Safety, Security and Comfort Measures for Dog Boarding

If you have never checked your dog into a boarding kennel, you may have questions about what is involved and what your pet might need while it is on its ‘holiday’. Animals feel more secure when they feel at home in their environment, so our focus is on creating a home away from home for […]

Feeding and Lifestyle Changes for Older Pets

As pets age, they require mindfulness from their owner in ensuring that all of their requirements are still being met as their needs will change as they get older. Not unlike humans, pets are living to much older ages these days than previously. This is largely in part to better vaccines and treatments for diseases, […]

Why Potty and Behavioural Training Are Recommended for Pets

When we begin a relationship with a human, we set clear boundaries about what will work for us in the relationship; we also provide the person with skills to understand the way that we do things. When beginning a relationship with a pet, it is recommended to do the same thing, only in the context […]

Arthritis Treatments for Pets – Are They Similar to Human Treatments?

Keeping your pet happy and healthy is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. Diseases and sickness can affect our pets as they age, causing them pain and misery as symptoms persist and increase over time. A common health problem being seen by veterinarians is arthritis in dogs. But there are often no […]

Achieving Mental Well-being for Your Dog Through Exercise

Anyone who has ever been a parent of a toddler, babysat one or spent any amount of time with one will know that if they do not expel some of their energy through some serious movement and activity, they could end up being a very unpleasant companion after a while. The same can be said […]

Vaccination Programs for Ageing Pets

Vaccination against the various diseases that affect pets is an important part of being a pet owner. There are different vaccinations for the diverse variety of diseases that affect different animals during the various stages of their lives. As your pet grows older it requires particular vaccination programs to be administered to keep it in […]

What Are Your Pets’ Behavioural Changes Telling You?

We all know that the people in our lives change and often we experience them behaving in new ways when they are in the process of change. Humans can also tend to behave different from normal if they are not feeling as well as they usually do. They may tell you when they are sick, […]