Black dog and brown dog facing the camera

Man’s best friend needs friends too!

If in the right state of mind, dogs are the friendliest creatures in the planet. They are called “Man’s best friend” for a really good reason. Just like people, dogs have a strong need for interaction and love. That is why simple acts of affection like a pat on the head or a stroke on their coat, gives these creatures satisfaction.

Same way dogs need exercise and play as well. They are social creatures and their wellbeing and sanity relies on their daily activities. Exercise and play allow these animals to release pent up energy and emotions while connecting with animals of different species.


And that doesn’t just mean you. Although you are a big part of his life and he can definitely sacrifice a lot of things for the love of you, it is still ideal that you let your dog interact with other dogs. You don’t know their language so it is vital that they get to talk with someone who understands them. They too have emotions and issues, and connecting and playing with other dogs will help them to develop emotionally.


Walking is more than just exercise for him, it is a way to see and feel other environments and also meet new faces. Walking every day is a good way for your dog to familiarise and be comfortable with being around different environments and people. He then becomes a more sociable well- rounded animal. By doing this, he learns how to behave properly at any given space, time and with different people or animals as well.


Always schedule a time in your day to sit and cuddle or run and play fetch with him. The internal connection you have with your dog is very important because this is his first step to build his confidence. Just like with kids, when values start at home, that goes the same with your pet dog. His confidence and attitude starts with his relationship with you. So if you give him love in the form of play and cuddle time, he will also give the same love and energy to other people and animals around him. The simple act of playing fetch is an act of love towards your pet dog, and helps boost his morale.


This socialisation practice should not just happen for a year, the process goes on as long as your dog is alive. You cannot just give up on him if he has a bad day, you have to keep on helping him out in this process. Think of your dog as a little kid learning to walk his first little steps. You have to be there to guide him in everything he does. This requires a lot of patience and love. Be consistent above all.

When people tell you that having a dog is like having a baby, it is no joke. This does not mean though that you will cage them up like little babies and carry them around. The younger they are, the more there is a  need for them to connect and socialise. Do this for him and for yourself.