help them stay strong and healthy during these trying months.

Winter Food

Nourish your dog with food that will help bring its body temperature up. It will help to make the feeding more frequent, especially if your pet is staying outside and exposed to the elements. Discuss food options with your veterinarian to ensure that you are providing the best for your dog.

Winter Clothes

Another great way of keeping your dog warm in winter is by providing it with winter clothes such as sweaters or coats. There are winter clothes specially crafted for dogs. They are available in various designs and sizes to suit different sizes of dogs.

Cosy Pet Motel

Since winter time is a perfect time to go on vacation, ski or travel abroad, it is often a problem how to keep the dogs warm as they are left at home. The best option would be to place them in caring dog kennels in Brisbane. We can provide the best temporary home for your beloved pet at Durack Pet Motel. We will keep your dogs in warm beds and make sure that they get the best care while you are away enjoying your time off. Relieve yourself of worries when you entrust your dog in our care.

Grooming for More than Good Looks

Regular grooming is an important part of a pet’s life. Just as we need to keep our own hair clean and trimmed, our teeth brushed and polished, pets need the same kind of attention. The importance of grooming is more about keeping your furry friend looking good; there are many health benefits too.

On top of the health benefits there is the ‘feel good’ benefit. If we are feeling poorly then we don’t feel happy. If your pet is properly taken care of and is in good health, then it will feel happy too. This will mean they can bounce, jump and play just like a happy, healthy furry family member should.

At Durack Pet Motel we want your pets to stay happy and healthy so we offer grooming services for pets that are staying in our motel or for pets that just need to be dropped off for the day to get some TLC. Here are two areas we will pay particular attention to.


Animals’ eyes can become irritated by hair in their eyes. This generally happens more often in long-haired breeds but is not impossible for short-haired breeds either. When hair gets in the eyes this can cause irritation and be quite uncomfortable. You can keep checking your pet’s eyes for any hairs lying across them. The best prevention is to keep hair out of eyes with ties and by having the hair trimmed by our caring groomer.

If your dog or cat has a problem with eye drainage then it is important to keep the hair around the eye clean as neglecting this can cause infection.


The ear canal, when constantly covered by the ears of dogs, will have no air circulation and can become warm and moist. When this happens, ear infections can occur and can be quite painful for your dog. You can help by keeping your dog’s ears clean but our professional groomer will have a steady hand and tools to keep the hair inside your dog’s ear clipped. This will allow for more air flow and cleaner ears.

Along with these at the Durack Pet Motel we will wash your pets from top to toe making them look, feel and smell great. We will also clip nails and trim any other areas where hair can become a bother, such as around the legs. As well as grooming at pet kennels you know we have the facilities to keep your pet happy for any length of time so you can drop them off and relax.

Visit us online today and book your pet in for some special treatment.

Don’t Be Fooled By Laid-Back Looks – Cats Get Stressed

Cats often look to be the most laid-back of the animals we keep as pets, so it comes as a surprise to some cat owners that their generally placid pet can be subject to the same kind of stresses as humans. Cats react to similar situational changes that can upset us. Things like moving house or other changes to routine are just as stressful for cats as they are for their owners.

A trip to the vet, an upset to household routine like moving to a new home or bringing home a new baby are typical examples. Most cat owners are accustomed to their furry friends absenting themselves when the carpet cleaners arrive or hiding under a bed when they see the cat carrier being prepared for transit.

Unusual Behaviour can Indicate Anxiety and Stress

What we often don’t appreciate is that this is not just funny behaviour that we can ignore but is an indication that whatever is going on in the home is making the cat feel anxious and threatened. Key indicators are suddenly forgetting the purpose of the litter tray and being aggressive to people in the household for no apparent reason. When this type of unusual behaviour happens, look beyond it for a reason.

If playing host to interstate relatives for a few days or having trade work done is enough to make your cat anxious, imagine what must be going through its mind when you leave it in a boarding facility. We know how traumatic separation is for some cats and how stressed they can become in unfamiliar surroundings. That’s why at Durack Pet Motel we have designed our cat accommodation for safety and security.

Suites with a View, Comfortable Beds and Hide and Seek

Our stress free cat boarding facilities include large and airy individual suites with a full view of the garden so the feline guests don’t feel constrained. Each suite also has a trampoline bed, 6ft high scratching posts with cubby holes and shelves to keep the cats active and entertained.

Special Diets and Medications Accommodated

We feed our guests a large variety of good quality pet food but we also know that cats can be fussy eaters so if yours likes something special, just bring it along and we will feed it to your pet. Our pet care staff members are trained to administer medications or treatments so you need not worry if your pet has special needs.

We encourage owners to bring special toys, blankets or treats along as cats settle better with familiar items around them. This should help to relieve any stress and anxiety they may feel at being temporarily away from home.

Pets Given More Than Shelter

It’s important to know that where you leave your pets they will receive love and care very much like the love and care you would give them yourself. It is natural for pet owners to feel nervous about where they are leaving their furry loved ones and a lot of this anxiety can be allayed by choosing the right pet motel.

That’s where we come in. At Durack Pet Motel we love your pets too. Our team of experienced pet lovers are here because we understand the importance of good pet care, as well as how much the animals rely on our love and attention.

We also understand that running a pet motel is not just about sticking your pet in a cage and giving them food and water. Really caring for a pet takes much more than that, so here’s a few of the extras we offer to you and your pet whilst they are in our care.


Nothing feels as good as a new haircut or a manicure, right? Well despite initial misgivings some pets have about baths, they all feel good after them too. We offer an environment like a caring doggy day care where pets are gently hydrobathed in warm water and preened to perfection.

Or if you prefer, we can just give your pet a nail clipping and a brush to remove those nasty knots. Some may protest but no animal can deny the glorious feeling of a ‘new you’.

Special needs

If a pet has special dietary requirements or medication or just needs a little extra TLC because they have nerves, don’t worry. Just talk to one of our friendly staff who will discuss these needs with you and ensure your pet gets the care that it needs.


Pets, particularly dogs, can’t go without playtime. Naturally, while it is clean and comfortable, the space they reside in while at our motel won’t be the same amount of space they enjoy at your home.

All animals are given plenty of attention including cuddles and pats as well as time to stretch their legs and play.

Pick-up and delivery

Here’s the part that will also benefit you greatly. From Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays) we offer an air-conditioned pick-up and delivery service for your pet. This means if you don’t wish to be pressed for time or don’t have a vehicle we can do the catching and fetching for you!

We do recommend you book this service in peak periods such as school holidays as these are our busiest times.

Check us out online to take a look at the gallery of our happy visitors and learn more about us at the Durack Pet Motel.

Obesity and Boredom – Contributors to your Pets Ill Health

If you have a dog, you have surely enjoyed the wonders of having a run and playing ball with him or her. While they get their exercise, you are getting yours as well.

Exercise for your four-legged friends is just as important for them as it is for you. Our canine companions suffer all the same issues we do if we do not exercise.

Exercise keeps us and our pets trim and feeling good. If our pets don’t get enough exercise there are two main issues that arise which have knock-on effects to even further issues.

The two main contenders are obesity and boredom

Obesity in a dog decreases speed and stamina. A difficulty in dealing with heat is also common. Poor liver function, burdened joints, back problems, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, diabetes, difficulty breathing, constipation, flatulence and skin problems all stem from obesity. An obese dog can even have problems whelping.

If your dog does not get regular exercise, boredom and frustration creates behavioural issues such as constant barking, tail chasing, digging and destruction of garden and home. Just plain depression can also be a major issue.

So what do you do with your pet when you are unable to give it the exercise it needs?

Day, Short and Long Term Care for Pets

Here at Durack Pet Motel, we believe important dog day care in Brisbane is essential to the health and wellbeing of all animals. This is why all our pet carers take the time to interact, play and entertain our guests.

We will also give all pets an opportunity to interact with each other during supervised periods in our large grassed play area.

If your dog has special needs with regard to medication, food or perhaps it is disabled, these can be supplied as well. You may not realise that even a blind dog can enjoy a little exercise by chasing noisy toys or the voice of its companion.

The Durack Pet Motel is able to offer a variety of solutions to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Whether you are going away or are just too busy working and travelling long hours each day, to make sure you dog gets the companionship it deserves we are here to help.

We offer a pickup and delivery service for those who do not have the proper car restraints and we can even spoil your pet with a cleansing hydrobath.

Please feel free to visit us in person or online at

Pet Care at Pet Motels

Most pet motels do not just offer accommodation for your pet while you are away on holiday or on a family emergency. While staying at a caring pet boarding facility, pet owners can avail of other pet care services to ensure the health and well-being of their beloved kitty or pooch. Here are some common services available at pet motels.

Pick Up and Delivery

orange cat peeking through a cubby holeA pickup and delivery service is really convenient when a family emergency arises and you need to head out immediately. Your pet will be collected at your home and transported directly to the pet boarding facility. Your pet will be delivered safely back to you upon your arrival.

The pet taxi carrying your pet is fully air-conditioned to ensure their comfort. Pets also have their own travel compartment so that they are safe and secure while in transit.

Pet Grooming

Various pet grooming services, from nail clipping to warm hydrobaths and complete grooming, are available for all breeds of dogs and cats. Professional groomers are on hand to brush the knots out of your pet’s fur or clip your pet’s nails. The services are available whether your pet is staying at the boarding facility or just being dropped off for the day to be groomed.

Special Diets

Some pets have to maintain a special diet for health and medical reasons. There is no need to shun a pet boarding facility just because your pet requires a special diet. Pet motels will work with you to ensure that your furry friend receives the proper diet it needs while away from home.

Special Needs and Medication

Pet motels employ a team of professional carers who are trained to care for pets with special needs and administer their medicines properly. This service is part of a pet motel’s care programme and is offered at no additional cost. It is important to discuss with the motel’s professional carers your pet’s special medical needs at the time of booking.

Playtime for Furry Friends

Your pet’s stay in a boarding facility will not be complete without playtime. Every day, carers allot a time for play with your pets. Playtime includes pats, cuddles, fetching stick or playing with a ball. Playtime is part of the care programme and carries no extra fee.

There are all sorts of right reasons for you to hand over temporary care of your furry friend to a boarding facility while you enjoy the sun and surf or attend to a family emergency. All pet suites are designed to ensure that your pet’s stay is safe, comfortable and memorable. The carers are animal lovers themselves who will ensure that your beloved kitty or pooch gets the best care.

A soldier removing fleas and ticks from pet with vet's help

Effective Tips for Treating and Avoiding Tick and Flea Infestation in Pets

One of the best ways you can help your pets stay happy and healthy is to give them some of your attention. The adage “all you need is love” has never been more true for your pet. Their whole lives revolve around interaction, which they crave from you.Giving them your attention can also be a sneaky way of inspecting them for pests such as fleas and ticks.

Fleas VS Ticks

Fleas are insects with six legs and they can be found almost everywhere. They can crawl or jump to their host easily. Ticks are not insects, they are considered as arachnids with eight legs. Unlike fleas, they patiently wait for a host to pass them in a position known as “questing”, and then climb on them.

These specific parasites target warm blooded furry animals in which they suck the blood in order to live. As what they say, they survive on blood and blood alone.

How do pets get flicks and ticks?

If you are in the habit of taking your dog for walks, either amongst other dogs or into parks and country areas where these insects may breed, it is essential to give them a regular once over.

  • Fleas and ticks grow in the warm and humid weather and they are active during summer and spring.
  • The ideal temperature for these parasites is within the 70 to 85 degree range.
  • But you must not focus on that range only because they can live in cooler and warmer temperatures as well.
  • They also grow on shrubs, trees, bushes or any plant in your garden that has lots of leaves so it is necessary to trim them frequently.

Inspecting for Ticks

Checking your dog for ticks can be a tricky thing. Even an animal with the shortest fur could be harbouring a tick that is undetectable to the human eye until it has been feasting on its host to the point where its body is swollen.

When looking for a tick it is important to perform the job gently and slowly. Get a comb and softly pull it through your pet’s hair. The reason for this is because a tick burrows its head into the skin of the animal and will feed off it until it is literally “fit to drop”. If you should bump or damage the tick’s body in any way, it may inject further poisons into your pet.

Inspecting for Fleas

Identifying if your pet has fleas can be a little trickier unless the poor animal is infested with them and even then, fleas are masters at hiding away from prying human eyes.

You usually have more luck spotting fleas if you inspect your pet’s belly where the fur is thinner.

Remember again that you are looking for a very small insect that could easily be mistaken for a speck of dirt. Usually, if a flea thinks it has been detected it will move very speedily out of your view into a fold or crease in your pet’s skin or perhaps even into its ears or under arm pits, so be prepared!

If you are seeking the services of clean dog boarding kennels in Brisbane, you will find that you are definitely giving your dog a head start by keeping him or her clean and free of these types of pests.

Our happy and friendly staff members at Durack Pet Motel are more than willing to offer advice on this and any treatments you may be considering.

Steps to avoid flicks and ticks

As much as we want to kill all of them with just a click, we must undergo a couple of steps to fully get rid of those sneaky parasites from getting into you and your furry buddy’s lives. Here are the 5 steps that you must follow:

Special Shampoo

In order to remove the fleas and ticks on your pet’s body, use a special shampoo that contains medical ingredients that generally kills both fleas and ticks including their eggs and larvae on contact. You can ask your veterinarian about the best shampoo that he/she can recommend to your pet.

Ticks Removal

Ticks burrow underneath your pet’s skin which causes its whole body to get itchy. It’s important to remove them immediately using tweezers and make sure to wear gloves. If you don’t feel comfortable, ask an advice from your vet. You can also get a comb and softly pull it through your pet’s hair.

General Indoor Cleaning

  • Wash all your pet’s clothes, linens, beddings, towels, and even toys. Make sure to use the hottest water, high-soil and high drier settings in the washing and drying process to kill the ticks, fleas, and their larvae that might be hiding out. Also, do not forget to wash pet bowls, water dishes, and anything that needs to be washed in the sink that could be housing adults or larvae.
  • Vacuum your entire house and dispose the bags immediately afterwards.
  • Spray your home with an insecticide or pesticide that contains an insect growth regulator which helps prevent reproduction.
  • Apply a desiccant to areas where your pet frequently stay once your spray dries up. This helps dry out and kill insects and arachnids including their eggs.
  • Vacuum, dust, and mop the whole house to pick up dead fleas, ticks, and eggs.

Spray Outside

Ticks can be found in overgrown areas, wooded areas, and tall grasses. Fleas like shaded, damp areas, such as under trees and shrubs. So, it is essential to focus on cleaning these certain areas. You can use the same product you applied inside your home.

REPEAT Process

Do not stop until you fully get rid of the fleas and ticks that are plaguing your home and your furry baby.

If you are seeking the services of clean dog boarding kennels in Brisbane, you will find that you are definitely giving your dog a head start by keeping him or her clean and free of these types of pests.

Our happy and friendly staff members at Durack Pet Motel are more than willing to offer advice on this and any treatments you may be considering.

Don’t Wriggle Out of Worming Treatment

The topic of worms has a mixed response and generally not a good one. Like it or not, intestinal worms happen and can not only infest the furry members of our family but the two legged ones as well.

Because of this, it’s important to regularly treat your cat or dog for worms to prevent an infestation and to protect their health as well as your own. Of course, we want your pets’ health to be at its peak at all times but it’s particularly important if they will be visiting us for friendly doggy day care Brisbane or for an extended stay.

At the Durack Pet Motel, we pride ourselves on having clean residences for your dogs or cats to come and stay at while you are away. This is done by following the hygiene practices expected of us but also with the help of the owners of our guests.

Responsible pet owners keep up worming treatments of their pets so that when they go to stay at a pet motel, there is very little chance they bring any parasites in to share with the other guests who are staying.

Pet motels aside, intestinal worms can be quite detrimental to your pet’s health causing diarrhoea, weight loss and more. If you are unsure of what you are dealing with, here is some information on the most common intestinal worms your furry loved one may pick up.


Often found in puppies and kittens, but also adults, roundworms are very easily passed on whilst in the uterus or through nursing from their mothers. They cause a bloated belly look and can sadly cause death through intestinal blockage. The eggs of roundworms can exist in soil for years.


More commonly an issue for dogs, these worms look like small pieces of thread. It’s hard to diagnose whipworm. However, if a dog is experiencing weight loss and has stools that are covered in mucous then this may be an indication of whipworm.


Found in cats and dogs, tapeworms are caused by ingesting fleas, wildlife and rodents. These are often found around the anus and tail area of pets and look a little like sesame seeds. Often a vet quality treatment is required for this parasite.

The main commonality that all worms have is that they are not nice for your pets to put up with. Be kind and treat pets with the best medications possible.

If you want some advice about your pet’s health and staying at the Durack Pet Motel, give us a call or visit us online. The health of all guests is extremely important to us.