Pet Care at Pet Motels

Most pet motels do not just offer accommodation for your pet while you are away on holiday or on a family emergency. While staying at a caring pet boarding facility, pet owners can avail of other pet care services to ensure the health and well-being of their beloved kitty or pooch. Here are some common services available at pet motels.

Pick Up and Delivery

orange cat peeking through a cubby holeA pickup and delivery service is really convenient when a family emergency arises and you need to head out immediately. Your pet will be collected at your home and transported directly to the pet boarding facility. Your pet will be delivered safely back to you upon your arrival.

The pet taxi carrying your pet is fully air-conditioned to ensure their comfort. Pets also have their own travel compartment so that they are safe and secure while in transit.

Pet Grooming

Various pet grooming services, from nail clipping to warm hydrobaths and complete grooming, are available for all breeds of dogs and cats. Professional groomers are on hand to brush the knots out of your pet’s fur or clip your pet’s nails. The services are available whether your pet is staying at the boarding facility or just being dropped off for the day to be groomed.

Special Diets

Some pets have to maintain a special diet for health and medical reasons. There is no need to shun a pet boarding facility just because your pet requires a special diet. Pet motels will work with you to ensure that your furry friend receives the proper diet it needs while away from home.

Special Needs and Medication

Pet motels employ a team of professional carers who are trained to care for pets with special needs and administer their medicines properly. This service is part of a pet motel’s care programme and is offered at no additional cost. It is important to discuss with the motel’s professional carers your pet’s special medical needs at the time of booking.

Playtime for Furry Friends

Your pet’s stay in a boarding facility will not be complete without playtime. Every day, carers allot a time for play with your pets. Playtime includes pats, cuddles, fetching stick or playing with a ball. Playtime is part of the care programme and carries no extra fee.

There are all sorts of right reasons for you to hand over temporary care of your furry friend to a boarding facility while you enjoy the sun and surf or attend to a family emergency. All pet suites are designed to ensure that your pet’s stay is safe, comfortable and memorable. The carers are animal lovers themselves who will ensure that your beloved kitty or pooch gets the best care.