Has The Cat Got Your Furniture In Its Sights?

We are not letting any secrets out of the bag when we tell you that your cat loves to scratch. And not just itself.
For a cat, the act of scratching has many benefits and a sturdy cat scratcher of some kind cannot be left out of the equation if you have a pet cat.
Your furniture, curtains, drapes, decorative tassels, timber fittings and features, carpets and rugs can all be a target for kitty, which could lead to the destruction of these items.

Why Does a Cat Scratch?

Scratching from a cat’s point of view is like humans doing our yoga or boxing. It’s more than that though, as it can even be like a visit to the health spa.
This is because a cat will stretch out his or her back, neck and arm muscles when it scratches. They can be languid and lazy when they do this or full of energy. Sometimes it may be that they need to release pent up energy and they can get quite vigorous and playful.
Another reason cats scratch is to mark their territory. They not only leave obvious markings for other animals to see. They also release pheromones from the pads of their feet that advertise to any and all other cats that they have been there and this is their spot!
Finally, a good scratch removes the tired old used sheath on their claws, revealing a lovely new sharp claw beneath. Good claw health is essential to a cat’s wellbeing.
Durack Pet Motel ensure every kitty home has a kitty claw centre.

What Sort of Scratch Pole Should You Have?

Cats can and will scratch in different ways. Some cats like to claw at ground level, whilst some like to stretch up tall.
A good cat scratcher is tall enough for your cat to stretch out to its full height – or length as the case may be. It must be sturdy enough to take the weight of the cat in full stretch and durable enough for a good claw battle.
The most common forms of covering are carpet or rope. Either work fabulously at helping kitty get what it needs. Both are effective in giving them something to grip on to. Carpets may be a little more challenging sometimes than rope as a cat’s claws can get stuck in them. Therefore, be vigilant.