Safety, Security and Comfort Measures for Dog Boarding

If you have never checked your dog into a boarding kennel, you may have questions about what is involved and what your pet might need while it is on its ‘holiday’. Animals feel more secure when they feel at home in their environment, so our focus is on creating a home away from home for your pet. Caring for the needs of your dog will encompass our staff becoming the surrogate ‘parent’ of your pooch, and your dog’s safety and comfort is of the upmost importance for us at Durack Pet Motel.

Vaccination History

As a health and safety measure we require for all dogs that stay with us at Durack Pet Motel to have their vaccinations and parasite treatments up to date. This ensures the minimisation of infectious diseases that could cause the animal discomfort, or spread among the other ‘guests’.

Sleeping Arrangements

Dogs make themselves at home by moving their bedding around in their kennel until they find a dark, comfortable place to sleep. We provide a comfortable, dry, sleeping quarter of the appropriate temperature and ensure that there are no sharp objects or places where they can get their limbs caught or cause damage to themselves or others.


An important aspect of life for dogs is companionship. As ‘man’s best friend’, dogs benefit from regular human contact, as well as being able to see other dogs. Without appropriate mental stimulation, dogs can become unhappy and display ‘acting out’ behaviours such as barking. Similarly, if dogs are housed in a highly active area with lots of traffic this may over-stimulate them, which can also lead to barking. As we know, when one dog barks unnecessarily, it often creates a chorus, which is often not music to the ears of humans, so our focus is on providing a balance between the two.

Special Dietary Needs

We recognise that different dogs require different diets, so we encourage owners to advise us of specific foods that make life more comfortable for their dog. The more information we have about your pet, the best care we will be able to provide, in all areas, so we make this a priority as we prepare for the arrival of your dog.

Exercise and Toilet Routines

During your dog’s stay with us, we ensure that it receives ample opportunity for adequate exercise, and time away from its kennel to stretch its legs and explore its environment. This includes ensuring that it has adequate opportunities for satisfying its defecating and toilet needs away from its sleeping areas.

Environmental And Lifestyle Considerations For Different Pets.

There’s an old adage that says ‘different horses for different courses’, meaning that different horses are suited to different conditions. When it comes to your pet’s lifestyle and special needs, this would be reflective on the type of environment that the breed is suited to and what it needs to be happy. Depending on the pet, the needs of the animal might be very different from what you are able to offer, so it is important to take this into consideration before choosing a pet to become your lifelong companion.

Living Arrangements

Choosing a pet that fits in with where you live is really important. For example, a Great Dane will not be happy living in a tiny apartment, and why would you want to force a large animal such as this to be squeezed into a small space? It wouldn’t be fair to either of you. Similarly, if you live in an area where there are no dog parks, or do not travel regularly to places where your dog can have a good run off the leash it will become more and more unhappy over time. This could cause it to act up, and start to destroy things in the house, which would affect your relationship with the pet.


Your lifestyle will have a direct impact on the sort of pet that is suited to you. Some animals are happy to be alone and will find lots of different ways to occupy themselves without you being there, but others need more attention. If you are a person who is not home very much, it would be best to choose a pet that will not be pining for you to come home all the time. Dogs enjoy going for a walk every day, or at the very least, a few times a week. If you are not able to commit to the time and effort to do this, perhaps a different animal might be better suited to your lifestyle.


Many pets require different diets, and as such, it is important that you are aware of what your pet needs for its optimal health, and are able to provide it. Different dogs and cats need specific vitamins and minerals at various times in their life, which is why there are pet foods suited to the various stages in a pet’s life. At Durack Pet Motel, we recommend that people do their research before choosing which pet is the right pet for their environment and lifestyle.

Choosing The Right Pet Motel

If you are a pet owner and are planning on taking a holiday, it might be a good idea to put your pet into a pet motel, to avoid any problems with taking your pet with you. Often pets will not enjoy a long journey to your holiday destination, and often hotels do not look favourably on having your pet as a guest. Once you’ve decided to give your pet a holiday of its own, in a pet motel, you will want to find somewhere that will allow your pet to feel at home, away from home. Choosing the right pet motel is the next important step, so follow this guide and see where it leads you, and your pet.

Recommended Pet Motels

When choosing the best place for your pet to reside while you take your holiday, make sure that you ask around and get some background information on the places you have in mind. Usually your vet, or other pet owners will have a good idea about places they might recommend, so do your homework and ensure that you have peace of mind while you are away.

Logistics of the Pet Motel

Rather than organising everything over the phone, make sure to go and check out the pet motel before your departure date, to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Some areas to look at when making your assessment are on the cleanliness of the place, whether there is sufficient ventilation and light, as well as how big the kennels are. One thing that you definitely don’t want is to return from your holiday to a pet that has been through hell, and is left traumatised for life by its experience.

Who Looks After Your Pet?

In the same way as with our children, we would not want our pet to be around someone who does not care for them as well as we would. When choosing a pet motel for your pet, make sure that you become acquainted with the people who will be looking after them. Do the staff members seem to know what they are doing with pets? Do they appear to care about the animals in their care?

What Will Your Pet Be Doing?

During the time your pet will be staying at the pet motel, you will want to be sure that they are getting enough exercise and have enough to keep them occupied. A good pet motel will have an adequate outdoor run for the pet, or at least a scheduled exercise routine, to ensure that they are getting enough stimulation and activity. At Durack Pet Motel we aim to make your pets stay with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible so that you will feel confident in leaving your pet with us.

If You Love Your Dog, Read This!

Dog owners now have an array of services available to make their furry family members happy, comfortable and enjoying life. Washing, grooming, clipping, massage therapy, day care for dogs whose owners work; the list goes on. In fact, a person could own a dog and never do anything with it other than feed it.

Dog Walking is Now a Real Job

Even the daily walk, that incentive that gets us off the couch to exercise our dog, and therefore ourselves, can be by-passed by handing over the leash to someone else. Dog walking is now on the list of services offered to owners who are too busy or have some other reason to hand over this task.

The fact that owners are prepared to pay for the service tells us they know how important a daily walk is for the health and wellbeing of their dog. If they are tied down by work or perhaps too ill to do it themselves, they value the practice enough to engage a dog walker.

Pet Care Programs Include Exercise

We also understand the importance of regular exercise for dogs of all sizes, and this is part of our pet care program at Durack Pet Motel. When you board your dog with us, you leave knowing that your precious pet will have plenty of opportunity for exercise. Our doggy boarders have access to large, safe, grassed play areas where our caring staff members engage them in daily play and petting.

Individual Attention Plus Exercise Equals Dog Heaven

The difference between the care and exercise we provide and the activities of a dog walker, is the individual attention our staff can offer. They are in the kennels with our guests for the whole day and have the time to become friends. A dog walker typically enters a client’s premises, takes the dog for its exercise and returns it immediately afterwards.

Dog Sitting an Option Based on Trust

Another service popular among dog owners, is that of the dog sitter, which is not the same as the dog walker. A sitter may take a dog they are looking after for a walk, but they are primarily engaged to live in its home and provide its care while the owners are away.

This can be successful provided the owners trust the people they have employed. Not only will the sitters have unfettered access to the homes, but they are also responsible for the safety of the pets in their care. A careless moment leaving a gate to a busy road open is just one of the things that could go wrong.

Boarding Kennels Offer Safety and Care

Leaving their dogs in the safety and security of our purpose-built facility is a much better option. The dogs have a great time interacting with our staff; they have comfortable, secure accommodation, and they leave relaxed and happy.

Easy Tips To Get You And Your Cat Boarding Ready

We have all heard the term “dogs have masters and cats have slaves” but the truth is that cats are even more fiercely attached to their owners than dogs are.

As you ready yourself and your family for that big day out a cat will hang around and sit on items such as clothing. Imagine how it will react if you were going away for a whole week!

You and your moggy will arrive with complete ease and comfort if you follow our easy, no nonsense tips.

Come Anytime

You are more than welcome to visit with us at any time to inspect our facility. The staff members of Durack Pet Motel are proud to show visitors around.

Plan Ahead

It is important to make a reservation with as much notice as possible. This is especially important over busy periods such as school holidays, Christmas and Easter.

Tell Your Cat What is Going On

If you start talking with your cat about what is going to happen leading up to the big day your cat will settle much quicker than if you did not share information with it. It is amazing just how much they do understand.

Bring Something to Love

Your cat will feel better if it has the scent of you around it, so bring something of yours such as a T-shirt to put into their sleeping area.

Maybe your cat’s favourite toy is its brush. If so, pack that so we can use it whilst they visit with us.

Food and Medications

Durack Pet Motel supply quality and variety to our guests. We try to match their diet as much as possible and can supply Hill’s, Advance, Eukanuba, Iams, Friskies, Whiskas, Purina, Fancy Feast, Dine and many more favourite varieties.

Special diets and medications should be discussed with us at the time of booking and then updated at drop off time to ensure your cat is monitored correctly.

Also, it is important to have all vaccinations current and up to date. If you treat your cat for fleas, update that too, prior to your cat’s stay.

Travel Time

However you transport your cat in the car you must bring them into the pet motel in a travel container. This will give them the time they need to adjust whilst staying and feeling secure in their container.

If your cat is prone to travel sickness then withhold food and water the night before. We will make sure there is fresh food and water waiting for them in their suite.

Check the Facilities Before You Board Your Pet

For loving pet owners, the decision to place their precious dogs or cats in a pet motel while they are away is often a very emotional one. If they have not been separated from their pets before, it is even more difficult and they want to make sure they have chosen a facility where their darlings will be comfortable and well cared for.

Get Personal Recommendations and ask Lots of Questions

There is nothing quite as reassuring as a recommendation from a friend or relative who has used a particular facility themselves, so a good place to start is to ask around about the one you have chosen. The next step is to ask if you are able to inspect the accommodation where your dog or cat will be housed. This is important because you can allay any fears you may have about your pet being confined in a small space for the duration of your absence.

Ask if the dogs at the facility are regularly walked and for how long. If your dog is used to long walks, the staff need to know as it could cause a change in the dog’s behaviour that may concern them. They may be able to provide the same walking time the dog is used to. If the facility allows the dogs to interact with each other in a free environment, check that this is supervised properly by an attendant.

Look for a Facility that has been Designed with Pets in Mind

a black dog resting comfortably insde a kennelOur facilities at Durack Pet Motel have been designed for the comfort of the cats and dogs that regularly board with us. Cats have their own spacious, individual suites that look out over our garden. There is plenty of fresh air and sunlight for them to enjoy and each suite has a scratching pole with shelves and cubby holes to explore. Every cat also has a trampoline bed.

Dogs have two different types of accommodation available to them. Large, spacious and well ventilated kennels are provided for medium to large dogs, and for the smaller varieties, we provide safe and cosy smaller kennels away from the bigger dogs. All kennels are furnished with trampoline beds and they are within easy access of our beautifully grassed exercise and play areas. This is the best part of their day as they enjoy playtime, pats, cuddles and exercise, all in the company of their new best friends.

Leaving your Pets in a Pet Motel

Everything is set for your vacation. However, you are looking forward to it with a heavy heart because you are leaving behind a beloved member of your family – your pet. You no longer have to worry or feel guilty because professional pet motels are here to the rescue.

Benefits of Boarding your Pet

Pets get professional care from trained staffers in a pet motel. If there is an emergency, the staffers know how to administer medicine and give your pets the correct treatments while they await your return.

Pets, particularly dogs, should be exercised daily and fed the proper foods. Good dog kennels will allocate exercise time and will co-operate with you if your pet needs a special diet.

Pet motels provide safety. You can rest easy and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet will not escape easily into the streets and potentially get lost or get into an accident.

Your pet will be able to socialise with other pets inside a pet motel. Being exposed to the other pets is an opportunity for your dog or cat to learn how to get along with others.

Leaving your pet with a friend, neighbour or relative may not cost you that much. The downside is if the person taking care of your pet sees it more as a favour than a job, they may not be as responsible as trained employees will be in a pet motel.

Choosing a Pet Motel

small dogs playing with each other on a lawnA good pet motel has the right facilities and trained staff to take care of your pet while you are away. It is important to choose the right one because the life and health of your beloved pet is in their hands.

At Durack Pet Motel, the carers are pet lovers who will really care for your furry friend. It has large grassed play areas where your dog can exercise, play with other dogs or play ball with one of the staff. If you have a cat, the motel offers spacious suites where it can stretch out as well as comfy hammock beds where it can lie back to enjoy the view of the garden.

Durack Pet Motel offers overnight, short-term or long-term accommodation for cats and dogs, and day boarding. It also provides hydrobathing and grooming services for your pets. In addition, a pickup and delivery service is available for your convenience. These facilities and services are provided to ensure your pet has an enjoyable, comfortable and memorable stay with the motel.

Tips for Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

Are you looking for quality pet care for your furry friend while you are away on a holiday or taking care of a family emergency? One of the pet care options available to you is to put your pet in a boarding facility. Do a little research before making your choice. Choosing the right boarding facility is important for your peace of mind and the safety and security of your beloved pet.

Ask other pet owners, neighbours, trusted pet carers or your veterinarian if they have reputable dog kennels they can recommend. You can also search online for local pet boarding facilities that meet the requirements for your pet’s needs. After making a short list, it’s time to make a visit to these pet boarding facilities. Here are some areas that should be given close attention during your visit.

Kennel Appearancecat suites at Durack pet motel

A good pet motel is tidy, organised and smells clean. Request to tour the facility so you can take a look at where your pet will be staying while boarding. Do not worry if you see a sign that says “No Visitors Beyond This Point” as this is a policy intended to protect the pets.

Safety and Security

The facility should have secure and locked fencing where dogs do their exercises, durable gates and dividers between runs, and different suites for cat accommodation. There should be no sharp objects in the facility as well as harmful chemicals. In addition, make sure all toys and equipment are in good condition.

Sanitation and Parasite Control

The kennel should be clean, without faeces, odour and parasites. Make sure the facility enforces strict policies on disinfection and cleaning.

Supervision and Care

Make sure the facility’s staff and carers, who regularly monitor pets throughout the day, are trained to know symptoms of illness or distress. They should be able to call for veterinary help when needed. A good pet boarding facility will also accommodate the special diets, special needs and medication of your pet. The facility’s team of carers should be able to take care of pets with special needs and also administer medication as needed. If your pet has special needs, be sure to discuss your pet’s specific medical needs with the facility’s carers before making a reservation.