Leaving your Pets in a Pet Motel

Everything is set for your vacation. However, you are looking forward to it with a heavy heart because you are leaving behind a beloved member of your family – your pet. You no longer have to worry or feel guilty because professional pet motels are here to the rescue.

Benefits of Boarding your Pet

Pets get professional care from trained staffers in a pet motel. If there is an emergency, the staffers know how to administer medicine and give your pets the correct treatments while they await your return.

Pets, particularly dogs, should be exercised daily and fed the proper foods. Good dog kennels will allocate exercise time and will co-operate with you if your pet needs a special diet.

Pet motels provide safety. You can rest easy and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pet will not escape easily into the streets and potentially get lost or get into an accident.

Your pet will be able to socialise with other pets inside a pet motel. Being exposed to the other pets is an opportunity for your dog or cat to learn how to get along with others.

Leaving your pet with a friend, neighbour or relative may not cost you that much. The downside is if the person taking care of your pet sees it more as a favour than a job, they may not be as responsible as trained employees will be in a pet motel.

Choosing a Pet Motel

small dogs playing with each other on a lawnA good pet motel has the right facilities and trained staff to take care of your pet while you are away. It is important to choose the right one because the life and health of your beloved pet is in their hands.

At Durack Pet Motel, the carers are pet lovers who will really care for your furry friend. It has large grassed play areas where your dog can exercise, play with other dogs or play ball with one of the staff. If you have a cat, the motel offers spacious suites where it can stretch out as well as comfy hammock beds where it can lie back to enjoy the view of the garden.

Durack Pet Motel offers overnight, short-term or long-term accommodation for cats and dogs, and day boarding. It also provides hydrobathing and grooming services for your pets. In addition, a pickup and delivery service is available for your convenience. These facilities and services are provided to ensure your pet has an enjoyable, comfortable and memorable stay with the motel.