Good Hygiene For You, Good Hygiene For Your Pet

If you feed your pets outside you would be surprised to know that after you’ve gone to bed and all is quiet that all sorts of vermin will visit those bowls. We have heard of mice, rats and even toads, especially toads, sitting in pet bowls after dark.

This is why it’s essential to ensure your pets’ dishes are cleaned regularly. It is not necessary to use any special cleaners, just hot water and dishwashing liquid will suffice. Rinse them thoroughly then dry with a paper towel.

If you feed your pet indoors you would know they do not have the delicate eating habits of their humans. They eat with their mouths open and drop water, slobber and food everywhere!

To protect your floor from spills try standing food and water bowls inside a large plastic tray. These trays can be washed with detergent or a mild bleach solution on a weekly basis.

Should You Sleep With Your Pet?

It is not uncommon for a pet to rule the roost if you don’t set down some ground rules.

For many, a pet is a companion that they like to keep close. It is not Durack Pet Motel’s intention to tell you if you should or shouldn’t sleep with your pet. Whatever you choose, it is important to provide a clean environment for you both.

If you find the thought of sharing a bed with an animal makes you squeamish or if you suffer from allergies, then it is essential to decide which parts of your home your pet is allowed into and then enforce this.

If you are the sort of person who loves that companionship and does not squirm at the thought of a pet on your bed then we recommend you regularly clean your bedding, and clean and groom your pet.

Carrying out regular brushing or combing offers a twofold advantage. You will have less pet hair on your couch, carpet and bed and you are giving your pet some quality attention and love. Remember it’s a bored animal that chews, digs, and commits other sins!

Our tip is to do the grooming outside; you would be surprised how much fur can float through the air and deposit itself around your home if you do it inside.

Cleaning Up Pet Hair

A quality vacuum cleaner can rid your home and furnishings of most pet hair. Pet hair just loves wet hands! You may have noticed.

Try putting on a pair of rubber gloves, dip them in a bit of water, and run your hands over your couch, making sure to dig your fingers into creases and corners. This works well on blankets and cushions as well.