Choosing The Right Pet Motel

If you are a pet owner and are planning on taking a holiday, it might be a good idea to put your pet into a pet motel, to avoid any problems with taking your pet with you. Often pets will not enjoy a long journey to your holiday destination, and often hotels do not look favourably on having your pet as a guest. Once you’ve decided to give your pet a holiday of its own, in a pet motel, you will want to find somewhere that will allow your pet to feel at home, away from home. Choosing the right pet motel is the next important step, so follow this guide and see where it leads you, and your pet.

Recommended Pet Motels

When choosing the best place for your pet to reside while you take your holiday, make sure that you ask around and get some background information on the places you have in mind. Usually your vet, or other pet owners will have a good idea about places they might recommend, so do your homework and ensure that you have peace of mind while you are away.

Logistics of the Pet Motel

Rather than organising everything over the phone, make sure to go and check out the pet motel before your departure date, to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Some areas to look at when making your assessment are on the cleanliness of the place, whether there is sufficient ventilation and light, as well as how big the kennels are. One thing that you definitely don’t want is to return from your holiday to a pet that has been through hell, and is left traumatised for life by its experience.

Who Looks After Your Pet?

In the same way as with our children, we would not want our pet to be around someone who does not care for them as well as we would. When choosing a pet motel for your pet, make sure that you become acquainted with the people who will be looking after them. Do the staff members seem to know what they are doing with pets? Do they appear to care about the animals in their care?

What Will Your Pet Be Doing?

During the time your pet will be staying at the pet motel, you will want to be sure that they are getting enough exercise and have enough to keep them occupied. A good pet motel will have an adequate outdoor run for the pet, or at least a scheduled exercise routine, to ensure that they are getting enough stimulation and activity. At Durack Pet Motel we aim to make your pets stay with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible so that you will feel confident in leaving your pet with us.