Cats on Guard!

Many of us do not realise it but a cat is always on guard just like any dog.

If you are a cat owner it is more than likely that you have witnessed many guard-like qualities in your moggies. Some know and understand what they are doing but some may not even realise what they are doing.

Stranger Danger

There are only two responses a cat can make to visitors. They can stick around and observe or they can disappear until the coast is clear. The observers can often be vigilant in their undertaking and will hide under chairs and tables within easy distance to make their observations that much easier. After a stranger has gone the observers and the hiders alike will “do the rounds” of your home and property sniffing and checking the environment.

Cats will even do the same first thing in the morning if you are a responsible owner who keeps your cats indoors overnight. Taking food from a stranger can be a definite no-no for some cats.

Home Alone

Many believe that because of the seemingly independent nature of a cat that they are happy to be left alone during the day or if you go away on holiday.

This is not so. Cats will choose when to let you love them. If you leave them on their own for a protracted period of time they are likely to feel completely unloved and extremely suspicious of the person nominated to come in and feed them and change their litter.

If you have a familiar friend, neighbour or relative you could be on a winning ticket but otherwise prolonged alone time can be very stressful for your cat as it struggles to comfort itself and keep your home safe from attack.

Once we had a snake come visit our home whilst we are away for the day. We discovered him all curled round our suspended cane chair. He slithered off and hid under our hot water heater after we got home but the cats were completely freaked out about going outside or anywhere near where its scent had been left.

The Best of Care

For some cats the choice to employ someone such as ourselves at Durack Pet Motel is just what the doctor ordered.

We offer play and petting in a clean and relaxed environment. Why not talk with us about what we have to offer the next time you are thinking of going away?