Don’t Be Fooled By Laid-Back Looks – Cats Get Stressed

Cats often look to be the most laid-back of the animals we keep as pets, so it comes as a surprise to some cat owners that their generally placid pet can be subject to the same kind of stresses as humans. Cats react to similar situational changes that can upset us. Things like moving house or other changes to routine are just as stressful for cats as they are for their owners.

A trip to the vet, an upset to household routine like moving to a new home or bringing home a new baby are typical examples. Most cat owners are accustomed to their furry friends absenting themselves when the carpet cleaners arrive or hiding under a bed when they see the cat carrier being prepared for transit.

Unusual Behaviour can Indicate Anxiety and Stress

What we often don’t appreciate is that this is not just funny behaviour that we can ignore but is an indication that whatever is going on in the home is making the cat feel anxious and threatened. Key indicators are suddenly forgetting the purpose of the litter tray and being aggressive to people in the household for no apparent reason. When this type of unusual behaviour happens, look beyond it for a reason.

If playing host to interstate relatives for a few days or having trade work done is enough to make your cat anxious, imagine what must be going through its mind when you leave it in a boarding facility. We know how traumatic separation is for some cats and how stressed they can become in unfamiliar surroundings. That’s why at Durack Pet Motel we have designed our cat accommodation for safety and security.

Suites with a View, Comfortable Beds and Hide and Seek

Our stress free cat boarding facilities include large and airy individual suites with a full view of the garden so the feline guests don’t feel constrained. Each suite also has a trampoline bed, 6ft high scratching posts with cubby holes and shelves to keep the cats active and entertained.

Special Diets and Medications Accommodated

We feed our guests a large variety of good quality pet food but we also know that cats can be fussy eaters so if yours likes something special, just bring it along and we will feed it to your pet. Our pet care staff members are trained to administer medications or treatments so you need not worry if your pet has special needs.

We encourage owners to bring special toys, blankets or treats along as cats settle better with familiar items around them. This should help to relieve any stress and anxiety they may feel at being temporarily away from home.