Grooming for More than Good Looks

Regular grooming is an important part of a pet’s life. Just as we need to keep our own hair clean and trimmed, our teeth brushed and polished, pets need the same kind of attention. The importance of grooming is more about keeping your furry friend looking good; there are many health benefits too.

On top of the health benefits there is the ‘feel good’ benefit. If we are feeling poorly then we don’t feel happy. If your pet is properly taken care of and is in good health, then it will feel happy too. This will mean they can bounce, jump and play just like a happy, healthy furry family member should.

At Durack Pet Motel we want your pets to stay happy and healthy so we offer grooming services for pets that are staying in our motel or for pets that just need to be dropped off for the day to get some TLC. Here are two areas we will pay particular attention to.


Animals’ eyes can become irritated by hair in their eyes. This generally happens more often in long-haired breeds but is not impossible for short-haired breeds either. When hair gets in the eyes this can cause irritation and be quite uncomfortable. You can keep checking your pet’s eyes for any hairs lying across them. The best prevention is to keep hair out of eyes with ties and by having the hair trimmed by our caring groomer.

If your dog or cat has a problem with eye drainage then it is important to keep the hair around the eye clean as neglecting this can cause infection.


The ear canal, when constantly covered by the ears of dogs, will have no air circulation and can become warm and moist. When this happens, ear infections can occur and can be quite painful for your dog. You can help by keeping your dog’s ears clean but our professional groomer will have a steady hand and tools to keep the hair inside your dog’s ear clipped. This will allow for more air flow and cleaner ears.

Along with these at the Durack Pet Motel we will wash your pets from top to toe making them look, feel and smell great. We will also clip nails and trim any other areas where hair can become a bother, such as around the legs. As well as grooming at pet kennels you know we have the facilities to keep your pet happy for any length of time so you can drop them off and relax.

Visit us online today and book your pet in for some special treatment.