Cats – Defender Of The Realm

As a number one carer of all things furry and four legged, the staff at Durack Pet Motel have seen and been told some pretty amazing things about cats.

Most of us have heard the adage “dogs have masters, cats have slaves”. This is pretty much true but whatever you believe, you do not want to discount your cat as someone who might protect or save you from danger.

Yes it is true, cats would rather have a nap in the sun or tirelessly groom themselves than stand guard over you. We cannot forget the fact that most cats will hide until they feel safe around strangers.

They are definitely not obedient to the letter either. If you have ever tried to train your cat to do anything you will understand this statement. Sure, they know where the little box is, but they seldom fetch, or meow on cue or as a warning.

Cats are true lovers of the invisible. You are more likely to find your cat playing and chasing an imaginary friend then an intruder.

There Are Exceptions to Every Rule

Whilst all we have said about cats, their behaviour, and desire to be loved are true, there are definite exceptions to this rule.

Cats have been documented and even caught on film doing amazing things to protect their owners and owners’ offspring from danger. It may just be though that a cat’s version of danger is a little different from your own.

We have heard tales of cats berating their owners if they discover them soaking in a warm bath. They see the bathtub of water as a threat.

Cats are likely to be found standing safely behind a glass window growling at the garbage truck or large machinery. Some cats do have an innate sense and attachment to your children. They have been known to alert adults when small children are in need of attention.

One famous bit of footage that circulated Facebook showed a dog pouncing on an unsuspecting toddler, which is not good, but out of the blue shot this cat. It pounced on the dog and managed to scare it away from the child.

Whilst it is also certainly true that cats have been involved in some pretty amazing rescues, the bottom line to all this is you cannot depend on your cat to be a guard.

If you were looking to it for security……..a dog is a safer bet.