Black and white colored dog peeking out of the car window

Five Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling With Pets

Some pet owners cannot stand the thought of travelling without their pets and are happy to go to whatever lengths necessary to make this a possibility. For others, who are moving to a different location, it can be unavoidable and a necessity to find a way of getting their pet from A to B.

As a member of the family, it is easy to understand why you might want to take them with you, but it is important to assess whether it will be as enjoyable for your pet (and you) as you might hope. There are some things to consider that may impact on your decision, and instead of purchasing their flight ticket, you may decide that it would be better for them to go to a comfortable pet motel instead.

Size of Pet
The size of your pet will determine whether it is able to go in a carrier inside the plane or needs to travel in the cargo area. Most airlines will allow you to bring your pets if they are in a carrier that can fit under the seat in front of you but they usually have specific guidelines about the size of carrier. The prices of each will vary, as to the details of what is required for each. Talk to your airline about which would suit your pet.

Relevant Paperwork and Fees
Your pet will need its own passport (of sorts) before flying as well as vet checks in order to ensure that it can be taken on the plane. Your destination may have specific requirements also, so do your research and make sure that you have everything in order to avoid any issues that may arise.

Keep Your Pet Safe
Most of the injuries that are sustained by pets that travel on air flights are self-inflicted, so it is important to prepare your pet for being inside its carrier or crate. Get it accustomed to being in the crate and do the appropriate preparations prior to boarding the flight such as giving it the specified amount of food, water and walks, for example.

Usually it is a good idea to take your dog for a big walk before you leave for the flight. This will assist your pet in being calmer during the flight, as well as give it the chance to have a good stretch, which it will not be able to get at the airport, as most airports require pets to be kept in their carriers.

Be Prepared to Change Your Mind
It is a lovely idea to take your pet travelling with you, and it is definitely something that is possible, but be prepared to change your mind if things do not go to plan. While you are preparing your pet for travel in its carrier or crate, if it shows signs of not becoming comfortable with the idea, you may need to adjust your plans. If in doubt, remember that your pet can be cared for by professional pet minders, such as Durack Pet Motel, where it will be cared for by experienced handlers who can provide the best care possible.