Dental Care For Fido – As Essential For Him or Her as It is For You and Me

Due to a growing intelligence about all things to do with good dental health, most people are becoming more aware that it is just as important to keep their dog’s teeth clean as it is to keep our own teeth clean.

When you think about the work your dog’s teeth do you can see why it is essential that appropriate dental hygiene is maintained to keep him or her in optimum health.

Learning to clean your dog’s teeth is no different from teaching your toddlers how to clean their teeth. Some say you should help children clean their teeth until they are 5 or even up to 8 years old depending on which books you read.

The difference is you will always have to clean your dog’s teeth. The trick is getting him or her to accept this part of the routine with good grace. Getting your dog used to having its teeth brushed is as easy as one, two, and three!

Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth

If you are starting with a puppy you will find this procedure so much easier to instil than into an adult dog. Don’t be fooled though; you can still teach an old dog some new tricks.

Step One

You need to get your dog used to you poking around in its mouth so don’t just plough on in with the toothbrush and toothpaste.

Start slowly. Use the tip of your finger dipped into something of which your dog enjoys the taste, then rub it over its teeth and gums. Keep this session short and sweet and carry it out often.

Step Two

Once your dog is used to you putting your tasty fingers into its mouth, it’s time to step it up a little by securing a piece of clean soft cloth around your finger.

Rub this soft cloth over its teeth and gums and repeat often.

Step Three

It’s toothbrush time. Don’t use a toothbrush designed for human use though – it’s best to visit your veterinarian and purchase a soft brush designed for dogs.

Your veterinarian can also recommend food that can help keep your dog’s teeth clean.

Durack Pet Motel are able to carry on the process of cleaning your dog’s teeth should this be a habit you wish to maintain, whilst they are staying with us.

Don’t be deterred by your moggy should you decide to keep its teeth in optimum condition either. Your pet can grow to enjoy the one-on-one attention as well.