Identifying Symptoms Of Pet Allergies And Other Diseases

Like babies, animals are not able to express to us vocally when they are suffering from pain, allergic reactions or diseases. They are completely dependent on us to look after them and ensure that they are happy and healthy.

Good pet owners will have a special relationship with their pets and be aware of when they are suffering or distressed, and act accordingly to do whatever it takes to bring them back to health and wellness. Below are some common allergies and the symptoms that will be evident in your pet if it is suffering.


Atopy is the name for the most common pet allergy in cats and dogs, and often shows up seasonally, similar to how some humans experience hay fever during the months where there are a lot of different pollens in the air. It can also be evident during certain times of the year when the dog or cat spends more time inside the house, and is irritated by dust mites.

Symptoms in dogs can include ear infections, chewing its feet, constant licking of its groin and flank area, and frequent rubbing of its face. In cats there will be facial scabbing, asthmatic wheezing and respiratory problems.


Sometimes pets can experience contact dermatitis from allergic reactions to carpets, plastic or cleaners. This can cause them to have increased hair loss with patches of skin exposed with itchy blisters, followed by intense scratching. Often these patches may be in places where they have been exposed to whatever contact surface they are allergic to, such as their feet, stomach or face.

Food Allergies

On some occasions pets can experience allergies to certain foods, which are irritated by pollens, dust and other factors that they come into contact with. Symptoms of food allergies include itching on all areas of the body, skin infections and ear infections. A change in the animal’s bowl movements can also indicate a problem with food allergies.

Common Diseases in Pets

Like humans, as pets get older they are more likely to experience diseases related to their age such as kidney disease, arthritis and diabetes. Fleas and ticks can also cause extremely unpleasant diseases in pets such as Lyme disease, which is debilitating and often fatal. At Durack Pet Motel we encourage owners to take their pets to the vet for immediate treatment if they show any symptoms of allergies or diseases.