Dog Free Holidays

We love and appreciate having a pet in our lives, they enrich the quality of it, offer comfort, and solace and best of all, unconditional love.

Most of us would endeavour to minimise our time away from home to ensure our pets are in a solid and secure environment.

You may even possibly select holiday destinations where you are able to take your dog.

But what to do if you are going somewhere you dog cannot go with you?

Because we love our four legged family members we want them to go somewhere they feel that same security they do at home.

Considerations and Questions to ask Prospective Boarding Facilities

Durack Pet Motel have put together their most commonly asked questions for you to consider.

1. Where to go is the first thing. A good option is to ask friends and family if they use a service such as this. Heeding word of mouth is always a step in the right direction.

2. Cost is a vital factor to consider. When budgeting for that holiday it is important to work the cost of boarding your pet or pets.

3. What type of accommodation is provided is another consideration. It may be that you have a dog that is used to being housed in a cage overnight. Alternatively, perhaps you may prefer your dog to have a bit of room to move around. If your dog needs a bit more room to accommodate old, arthritic joints you need to consider this. Do not feel that you cannot ask to take a stroll through a boarding facility. A good one will be proud to show you around.

4. What food will be served? It is important to consider your dog’s dietary requirements are satisfied. Old or young, food intolerance or easy going. Whatever food your dog is used to or requires is important.

5. How often is play time engaged? All pets need play time but especially a pet who may feel abandoned so make sure this is a priority.

6. What happens if your dog will get sick?

7. Don’t leave your search for the perfect doggy haven until the last minute. Just like your boss needs notice for when you want time off, your selected boarding kennel will also appreciate the notice. Once you have selected the right boarding kennel it is wise to book ahead, especially during the busy periods.

We hope this gives you some idea of what you can expect when searching for the right boarding kennel. Visit our website for more great tips and information.