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How To Tame Aggressive Dogs

When we think of an aggressive human, we can often look beneath the behaviours and see that they are a person who is suffering in some way, and are expressing their feelings negatively. There are many different reasons why a dog might be behaving aggressively and often it is not just due to the breed, as even the seemingly calmest breeds of dogs can become aggressive at times. Thankfully, there are ways of identifying the issue and working with dogs to assist them in becoming less aggressive and more sociable.

Knowing Your Breed
We often hear in the news about particular breeds of dog behaving aggressively and causing injury to people; however, this is less to do with the breed and more to do with the owner, and how the dog has been trained. It is important to note that some breeds of dogs are a lot stronger and have more power than others have, which may cause them to appear more aggressive when, in fact, it is more a case of them not realising their own strength.

Understanding the breed of dog that you have will assist you in providing a lifestyle that suits its strength, power and personality. Rules and boundaries need to be established early for a powerful breed of dog, with you established as the leader of the pack, providing adequate training and exercise.

One of the most important things you can do for your dog is to ensure that it is having enough exercise every day, no matter what the breed. Exercise allows the dog to release energy from its body that prevents you from being able to communicate effectively with its mind. At Durack Pet Motel, we recognise the importance of exercise to ensure that dogs are able to release built up energy and tension so that they can be the best version of themselves possible.

Aggression amongst Dogs
If you have more than one dog and if you are experiencing increased aggression among them, this is because you have not adequately established yourself as their leader. The leader of the pack is responsible for protecting and directing the entire pack, to ensure that they are kept safe at all times. By providing rules, boundaries and limitations you are asserting yourself as their leader, and the fighting will cease once this role has been firmly established, as they will not be fighting amongst themselves to establish who will take on that role.

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Training Your Pup? 4 Things You Need to Know First

Dogs are definitely trainable but there is a degree of patience and knowledge that you need to have in order to get to your goals. There are several kinds of studies and techniques nowadays being published online that claim they can easily train your dogs. But for me there is no easy way or a standard 1, 2 step that can do this for you than just being a good and patient teacher.


Remember, among all other things in this classroom, you are the teacher and your dog is a kindergarten kid. You are here to teach them things they need to learn in order for them to apply it to their daily lives. You are training them so they can easily be a part of the family and they can co-relate properly with their fellow dogs and their owners as well. At the end of the day you have to ask yourself what your goal is and why you are training your dog. The lessons are for him generally with a bit of bonus for you.


That’s what my dad always says, which is actually very evident sometimes. It’s forgivable though because sometimes the owners lose their patience in the process of training their dogs, they forget that these dogs are still “dogs”. This means they are trainable but they require a different kind of training tactic. One big thing you should understand that dogs, don’t know the meaning of “No” so there is really no use in using it towards them.


Dogs feel too, they get hurt when you shout or call them names that they don’t even understand. Spend time with them and reward whatever good thing your doggy has done. This should not just be a one shot deal, you have to be consistent with rewarding them for their good and right behavior. This way they will understand that when they do certain things, you get happy, and that makes them happy to. Remember dogs can sense energy, bad and good. Sometime their attitude for that day will be affected by the energy you give out to them. So it really does pay to be nice.


He is a dog, so be realistic with your expectations. Don’t expect him to understand every little word you say, especially if you use a lot of words to command him. Stick to one word that may connote him to sit or stand. Don’t confuse him by yelling at him and saying different commands. This will just lengthen the process and training even more. Know the limitations of your dog and don’t blame it on him if he can’t meet your expectations. Remember, you are the teacher and he is the student, if he can’t get it, there is something wrong with how you teach.

All in all, training your dog just requires your patience, understanding and a lot of love.

Feeding and Lifestyle Changes for Older Pets

As pets age, they require mindfulness from their owner in ensuring that all of their requirements are still being met as their needs will change as they get older. Not unlike humans, pets are living to much older ages these days than previously. This is largely in part to better vaccines and treatments for diseases, as well as better information about caring for pets that allows owners to be more aware and to seek treatment during the early stages of disease.

Cognitive Changes

Some of the cognitive changes that may occur in older pets could cause behavioural changes, which can cause anxiety for owners if they are not aware of what is happening. These can include a loss of vision and hearing, which can make them less tolerant of small children. Loss of hearing can contribute to them becoming startled more easily, which may lead to anxiety that could be evident in how they approach people.

Feeding Adjustments

Similar to humans, when pets age they still need a balanced diet, but they will require more fibre to ensure healthy bowel movements and prevent them feeling physically uncomfortable. They will most likely eat smaller portions and their diet needs to take into account any of the current health issues that your pet may be experiencing. Foods are chosen specifically to alleviate stress on the kidneys and other organs if they are suffering with kidney diseases, amongst others. Most pet foods take into account the dietary changes of older pets, providing fewer calories with more protein. There are also a lot of supplements on the market to accommodate the changing dietary needs of ageing pets, so be sure to consult your vet about what your pets may need to increase in their diets.

Lifestyle Changes

Some of the lifestyle changes that an older pet will experience include weight gain, due to less exercise, adjustments to their sleeping routine as well as accidents due to incontinence. This means that owners might need to provide extra comfortable sleeping quarters for their pets; they should also allow them to have more toilet visits outside in order to do their business.
Because older pets are less energetic they will need frequent light exercise to prevent obesity and other health issues. At Durack Pet Motel, we encourage regular vet checks to ensure that as pets age they are getting everything they need, and live out the rest of their days as happily as possible.

If You Love Your Dog, Read This!

Dog owners now have an array of services available to make their furry family members happy, comfortable and enjoying life. Washing, grooming, clipping, massage therapy, day care for dogs whose owners work; the list goes on. In fact, a person could own a dog and never do anything with it other than feed it.

Dog Walking is Now a Real Job

Even the daily walk, that incentive that gets us off the couch to exercise our dog, and therefore ourselves, can be by-passed by handing over the leash to someone else. Dog walking is now on the list of services offered to owners who are too busy or have some other reason to hand over this task.

The fact that owners are prepared to pay for the service tells us they know how important a daily walk is for the health and wellbeing of their dog. If they are tied down by work or perhaps too ill to do it themselves, they value the practice enough to engage a dog walker.

Pet Care Programs Include Exercise

We also understand the importance of regular exercise for dogs of all sizes, and this is part of our pet care program at Durack Pet Motel. When you board your dog with us, you leave knowing that your precious pet will have plenty of opportunity for exercise. Our doggy boarders have access to large, safe, grassed play areas where our caring staff members engage them in daily play and petting.

Individual Attention Plus Exercise Equals Dog Heaven

The difference between the care and exercise we provide and the activities of a dog walker, is the individual attention our staff can offer. They are in the kennels with our guests for the whole day and have the time to become friends. A dog walker typically enters a client’s premises, takes the dog for its exercise and returns it immediately afterwards.

Dog Sitting an Option Based on Trust

Another service popular among dog owners, is that of the dog sitter, which is not the same as the dog walker. A sitter may take a dog they are looking after for a walk, but they are primarily engaged to live in its home and provide its care while the owners are away.

This can be successful provided the owners trust the people they have employed. Not only will the sitters have unfettered access to the homes, but they are also responsible for the safety of the pets in their care. A careless moment leaving a gate to a busy road open is just one of the things that could go wrong.

Boarding Kennels Offer Safety and Care

Leaving their dogs in the safety and security of our purpose-built facility is a much better option. The dogs have a great time interacting with our staff; they have comfortable, secure accommodation, and they leave relaxed and happy.

Has The Cat Got Your Furniture In Its Sights?

We are not letting any secrets out of the bag when we tell you that your cat loves to scratch. And not just itself.
For a cat, the act of scratching has many benefits and a sturdy cat scratcher of some kind cannot be left out of the equation if you have a pet cat.
Your furniture, curtains, drapes, decorative tassels, timber fittings and features, carpets and rugs can all be a target for kitty, which could lead to the destruction of these items.

Why Does a Cat Scratch?

Scratching from a cat’s point of view is like humans doing our yoga or boxing. It’s more than that though, as it can even be like a visit to the health spa.
This is because a cat will stretch out his or her back, neck and arm muscles when it scratches. They can be languid and lazy when they do this or full of energy. Sometimes it may be that they need to release pent up energy and they can get quite vigorous and playful.
Another reason cats scratch is to mark their territory. They not only leave obvious markings for other animals to see. They also release pheromones from the pads of their feet that advertise to any and all other cats that they have been there and this is their spot!
Finally, a good scratch removes the tired old used sheath on their claws, revealing a lovely new sharp claw beneath. Good claw health is essential to a cat’s wellbeing.
Durack Pet Motel ensure every kitty home has a kitty claw centre.

What Sort of Scratch Pole Should You Have?

Cats can and will scratch in different ways. Some cats like to claw at ground level, whilst some like to stretch up tall.
A good cat scratcher is tall enough for your cat to stretch out to its full height – or length as the case may be. It must be sturdy enough to take the weight of the cat in full stretch and durable enough for a good claw battle.
The most common forms of covering are carpet or rope. Either work fabulously at helping kitty get what it needs. Both are effective in giving them something to grip on to. Carpets may be a little more challenging sometimes than rope as a cat’s claws can get stuck in them. Therefore, be vigilant.

Are You Stressed?

Are you stressed? If you are, there is a good chance your cat is too. Uncanny how they can pick up our moods. Just like children and others who are a bit more “sensitive” they tend to take on too much of our stuff and end up stressed themselves.

Just like humans the major stressors in a cat’s life can include:

• Divorce
• New baby
• Death in the family
• Moving house
• Renovating house
• Illness
• A new pet
• Injury
• Abuse
• Storms

Even day to day occurrences can have a big effect on how a cat’s day went. For example, just take these experiences from your “cat’s point of view”-

• They stopped me sleeping in my favourite spot
• The litter has not been cleaned quickly enough (for their taste)
• My owner is playing loud music and scaring me
• Bleh! What is that new food, I hate new things
• The carpet man came today and took away all our stuff and put something that smelt revolting on the floor
• Eeek! New furniture
• That dog constantly barking is sooo annoying
• Who let THAT in my yard?
You’re getting the idea we’re sure!

Signs of Kitty Stress

Because cats choose not to talk with us and we don’t understand kitty talk we are left to watch for other signs.
These may include, a change in diet usually not wanting to eat, excessive grooming, aggressive behaviour and less interest in family members and companion animals, hiding and inappropriate elimination (always our personal fave – joking).

Help Your Cat Through Stress With Ease

So how can you help your cat through any of these experiences? Well, we are glad you asked. Durack Pet Motel staff love animals and can tell from all sorts of indicators from the tiniest nuance in body language all the way through to out of control spitting, slashing and hissing. Talking with your cat in words and pictures can be a real asset. For major events such as moving house or getting new carpets laid, prepare them as long as possible. The more they “know” the better they feel. Allow them plenty of hidey holes and increase areas they can climb to help them feel more secure and allowing them the choice of exposing themselves or staying hidden. Interactive playtime, is one of the best ways to get a young kitten used to a busy family life. For a more fearful or older cat this is still an opportunity to bring them out of their shell and give them some attention.

Cats – Defender Of The Realm

As a number one carer of all things furry and four legged, the staff at Durack Pet Motel have seen and been told some pretty amazing things about cats.

Most of us have heard the adage “dogs have masters, cats have slaves”. This is pretty much true but whatever you believe, you do not want to discount your cat as someone who might protect or save you from danger.

Yes it is true, cats would rather have a nap in the sun or tirelessly groom themselves than stand guard over you. We cannot forget the fact that most cats will hide until they feel safe around strangers.

They are definitely not obedient to the letter either. If you have ever tried to train your cat to do anything you will understand this statement. Sure, they know where the little box is, but they seldom fetch, or meow on cue or as a warning.

Cats are true lovers of the invisible. You are more likely to find your cat playing and chasing an imaginary friend then an intruder.

There Are Exceptions to Every Rule

Whilst all we have said about cats, their behaviour, and desire to be loved are true, there are definite exceptions to this rule.

Cats have been documented and even caught on film doing amazing things to protect their owners and owners’ offspring from danger. It may just be though that a cat’s version of danger is a little different from your own.

We have heard tales of cats berating their owners if they discover them soaking in a warm bath. They see the bathtub of water as a threat.

Cats are likely to be found standing safely behind a glass window growling at the garbage truck or large machinery. Some cats do have an innate sense and attachment to your children. They have been known to alert adults when small children are in need of attention.

One famous bit of footage that circulated Facebook showed a dog pouncing on an unsuspecting toddler, which is not good, but out of the blue shot this cat. It pounced on the dog and managed to scare it away from the child.

Whilst it is also certainly true that cats have been involved in some pretty amazing rescues, the bottom line to all this is you cannot depend on your cat to be a guard.

If you were looking to it for security……..a dog is a safer bet.

Cats on Guard!

Many of us do not realise it but a cat is always on guard just like any dog.

If you are a cat owner it is more than likely that you have witnessed many guard-like qualities in your moggies. Some know and understand what they are doing but some may not even realise what they are doing.

Stranger Danger

There are only two responses a cat can make to visitors. They can stick around and observe or they can disappear until the coast is clear. The observers can often be vigilant in their undertaking and will hide under chairs and tables within easy distance to make their observations that much easier. After a stranger has gone the observers and the hiders alike will “do the rounds” of your home and property sniffing and checking the environment.

Cats will even do the same first thing in the morning if you are a responsible owner who keeps your cats indoors overnight. Taking food from a stranger can be a definite no-no for some cats.

Home Alone

Many believe that because of the seemingly independent nature of a cat that they are happy to be left alone during the day or if you go away on holiday.

This is not so. Cats will choose when to let you love them. If you leave them on their own for a protracted period of time they are likely to feel completely unloved and extremely suspicious of the person nominated to come in and feed them and change their litter.

If you have a familiar friend, neighbour or relative you could be on a winning ticket but otherwise prolonged alone time can be very stressful for your cat as it struggles to comfort itself and keep your home safe from attack.

Once we had a snake come visit our home whilst we are away for the day. We discovered him all curled round our suspended cane chair. He slithered off and hid under our hot water heater after we got home but the cats were completely freaked out about going outside or anywhere near where its scent had been left.

The Best of Care

For some cats the choice to employ someone such as ourselves at Durack Pet Motel is just what the doctor ordered.

We offer play and petting in a clean and relaxed environment. Why not talk with us about what we have to offer the next time you are thinking of going away?

Teaching Your Dog Who’s Boss

Dogs are the most amazing and lovable companions a person could ask for. Loyal to a fault and so willing to give more than they receive.

They have a sixth sense about the people they live with and can sense everything their humans feel from anxiety, pain and joy. This most probably stems from the pack behaviour they enjoy and appreciate so much.

Unlike humans, they thrive within the pack environment and cope much easier knowing where they sit in the order of things within a particular unit, whatever shape or form that takes.

This is why it is important that your dog understands you are boss. This will entail spending time with your canine companion learning the ropes together.

Knowing the right time when to make a fuss and not to make a fuss will prove invaluable. As will spending quality time throwing a ball or going for a run.

Dogs understand routine so if you have a dog that becomes a worrier when you slip on your going out shoes then putting your shoes on but not going out will settle them.

Important to Maintain the Status Quo

Usually, the people who bring their pets to us at Durack Pet Motel have also invested a great deal of time and money in the training of their much loved four legged friend. They understand that the departure of his or her “pack” creates stress, which can lead to very destructive behaviour and create some very bad habits to boot.

If you are planning a trip away from home you do not want to leave your dog home alone and lonely.

You really do not want to have your dog constantly barking with stress or worry when you go out. This not only leads to conflict with your neighbours but it can also let the unscrupulous know that no one is home.

As professional dog boarding kennels, we understand that your dog, whilst being a pet, is a member of your family. If you have come to the Durack Pet Motel we know right off the bat that you care deeply for your pet and its welfare.

This is why we ensure that your pet gets plenty of attention and play time. They have an opportunity to interact not only with our full trained and animal loving staff but also with other animals that are boarding at the same time. This is always conducted under the strictest supervision to ensure everyone’s safety.