Easy Tips To Get You And Your Cat Boarding Ready

We have all heard the term “dogs have masters and cats have slaves” but the truth is that cats are even more fiercely attached to their owners than dogs are.

As you ready yourself and your family for that big day out a cat will hang around and sit on items such as clothing. Imagine how it will react if you were going away for a whole week!

You and your moggy will arrive with complete ease and comfort if you follow our easy, no nonsense tips.

Come Anytime

You are more than welcome to visit with us at any time to inspect our facility. The staff members of Durack Pet Motel are proud to show visitors around.

Plan Ahead

It is important to make a reservation with as much notice as possible. This is especially important over busy periods such as school holidays, Christmas and Easter.

Tell Your Cat What is Going On

If you start talking with your cat about what is going to happen leading up to the big day your cat will settle much quicker than if you did not share information with it. It is amazing just how much they do understand.

Bring Something to Love

Your cat will feel better if it has the scent of you around it, so bring something of yours such as a T-shirt to put into their sleeping area.

Maybe your cat’s favourite toy is its brush. If so, pack that so we can use it whilst they visit with us.

Food and Medications

Durack Pet Motel supply quality and variety to our guests. We try to match their diet as much as possible and can supply Hill’s, Advance, Eukanuba, Iams, Friskies, Whiskas, Purina, Fancy Feast, Dine and many more favourite varieties.

Special diets and medications should be discussed with us at the time of booking and then updated at drop off time to ensure your cat is monitored correctly.

Also, it is important to have all vaccinations current and up to date. If you treat your cat for fleas, update that too, prior to your cat’s stay.

Travel Time

However you transport your cat in the car you must bring them into the pet motel in a travel container. This will give them the time they need to adjust whilst staying and feeling secure in their container.

If your cat is prone to travel sickness then withhold food and water the night before. We will make sure there is fresh food and water waiting for them in their suite.