Pups playing together in the grass

How Pets Provide Emotional Support To Their Humans

Across the ages, famous therapists such as Sigmund Freud have been known to include their pets in therapy processes as a way of engaging with their clients. These therapists understood the benefit of pets for assisting with healing on many different levels.

During a session, Freud found that having his dog Jofi present, would put the client at ease and allow for him to connect with the person on a deeper level than may have been possible, especially if the person was suffering from deep depression or severe trauma.

Thankfully, the benefit of having a pet is not just something that can be appreciated by those who are undergoing therapy. Pets also make great lifelong companions; they are able to provide emotional support for their owners in their day to day life, with many rewards for inviting a furry friend into the family.


A pet is a great companion, either for a whole family, or for someone living alone who desires company. Often if someone has lost a loved one and find they are living in a house on their own, a pet will be a soothing balm for their melancholy feelings; in some cases, it gives them a new lease on life and something to look forward to. The beautiful thing about having a pet is that they are always ready with boundless energy and love for their owner, so if you are looking for someone who is always going to be happy to see you, try getting a pet!

Security and Safety

Whether you are living alone, or spending a lot of time at home by yourself, a pet such as a dog, can provide security and safety, even if it is a small one. Often would-be thieves will be deterred from attempting to enter your home if you have a noisy pet that will alert yourself and neighbours that there is someone lurking around the premises. A small dog can also provide security simply by being there, even if you are not home, especially if it has a very noisy bark.

Inspire Motivation

They say that one of the best things to get you out of a slump if you are feeling down is to go out and get some fresh air into your lungs. The advantage of having a pet, aside from having someone who is always going to be happy to see you, is that they will inspire you to get motivated and out of the house. While walking your pet you will start feeling better and be more inspired to do things that you might not usually do.

For those who are inspired to travel and are unsure who can look after their pet while they are away, talk to Durack Pet Motel about sending your pet to us for its vacation while you are away.