Dirty white colored pug unhappily facing the camera

How Cigarette Smoking Affects Your Pet’s Health

It is now common knowledge that smoking cigarettes can severely damage your health, causing a number of psychological and physiological issues that could impair your well-being. For this reason, it probably comes as no surprise to imagine that anyone else who is exposed to the chemicals produced from smoking cigarettes will also be affected. Our […]

Black dog biting a green ball

Ways To Keep Your Best Buddy Active

We all know dogs are very physical animals. They do belong from an animal family that connects them to wolves and foxes, so we definitely know that they are born to run and explore. This also means that their health relies on the intensity of their daily work outs and routine. We cannot reiterate the […]

Black dog and brown dog facing the camera

Man’s best friend needs friends too!

If in the right state of mind, dogs are the friendliest creatures in the planet. They are called “Man’s best friend” for a really good reason. Just like people, dogs have a strong need for interaction and love. That is why simple acts of affection like a pat on the head or a stroke on […]

Brown pug lying on the floor

Dogs feel stress too

Dogs have feelings too. They have emotional issues and psychological issues as well. Just like people, they know fear, courage, pain, joy, sadness and love, so it is quite natural that in their daily lives they also know stress. We then ask why my dog would feel stressed when all he does is walk around […]

Pups playing together in the grass

How Pets Provide Emotional Support To Their Humans

Across the ages, famous therapists such as Sigmund Freud have been known to include their pets in therapy processes as a way of engaging with their clients. These therapists understood the benefit of pets for assisting with healing on many different levels. During a session, Freud found that having his dog Jofi present, would put […]

Black dog and a red rose

Why do dogs like to hump?

Why do they do it? We always ask that question, right? Do they have an attraction to the couch or maybe in love with our legs? Or maybe they are suffering from a rare sex addiction syndrome that has not been discovered yet? So we ask why dogs keep on humping. Dog humping, just to […]

White dog with brown spots looking confused

Thinking of desexing your dog?

The decision, if you are going to have your dog desexed or not, is I think one of the most difficult choices you have to make as a pet owner. These days though social media and educational documentaries has made it easy for us to do this due to it gaining popularity. I personally am […]