Getting Ready For The Christmas Celebrations

Well, there goes another year. Can you believe how quickly it has passed?

With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are buzzing around the house and home getting ready for a visit from a very special person. And yes, Santa is a very special person but we mean the visit that you are going to be paid or will be paying to loved ones, be they far and near.

Christmas is the time of year to make that visit to parents, grandparents and loved ones. If you are planning on a day trip then you can relax knowing that you will be home again very shortly to shower your much-loved pets with Yuletide joy and a special treat.

But what of those that are planning an extended visit? It really is not the right time of the year to be leaving your pets at home alone with the neighbour or someone else organised to “pop” in to feed and water them.

Christmas in Queensland is generally a scorcher. With summer temperatures often climbing into the high thirties and beyond, it can be a real risk for pets left at home alone.

Sometimes it’s not even the hot weather that may be a concern. This is the time of year for celebration and rightly so. All that extra noise from neighbourhood parties and the comings and goings of strangers can be most upsetting for any animal.

Never fear! Durack Pet Motel is here to save the day.

Don’t Delay – Places are Filling Fast

Most holiday seasons see our boarding kennels fill fast and Christmas is no exception. In fact, it is our busiest time of the year and for good reason.

We don’t wait for Christmas to shower our guests with loving attention. They get it all year round and their human owners know it. This is why they are so keen and comfortable to leave their furry friends in our care. They know they can go visit with family and friends for extended periods of time and trust that their four-legged family are being well cared for back home.

The only drawback to leaving your pets with us over the Christmas break is that you must book in early to avoid disappointment. Don’t delay. Check in with us now for availability. Why not organise a relaxing doggy shampoo? To save you time, and the stress, take advantage of our pick-up service.