Pamper Your Dog This Christmas

Is your dog your best friend? Does your dog offer you the best company, solace, and joy?

They are amazing creatures, dogs. They intuitively know when things are not right with you or when your world has turned upside down. Alternatively, they revel in the opportunity to join in your joy and laughter.

They really are man’s best friend.

All they want to do is show you that no matter what life throws at you, all you need to do is choose to be happy. They trust and love everyone and choose joy always. No matter how they are treated.

Durack Pet Motel has some brilliant ideas to share so that you can show your dog, your best friend, how much it means to you, not only at Christmas time but all the time.

Doggy Day Care

If you are away for long working days you can check your dog into our facilities to be loved and cared for during the day so they don’t suffer the anxiety of many dogs that are left to their own devices. This is especially true during these long hot summer days. A dog can wear itself out constantly patrolling your property for pesky predators.

Doggy Holiday

If you are planning a trip away from home it can be doubly important to ensure your dog is lovingly cared for.

When their owners are away, a dog can become very stressed as it may not understand that you are planning to return. A feeling of abandonment can create all sorts of emotions and issues for a loving dog. Also, a dog left on its own for long periods of time can become bored. Boredom can lead to bad behaviour. Is this your dog’s fault or yours?

Doggy Day Spa

Dogs love to be pampered and shown that they are loved just like humans do. We offer a range of services that can suit any dog and any budget. It may be just a simple nail clipping that is required to prevent damage to furniture and your legs!

We also offer a lovely warm hydrobath, which will have your dog looking and smelling all fresh and new. Our range extends even further into grooming and clipping. Not only will your dog smell fresh and new but it could have a whole new summer look happening.