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5 Things A Pet Motel Must Have

In the event of travel or illness, being faced with the need to find a temporary home for your pet can feel a bit daunting for devoted pet owners. But it does not need to be a worry if you do adequate research to ensure that you have chosen the right place. Visiting a few […]

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Training Your Pup? 4 Things You Need to Know First

Dogs are definitely trainable but there is a degree of patience and knowledge that you need to have in order to get to your goals. There are several kinds of studies and techniques nowadays being published online that claim they can easily train your dogs. But for me there is no easy way or a […]

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Best Outdoor Activities For Cats and Dogs

A key element for taking your dogs and cats outdoors is going to be how well you trained them to use a leash in the early days. Cats and dogs that are leash trained will be easier to manage during outdoor activities, and increase the number of activities that are an option for you to […]

Importance Of Walking Your Dog

If you force a human to remain trapped in one area for too long they end up not feeling very happy, and start to climb up the walls with boredom and lack of stimulation. The same applies to man’s best friends – dogs. A dog needs the stimulation of regular walks outside of its yard […]

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Ways to Satisfy Your Pet’s Physical and Psychological Needs

Animals are as varied in their individual needs as they are in their species. A dog will have vastly different dietary needs from a guinea pig, as well as social and emotional requirements. Because every animal is different, we cannot list all the various methods for each one here, but we can break it down […]

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Benefits and Ways of Improving Your Pet’s Interest in Play

Not unlike humans, pets need physical stimulation to keep them happy, in good health and to prevent boredom. As many who work with children can attest, through play, we not only stimulate our minds, but we also learn a lot of valuable information about ourselves, as well as about the world in which we are […]

How Grooming Is Beneficial For The Health Of Your Pet

Anyone who says they can resist hugging a freshly groomed animal is either lying or is simply not an animal person. Either way, grooming serves many functions for pets, and it isn’t just about lifting their self-esteem, although it can definitely contribute to making them feel good. Regular pet grooming is not just for keeping […]