How Do You Know When Your Pet Is Obese?

When we see a human who is grossly overweight, usually we can easily identify whether they are obese or suffering from weight issues. This allows us to implement effective methods of bringing the weight back down to where it needs to be. But often when it comes to pets, we may not be aware when they are becoming overweight until there are health problems and long-term damage, which can impact their mobility greatly. Unfortunately, due to overly loving owners, many pets are overweight and can suffer as a result.

Body Condition Score

The most effective method for determining if a pet is obese is by using a body condition score, which allows you to view a picture of an animal like yours and compare body shape and size. Body condition scores are available on many different websites and are easily accessible. They provide pictures of animals in all of the different weight ranges and your pet should ideally fall somewhere in the middle range.


Common sense is a very valuable tool to use in life, whether it is for ascertaining the correct weight of your dog, or doing anything else. Be realistic with yourself about whether you are overfeeding your animal or not, and ensure that you are following the amounts that are advised as a guide for quantity that is needed for the age, breed and size of the animal. Animals will sometimes eat everything that you offer them, whether they are hungry or not, so it is often not best to use this as a gauge of how much you need to feed them.


When we think of humans, we generally are all of a consensus that an ‘hour glass figure’ is usually a healthy shape, and pets are no different. If you are not exercising your pet regularly then its body will not be working at its optimum, and often this can cause weight gain and deterioration of its body in some areas. At Durack Pet Motel we ensure that all of the animals in our care get adequate exercise so they return home in great condition.

Health and Wellness

General health and wellness of your pet can be a clear sign as to what is needed. You can assess your pet yourself by looking it at from above. If you are able to feel its ribs, without seeing them, then the pet is usually in a good condition, but if you can see them, this can indicate that it is too skinny. If you are unable to see their ribs, even when you place your hands on either side of their chest, then it is likely that they are too fat.