Loving Care for Your Feline

It can be a challenge to organise someone to look after your cat when you are planning a holiday away from home. To have someone come to your home to look after the littlest member of the family may be the ideal situation, but to hand over the key to your home whilst you are […]

A soldier removing fleas and ticks from pet with vet's help

Effective Tips for Treating and Avoiding Tick and Flea Infestation in Pets

One of the best ways you can help your pets stay happy and healthy is to give them some of your attention. The adage “all you need is love” has never been more true for your pet. Their whole lives revolve around interaction, which they crave from you.Giving them your attention can also be a […]

Don’t Wriggle Out of Worming Treatment

The topic of worms has a mixed response and generally not a good one. Like it or not, intestinal worms happen and can not only infest the furry members of our family but the two legged ones as well. Because of this, it’s important to regularly treat your cat or dog for worms to prevent […]

Taking the Hassle Out of Time Away

At Durack Pet Motel we pride ourselves in our highly reliable and affordable pet accommodation. You can rest assured while you are away that your furry loved one will be properly pampered and cared for in a safe and clean environment. Knowing this means you can relax easier into being away and focus on the […]

Pets And Moving House

Moving house is a challenging time for anyone, and is up there in anxiety levels with the passing of a loved one and the end of a relationship. Because your pets are an extension of you, they will be feeling the stress too, and may act out in response to the situation, especially if things […]