Obesity and Boredom – Contributors to your Pets Ill Health

If you have a dog, you have surely enjoyed the wonders of having a run and playing ball with him or her. While they get their exercise, you are getting yours as well.

Exercise for your four-legged friends is just as important for them as it is for you. Our canine companions suffer all the same issues we do if we do not exercise.

Exercise keeps us and our pets trim and feeling good. If our pets don’t get enough exercise there are two main issues that arise which have knock-on effects to even further issues.

The two main contenders are obesity and boredom

Obesity in a dog decreases speed and stamina. A difficulty in dealing with heat is also common. Poor liver function, burdened joints, back problems, high blood pressure, cardiac issues, diabetes, difficulty breathing, constipation, flatulence and skin problems all stem from obesity. An obese dog can even have problems whelping.

If your dog does not get regular exercise, boredom and frustration creates behavioural issues such as constant barking, tail chasing, digging and destruction of garden and home. Just plain depression can also be a major issue.

So what do you do with your pet when you are unable to give it the exercise it needs?

Day, Short and Long Term Care for Pets

Here at Durack Pet Motel, we believe important dog day care in Brisbane is essential to the health and wellbeing of all animals. This is why all our pet carers take the time to interact, play and entertain our guests.

We will also give all pets an opportunity to interact with each other during supervised periods in our large grassed play area.

If your dog has special needs with regard to medication, food or perhaps it is disabled, these can be supplied as well. You may not realise that even a blind dog can enjoy a little exercise by chasing noisy toys or the voice of its companion.

The Durack Pet Motel is able to offer a variety of solutions to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

Whether you are going away or are just too busy working and travelling long hours each day, to make sure you dog gets the companionship it deserves we are here to help.

We offer a pickup and delivery service for those who do not have the proper car restraints and we can even spoil your pet with a cleansing hydrobath.

Please feel free to visit us in person or online at https://www.durackpetmotel.com.au/