Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

The oral hygiene of your dog is just as important as your own. Just because they are not human doesn’t mean dogs aren’t entitled to having their teeth cared for and, as the owner, the onus is on you.

At Durack Pet Motel we pride ourselves in placing the health of all our guests at the top of the list. It is in our best interests to see to it that all animals are happy and healthy and one way to keep their health in peak condition is to take care of oral health.

What happens if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth?

Not keeping the teeth of your dog clean can cause some upset. Gum irritation and disease can occur in dogs if plaque and bacteria are not kept to a minimum. In turn, this can create pain in gums and teeth for dogs when eating; they can end up needing teeth pulled out and also needing medication for any infection.

When it comes to teeth and gum infections there is always the risk of other issues too as the bacteria, amongst others, can travel down to the stomach and cause more upset. Your pet will feel poorly and be unhappy so if you think you are trying to save on money by avoiding brushing, think again.

My dog hates the toothbrush

Pets can be just like children sometimes and don’t want to do the things they know are good for them, such as brushing their teeth. While there are some great toothbrush and paste products out there for dogs some are just resistant to the process and owners need to find an alternative.

Getting your dog a bone to chew on can help keep plaque at bay but there are other alternatives to a toothbrush too. We would like to say at this time, however, that a toothbrush is always the best option for cleaning teeth.

Dental wipes

These still require some restraint of your pooch and that may well be why it doesn’t like the toothbrush, but these are worth a try. The use of these wipes will help reduce tartar and plaque build-up.

Dental mints

Dental mints are flavoured so that your pooch will love them. These often contain ingredients such as baking soda, peppermint oil and green tea to promote healthy teeth and breath. Dental mints are easy to use provided your dog likes the flavour.

Dental sprays

Dental sprays prevent plaque and gingivitis and also provide a minty fresh breath for your dog. These are quite easy to use as a simple ‘sneak attack’ to get to your dog’s mouth, and a squirt is all you need.

If you would like some more information on pet grooming and teeth care for your dog, contact us at Durack Pet Motel today.