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Dogs feel stress too

Dogs have feelings too. They have emotional issues and psychological issues as well. Just like people, they know fear, courage, pain, joy, sadness and love, so it is quite natural that in their daily lives they also know stress.

We then ask why my dog would feel stressed when all he does is walk around the whole day, eat, sleep and go about his doggy business. There are so many things that we humans do that actually stress our dogs out. Remember dogs are not children. Their behavioral patterns are very different and their reactions are different. Although they feel the same emotions as human beings, their psychological make up is different.

Dog Stressors

Conflicting Instructions

Dogs have a different language, and saying it out loud may be gibberish to them, unless he is already used to his owner’s behavior. When you give an instruction make sure that you do it with one word or action only, so that the dog knows which one to follow. Doing different hand gestures and saying different words for one action will only give them a hard time.

Punishments for Misbehaving

A dog is a dog, he will behave like a dog. So if there is an opportunity to play and run around he will definitely do it. Now if you punish him for his supposedly normal dog behavior it confuses them, and causes them a lot of stress.

Spanking or Pulling their Leash

We all know why this is the number 1 cause of dog stress, right? It is pretty natural that when you hurt a dog or even a human being as a matter of fact, this will cause a certain amount of stress to them.


Even your boyfriend will get mad at you if you wake them up the wrong way. Dogs love their nap times, and they really sleep soundly and deeply. So if you wake them up in a sudden whim, this creates quite a harsh environment for them.

It’s “okay” When It’s Not

Dogs know when things are not okay, so don’t say it is when it’s not. For example, if your dog hates to take a bath, and you keep on telling him that it’s all “okay”, when he clearly knows he does not like it. The word triggers them to feel stressed and feisty. Better to just calm them down first with a pat on the head and a stroke on their coat.

Negative Energy

Dogs pick up a change in energies around them, especially when it comes to their owners. So when you are angry or you and your partner are fighting, they can instantly pick this up and they get stressed out by the energy they feel.

There is still a number of things that cause stress in our dogs, and these are just a few of them. The key to eliminating or even just minimizing stress in the lives of man’s best friend is to respect their dog-liness and their needs as well. Spend time with them, and give them a stroke or a pat. Try to understand their disposition and look out for things that may be causing stress in their lives. Being conscious about all of this may just help you encourage a stress-free environment for your dogs.

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Why do dogs like to hump?

Why do they do it? We always ask that question, right? Do they have an attraction to the couch or maybe in love with our legs? Or maybe they are suffering from a rare sex addiction syndrome that has not been discovered yet? So we ask why dogs keep on humping.

Dog humping, just to clear out the elephant in the room, is a form of masturbation by dogs. Yes, it is sexual, but can be entirely innocent in some standards and may not even be all about sex at all. It is not unusual though that dogs are doing this, because it is already innate in their nature, and this should be considered a normal behavior for dogs to have.

You can call it any name you want; thrusting, mounting, rubbing or humping, it is still a form of dog masturbation. There are a number of different reasons they actually do this and this is what we will find out in this article.


Of course, it doesn’t mean they know they are practicing, but they literally are. This is a biological calling that no one has to tell them to practice the process, but just to do it. Their bodies are automatically triggered at a certain stage in their lives and they become actively seeking sexual pleasure, which results to humping anything and everything they see that is humpable. This is a sign that your dog has reached sexual maturity and is ready to pro-create with a lady dog in heat.


Yep, this is how they play. How would they know that this is not proper decorum? They are dogs for Pete’s sake. This is how they express their youth and playfulness at times. If this is the case, this one is purely innocent, like a kid who does not know what’s right from wrong. They already associate the act to happiness and pleasure that even when they are already neutered, some dogs still have the tendency to do this because they remember feeling good when they did this before.


When humans get stressed, we eat, we exercise, we drink etc. Dogs masturbate. This is for real, masturbation or humping is a way for them to release pent up energy inside them. When they are happy or excited. Stressed or sad, this is a way to let it all go. That is why dogs who lack exercise or are not encouraged to move around have the tendency to do this more. Dogs have tons of energy and they have to release it sometime during the day.


In the animal kingdom, someone has to be the king, or better yet even just be the alpha male or female. Mounting or humping a less dominant member of their tribe or lady dogs, shows their dominance and this is considered social behavior for the dogs. During the time of sexual activity their testosterone is over flowing and they need to establish their seniority within their territories, hence the mounting occurs. They will actually do this even towards male dogs alike.

This may be an embarrassing behavior for your dogs, but it is inevitable. To minimize it, you can consider having the dog spayed or neutered, but at the end of the day you have to understand that this is just normal for your dogs to do.

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Thinking of desexing your dog?

The decision, if you are going to have your dog desexed or not, is I think one of the most difficult choices you have to make as a pet owner. These days though social media and educational documentaries has made it easy for us to do this due to it gaining popularity. I personally am not against desexing or am I for it, but I’d rather, before I make a decision for the life and well-being of my dog, I would want to be educated first of the pros and cons of the process. I think we need to further understand what it is and how it is done in order to make a sound decision.


If it was 100 years ago, this act would be considered inhumane and would be named illegal. But due to the issues on animal population control, desexing was given leeway in the 1930’s. This gained popularity due to the boom in the pet population during the mentioned year, so they had to find a way to control it. Sadly at that time one of the ways they also devised was euthanasia.


It started to gain track when the cities started to grow and people started to bring more animals in urban areas. Dogs and cats started to reproduce until the number of stray pets increased that even the city can’t handle. At that time shelters were already being filled up and the health and safety of the residents and pet owners alike were already being compromised. They could not control the numbers anymore, and as much as they wanted to find humane ways for population control, the stray pets were reproducing faster than they could find a way to fix the issue. This all came down to animal welfare vs. human convenience.


Unknown to all of us, well maybe a few dog owners most probably. Desexing has its advantages towards pet dogs. Like human beings, dogs who have a promiscuous and active sex life can also contract harmful diseases and viruses that are fatal for them and for humans alike. The health issues that come, go both ways. For male dogs, they become more prone to testicular cancer, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, hormone related tumors and infections. For female dogs, they can easily get infections in the uterus, pyometra and breast cancers.


As they are animals, man’s best friend is not a man himself, and he is an animal by nature. So, naturally he has a very unique sexual appetite. They have a tendency to stress, not eat and even go crazy when they feel a female dog is in heat. Their body temperatures seem to call upon each other when this time of the month comes around. A friend of mine told me that he has seen dogs when desexed, develop faster and get stronger. Maybe because all the vitamins and minerals get retained and the animals are able to rest properly.

As I have said, I am neither pro or anti desexing pets. Each to her own pet owner, I cannot impose my personal opinions on the subject because there is yet so much more to learn about the issue. For now, let’s leave it at that.

How Grooming Is Beneficial For The Health Of Your Pet

Anyone who says they can resist hugging a freshly groomed animal is either lying or is simply not an animal person. Either way, grooming serves many functions for pets, and it isn’t just about lifting their self-esteem, although it can definitely contribute to making them feel good. Regular pet grooming is not just for keeping up appearances, it also serves a very important function in maintaining your pet’s optimal health and wellness. During the grooming you also have an opportunity to check for health issues such as skin problems, or signs of inflammation; therefore, at Durack Pet Motel we encourage regular grooming for good health.

Cutting Hair

Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat from all areas of their body. They only sweat through the places where there is no fur, so cutting their hair will allow for better air circulation and assist them with maintaining an optimal temperature, especially on a hot day.


As many of us are aware, dogs are descended from wolves, which is probably a big part of why they love exploring and don’t mind getting dirty in the process. Regular cleaning is an important part of your pets’ grooming, not only to remove any of the debris that they have picked up on their fur, but also to be able to see what is going on underneath the fur. Additionally, dogs usually get a build-up of crust around their eyes, which is often only revealed during cleaning, but can cause problems if it is not cleared out regularly.


Regular brushing of your pet also contributes to a healthier state, by removing dead fur, dandruff and dirt. An added benefit of brushing is that it spreads the natural oils around an animal’s fur, leaving a healthy, shiny coat. Regular brushing of your pet is best begun while it is still a puppy, so that it can get used to standing still for the duration of the brushing. If you do not start at an early age, an older animal is a lot more challenging to train to appreciate the experience. A helpful tip is to make sure you brush your dog’s hair before shampooing; otherwise, the hair will become matted and it will cause pain when you try to brush it after it has been washed.

Clipping of Nails

Clipping of the nails will prevent health issues later such as arthritis or infections. If a dog’s nails are too long, they will start to accommodate this by walking on the sides of their pads, which can lead to arthritis later in life, causing them a lot of pain.

Boost Your Pet’s Immune System to Help Fight Parasites as It Grows Older

Having a healthy immune system is as important to your pet as it is to you. The thing about the immune system is that it works as a swinging balance so if it is swinging too much at either spectrum this is where problems start to arise. As humans, we take our vitamins and ensure that we are getting a balanced diet, and as a loving pet owner, there are ways of ensuring that your pet is in the best condition it can be.

Exposure to the Outside World

Have you ever noticed that small children seem to catch every cough and cold that is around? They go out into the world and they are exposed to things that make their immune system have to go into action to fight infections and illness. While the runny noses, coughs and colds can be an inconvenience, they are a sign that the immune system is working to fight infection and building up immunity for life. Your pet is the same; it needs to be taken out into the world to be exposed to germs and infection from a young age to ensure that it builds up immunity. A healthy immune system that has had to do a little work will be prepared to fight infection and disease in the early stages.


The importance of a balanced diet cannot be expressed enough. Dogs need to have meat regularly and bones at least a few times a week to ensure that their immune system is getting what it needs to fight infection and disease as well as keeping their coat and skin in good condition. Cats need foods that are high in protein and contain amino acids. Most cat and dog foods are formulated to contain all the essential nutritional needs for your pet, so if you are using a trusted brand there is a good chance that you pet it getting what it needs.

Reduce Stress

Nobody likes to feel stressed out or upset, but sometimes the circumstances of life can lead to anxiety and unhappiness. Stress is one of the most damaging things to the immune system and can really affect the wellbeing of your pet. Reduce stress in your pet’s life as best you can by taking the time to get to know what makes your pet happy, and how you can help. Be aware of your pet and notice any changes in its behaviour as this could indicate that it is feeling stressed. At Durack Pet Motel, we endeavour to get to know your pet while it is staying with us, so that we can ensure that it is as happy as possible.