Keep Your Beloved Pets Warm and Safe This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, and although Brisbane winters are mild in comparison to the southern states, temperatures get to single figures most nights. We also have days where we are tormented by westerly winds, and if it rains or we get a southerly change, early morning frosts are common.

Dogs and Cats Feel the Cold, Just Like We Do

Just as we feel the cold and need to find warmth, so do our dog and cat family members. While they may have fur to keep them warm, this is often not enough, especially in short haired breeds, to keep the chill from their bones.

If you are leaving your beloved dog or cat with us during winter, you can be assured that our pet accommodation at Durack Pet Motel has been designed with all seasons in mind. The beds are trampoline style so they are not in direct contact with the floor, the suites are sheltered and you can bring along a blanket from home for reassurance, which will also keep them warm.

Outdoor Pets Need Warm Shelters

So how do you keep your pets comfortable this winter? Let’s start with their accommodation. Outdoor pets need their kennels and shelters upgraded to stop the cold from seeping through concrete floors or cracks in the walls. Floors should be covered with something like thick layers of newspaper, with their beds raised off the floor and a blanket to keep them warm.

Indoor Cats Love Comfortable Cushions

Cats should be kept indoors, especially at night. They have a unique ability to find the warmest spot in the house, so if sharing your bed with your feline friend is not to your liking, buy a soft cat cushion and slip it into a corner of the room. If they must sleep outside, a small shelter away from wind and rain is ideal, again with a bed or large cushion in the corner.

Warm Jackets Keep Them Snug

The next thing to consider is clothing. Dogs, especially old, sick or short-haired dogs, need a warm jacket, especially at night. Look for them shivering or feel their skin to see if it is cooler than normal. In conjunction with a warm bed in a cosy corner of the house, wearing a jacket will keep them snug.

Remember to remove the jacket through the day. In Brisbane our daytime temperatures climb to the mid-twenties on most days. We start removing our jackets if we are out in the sun during these times, so we need to remove theirs, especially if they are exercising.

Just be mindful of their comfort, and provide the same conditions for them as we would for ourselves where possible. This will keep them happy and healthy until summer.