Importance Of Walking Your Dog

If you force a human to remain trapped in one area for too long they end up not feeling very happy, and start to climb up the walls with boredom and lack of stimulation. The same applies to man’s best friends – dogs. A dog needs the stimulation of regular walks outside of its yard domain for various reasons in order to maintain optimal health, fitness and emotional wellbeing.


As you can imagine, exercise is a big part of why it is so important to walk your dog. You may not be aware that dogs are descended originally from wolves. If you think about how much energy a wolf has to hunt and wander long distances, it is easy to understand why a dog would have a lot of energy that needs to be expended somehow. Walking your dogs allows them to use up some of this latent energy, which keeps them happier and healthier.


As the saying suggests, man’s best friends are very sociable animals and they not only need the stimulation of social interactions with people, but also with other dogs. You may have noticed that when you go for a walk, your dog will be sniffing poles and peeing on as many spots as they can. This is a part of how dogs socialise with each other; they leave their scent.


One key way that you can train your dog is through repetition of different activities. Going for a daily walk is an excellent opportunity for training your dog how to stay close to you and walking alongside without running off on its own. Any sort of discipline will assist with your training of the dog in other areas, so it is definitely worth including the daily walk.

Emotional Wellbeing

Like people, dogs want to do fun things, too! An unhappy dog will start to display ‘acting out’ behaviours, which could mean that it damages your property, or jumps all over you with the desire to connect with you on some level. Regular walks assist the dog to have time to socialise and do its doggy thing with other dogs, as well as get enough exercise to keep it feeling happy and relaxed. At Durack Pet Motel, we recognise that happy dogs make the best companions, so we encourage people to walk their dogs regularly and get into this habit before they come to visit us.