Co-Exercise – You and Your Dog Exercise Together

It’s a funny thing but these two things usually go hand in hand.

For some of us we use the excuse that our dog needs a walk to get in a bit of exercise for ourselves. For others, the benefit we get ourselves is a pleasant side effect of keeping your dog happy.

The truth is that if your dog is a house pet, it is just like any one of us – usually more pint sized or childlike – but they are part of the family of humans now.

Gone are the days of dogs being up and active, foraging for sustenance wherever they can find it. They got exercise and a meal all in one.

Now their dinner is dished up to them in shiny silver bowls with their name printed on it. They may play with another dog for a little while but there is usually never anyone to play with when their humans are gone.

Long hours alone and a lack of exercise make even us fractious. When a dog is prone to boredom, destructive behaviour, unruliness, or rough play can evolve. Bin raiding, excessive barking, digging holes, shoe or hose chewing are all signs of a bored, untrained dog.

Appropriate Play for Size and Age

Durack Pet Motel believe that walking with your dog can be great exercise for both of you.

If you have a little dog, however, you must remember that their little legs can keep up with your big strides for only so long. Keep an eye on them and make sure they get plenty of water.

Another thing to be mindful of is that dogs with snub noses such as:



Maltese; and


all have trouble breathing when running or doing lots of cardio style exercise. It can also be quite common for their eyes to pop out if over exerted!

On the other hand, a medium sized dog is likely to have the energy of five 3-year olds so you are better off to select an exercise such as throwing a ball or Frisbee for your dog to catch.

For larger dogs you need to be mindful of the impact their weight may have on their joints. If they like to run then a ball or frisbee can be great. Swimming is definitely the answer for these big beauties.

Happy Dog, Happy Home

A well exercised dog that has plenty of interplay with its owners is:-

Less restless or agitated;

Sleeps better;


More agile; and

More confident.