Keeping Your Furry Friends Happy and Content

If and when you decide to take on a pet, especially a dog, it is important to take into consideration if you will have enough time for the best friend you could ever hope for.

Yes it is true that a dog will love you no matter what you do. It will be your most loyal companion and the best listener you could hope for.

What they do ask in return is a life full of interaction with both humans and other dogs. They will also need plenty of exercise and a little bit of playtime never goes astray!

As with humans an appropriate diet is necessary for good health and longevity of life. Somewhere safe, warm, and dry to rest and plenty of water are also important.

Companionship and Exercise

Often we hear our customers tell us what busy lives they lead and how it is difficult to find the time for themselves let alone a pet.

Durack Pet Motel believes this one great tip will give you and your pet the quality time you need and give you both something essential as well.

Get up 30 minutes or more earlier than normal in the morning and go for a ride, stroll, walk, jog, or run with your four-legged friend.

Obviously, you adjust as you must according to your own level of abilities at the time as well as the size of your dog. No sense going for a ride if you have a dachshund!

You will be getting some much needed time to get out of your head and nurture your body. Your dog will thrive on the activity and attention.

For Those Holidaying or Busy “Parents”

Even if you do get to spend quality time with your doggy friend there will always be times you can’t take him or her with you.

Working long days can take its toll on both of you. Overnights, long weekends or longer, can really affect you both and this is not ideal.

If you ever experience this, it is important to enlist the help of someone such as ourselves to keep your dog happy and content.

We offer day care, overnight and longer at Durack Pet Motel. We can accommodate special dietary and health related necessities such as administering medications.

Please feel free to come and visit with us to look around our facilities. Our animal loving staff would love to meet you and your pet.