Human feeding a dog

Ten Tips For New Dog Owners

Becoming an owner of a dog involves a lot more than just picking the cutest one in the pet shop and taking it home. While it is sure to be one of the most rewarding experiences you have ever had, be aware that there will be adjustments that need to be made on both parts. […]

Man smiling with a dirty white colored dog

Human Food Than Can Also Be Good For Pets

For most people, their pet is their best friend and they enjoy including their pet in many of the activities that they partake in during the day. When it comes to feeding dogs, it can be easy to adopt the mentality of ‘oh, they’ll eat anything’ and give them whatever food you happen to have […]

White with black spot dog sitting in front of a bowl full of dog food

DIY Dog Snacks

Some of us really seem to struggle to hit the mark when it comes to cooking for our family and friends, which can really knock our confidence with cooking. When it comes to your dogs, they will be grateful for anything that you make for them but they will be over the moon if you […]

Brown dog sleeping in a brown cubby basket

Items You Will Need In Your Pet Disaster Kit

They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity, so being prepared is your best bet for an outcome that is going to be the most pleasing, no matter what happens. When it comes to preparing for possible disaster scenarios we are all aware that we need a disaster kit for ourselves, but have we […]

Brown pug lying on a brown pillow showing puppy eyes

Five Indicators That Your Dog Might Be Stressed Out

Not unlike human babies, our fur babies cannot talk to us and let us know how they are feeling so it is up to us to monitor their behaviours to make sure that they are not suffering in silence. Like humans, stress and anxiety can affect their quality of life, and cause them to behave […]

Black and white colored dog peeking out of the car window

Five Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling With Pets

Some pet owners cannot stand the thought of travelling without their pets and are happy to go to whatever lengths necessary to make this a possibility. For others, who are moving to a different location, it can be unavoidable and a necessity to find a way of getting their pet from A to B. As […]

Golden yellow colored dog opening mouth

How To Tame Aggressive Dogs

When we think of an aggressive human, we can often look beneath the behaviours and see that they are a person who is suffering in some way, and are expressing their feelings negatively. There are many different reasons why a dog might be behaving aggressively and often it is not just due to the breed, […]