Loving Care for Your Feline

It can be a challenge to organise someone to look after your cat when you are planning a holiday away from home. To have someone come to your home to look after the littlest member of the family may be the ideal situation, but to hand over the key to your home whilst you are away demands you select someone you can trust.

orange cat sitting on a scratch post platformA better solution may be to take advantage of the services of a pet motel. Selecting a reputable healthy cat boarding establishment in Brisbane is a better way for you and your family to enjoy your holiday and let your cat be looked after by fully trained and caring staff.

Durack Pet Motel is conveniently situated in southwest Brisbane. We are able to offer pats, cuddles and playtime to your pampered kitty. Our pet carers are trained to care for your pet and also administer medication if required and we definitely cater for the fussy eater!

Each cat suite is 2.8 metres long, 2.4 metres high and 1.2 metres wide and is fitted with a trampoline bed and a six foot high scratch pole. Your cat can spend hours playing and exploring the many shelves and cubby holes whilst keeping an eye on the garden and activity outside.

Special Requirements – Medication and Vaccinations

If you have any special requirements for your pet such as grooming, medication or diet we are more than happy to assist.
In return, we do have one requirement and that is that your pet is currently vaccinated. For the protection of your own and the other pets we care for, it is absolutely essential to maintain a minimum F3 vaccination for your cat, this provides protection against feline herpes virus, feline calicivirus and feline panleukopenia.

You may find that your vet will also advise vaccination against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) for any cats that spend time outdoors.

Pickup and Delivery Service

It is not common for a cat to go travelling in a vehicle. As such, many families are not equipped to travel with a pet in the car.

We have a vehicle that is fitted with individual travelling compartments, thus allowing your pet safety and security when being transported.

This service can get extremely busy during our peak times, so if you think you need us please book in plenty of time. This service is available Monday to Saturday (excluding school holidays).

To find out more please visit us in person to inspect our facilities or visit us online.