Grooming Mummy’s Baby

There are some mighty pampered kitties and pooches out there. And for good reason! Often, a domestic animal such as a cat or dog takes on the role of surrogate child, spouse or best friend.

Their love is unconditional and they never answer back. They offer love and only love and listen without interrupting. In return they will be with you in times of stress or simple quiet offering silent comfort and companionship.

It is only fitting that such a much loved pet receives the best grooming available to them. After all, they share your house and home so it is important to keep their fur and skin clean and free of nasties such as dirt, mud, twigs, thorns, fleas and ticks.

The Durack Pet Motel staff members are all animal lovers. To us they are all our babies and we love nothing better than to show them how special they are.

We have a range of grooming services available designed to pamper your baby and have them glowing.

In House Grooming

Our range of pet grooming services range from a simple nail clipping all the way through to bathing and brushing out knots from their fur. We are also able to conduct fur clipping services. Whatever it is that you desire we are able to supply.

You can arrange for your baby to come to us for the day whilst you are at work, or perhaps shopping or lunching with friends.

When you are ready to return home you will be taking a beautiful clean and relaxed loved one with you.

The End of Holiday Grooming

Perhaps you may be leaving your four legged family member with us whilst you are away on a trip or holiday.

Should this be the case we are more than happy to conduct a mini or complete groom to your indulged pet so that when you return for their collection they are shining and bright and clean for their arrival home.

It does not matter if your pet is a day visitor or a long-term resident; we are able to clean them up and have them looking spiffy with our dedicated clean and care packages.

Feel free to drop in and visit with us or give us a call to discuss and book your loved one in to our doggy day spa. They will love it as much as you do.