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Items You Will Need In Your Pet Disaster Kit

They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity, so being prepared is your best bet for an outcome that is going to be the most pleasing, no matter what happens. When it comes to preparing for possible disaster scenarios we are all aware that we need a disaster kit for ourselves, but have we remembered to prepare for our pet as well? At Durack Pet Motel, we have a comprehensive pet disaster kit to accommodate all of our lovely guests that might be staying with us when an unforeseen event occurs. Here are some of the things that you will want to put in your pet survival kit.


An essential item that your pet will need if disaster strikes is adequate water, so when you are stocking up on water for yourself, be sure to include enough for your pet as well. Plan for having at least a week’s worth of water for each member of the family, including your pet.


Be sure to stock up on the canned wet food for your pet, which will last longer than dry food and provide more moisture, which will assist in keeping your pet hydrated.

First Aid and Medications

When planning your first aid kit for the family, be sure to include all medications for your pet, as well as yourself. Ensure that you get enough from your vet to last you through at least a month, which should be enough to last until you are able to see the vet again. Also, include first aid supplies that you might need in case your pet sustains an injury. It may be helpful to include bandages, wound disinfectant and any other items that you use frequently to treat your pet.

Relevant Paperwork and ID Tags

Be sure to include any important paperwork relating to your pet, in an airtight container to protect it from getting wet. These may include proof of ownership and proof of vaccinations. In the event that you need to be evacuated from your home, you may need to show proof of vaccinations for your dog to join you in your temporary digs. Ensure that your pet has its ID tags, or that it has been micro-chipped in case you lose your pet during the event, so that you will be able to find it easily when the dust has settled.

Pet Carriers and Leashes

Pets can sometimes feel afraid in the case of severe weather events and they may try to run away to find somewhere to hide. For this reason, including a leash or pet carrier in your emergency kit is definitely going to prevent you from losing your pet in the process of trying to get to safety.

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How Cigarette Smoking Affects Your Pet’s Health

It is now common knowledge that smoking cigarettes can severely damage your health, causing a number of psychological and physiological issues that could impair your well-being. For this reason, it probably comes as no surprise to imagine that anyone else who is exposed to the chemicals produced from smoking cigarettes will also be affected. Our pets are often the unwitting victims of our smoking, which can have dire effects on their health with exposure over time.

Exposure to Chemicals from Surfaces

Unlike humans, our pets groom themselves by licking their fur, which means that whatever chemicals are on their fur can be ingested very easily. Because cigarette smoke and its residue lingers upon all surfaces where the smoking is taking place, this means that carpets, furniture, curtains and other fabrics of the house will absorb the chemicals.

Your pet spends a lot of time brushing past, lying and sitting on these surfaces, which allows the residue to be picked up on their fur. When they groom themselves, by licking their fur, they are likely to ingest whatever chemicals they have picked up. Over time, this can lead to a very sick animal as its body is strained from the effort of cleansing the chemicals out.

Ingesting Cigarettes and Nicotine Products

One thing about pets is that they are very inquisitive and will literally put their noses into anything to discover what it is, and how it works. Unfortunately, ingesting cigarette butts, nicotine replacement gum, patches or drinking water that has become contaminated with nicotine can be a fatal mistake for your pet.

Diseases and Allergies

In addition to all the risks of ingesting the nicotine chemicals, inhaling the second-hand smoke from your cigarette can cause pets to develop allergies and other respiratory diseases that can cause them pain and misery. Second-hand smoke has been shown to cause lymphoma in cats, as well as nasal tumours and sinus problems for dogs that are living with a smoker. Dogs that have shorter noses (and living with a smoker) have been found to have a higher risk of lung cancer also, due to the second-hand smoke being able to reach the lungs a lot easier.

Reducing the Risks

At Durack Pet Motel, we encourage all of our pet owners to minimise harm for their pets in any way possible. One way to reduce the risks of your pet being affected by your smoking is by making the inside of the house a non-smoking zone. Smoking outside allows for the smoke to be dissipated into the air, where it cannot linger on carpets and other surfaces, thus becoming a hazard for your pet.

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5 Things A Pet Motel Must Have

In the event of travel or illness, being faced with the need to find a temporary home for your pet can feel a bit daunting for devoted pet owners. But it does not need to be a worry if you do adequate research to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Visiting a few different motels and checking to make sure that they have all the essential elements will assist you in feeling happy as you hand over your furry companion.

Adequate Staff

Adequate staff to look after the amount of animals that are being housed there is the first thing you will want to ask about. This is important because you will want to know that your pet is being supervised while it is in their care.

Adequate Sanitation

How clean the place looks (and smells) will give you a very good idea about how good their sanitation routine is. There should not be any fecal matter in the kennel and it needs to have adequate sanitation procedures in place to prevent the spread of the intestinal disease canine parvovirus, which is spread through contact with a contaminated surface.

Secure Housings

Because pets have been known to try and pull the Houdini act and attempt to go off to find their owner, secure housings for your pet are a must. When checking the place, make sure to look at the fences, gates and runs to ensure that they will be able to accommodate your pets, and keep them safe from running off. If your pet is a typical Houdini type, be sure to let the kennel carers know so that they can take extra precautions.

Safety Procedures

All kennels and housings need to be free from sharp objects, damaged wires and any other elements that your pet may find to cause it harm. Ensure that your pet will have its own private place to sleep and live, and that it is adequately divided from other boarding residents, so that it can relax and enjoy its time.

Health Care

Your pet’s health care is one of the key elements that you will need to ask about, to get an idea about what life will be like for your pet. Be sure to ask about water and feeding procedures, as well as what veterinary services are available if your pet does become ill during its stay. Reputable kennels will have specific requirements for vaccinations, so be sure to check what your pet will need to have up-to-date, as well as asking what parasite control the kennel has in place.


Pet Insurance Perfect Partner for Quality Pet Motel

At the Durack Pet Motel we provide the best service possible to you and your furry family members. As you will find after choosing us to care for your pet in your absence, we value each and every one of our clients—animal and human.

This is why we have been operating as long as we have and are known as the most caring boarding kennels available. We take measures and precautions at all times to make sure that your pet is safe and happy during its stay with us.

There are times, however, when the unforeseen can occur. An injury or an illness is most unfortunate but accidents can happen and that’s when you will be glad if you have your pet insured.

Insurance Always A Bonus

Even before you ever book your pet into a pet motel; it’s always wise to have pet insurance. For a small fee you have the peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured, a giant vet bill won’t break your wallet.

Vet bills can be quite costly depending on the procedure and/or medicines required and there are those very sad times when owners have had to make the very hard decision to fork out the money for care or to let their much loved pet go. It is a decision no pet owner wants to make if it’s simply a matter of money.

Phone Around

Most insurance companies now will include pet cover into your home or car insurance and as mentioned, this is usually a small fee, and a small price to pay to know your pet is covered. Generally, as with all insurance companies, there will be an excess to pay in the event you make a claim and in some cases you may find you are only covered up to a certain amount.

The best plan of action is to ring around and see what is available, even if you already have home insurance it’s a good idea to contact some other insurers to see what they offer and it may be worth the change.

Pet insurance also provides you with extra peace of mind if your pet is staying at the Durack Pet Motel. This is because if for any reason a vet visit is required, a large bill will be covered to the agreed amount according to the policy.

For more information about pet insurance, contact your provider or make enquiries. For more information on the best pet motel around, visit us online.