Check the Facilities Before You Board Your Pet

For loving pet owners, the decision to place their precious dogs or cats in a pet motel while they are away is often a very emotional one. If they have not been separated from their pets before, it is even more difficult and they want to make sure they have chosen a facility where their darlings will be comfortable and well cared for.

Get Personal Recommendations and ask Lots of Questions

There is nothing quite as reassuring as a recommendation from a friend or relative who has used a particular facility themselves, so a good place to start is to ask around about the one you have chosen. The next step is to ask if you are able to inspect the accommodation where your dog or cat will be housed. This is important because you can allay any fears you may have about your pet being confined in a small space for the duration of your absence.

Ask if the dogs at the facility are regularly walked and for how long. If your dog is used to long walks, the staff need to know as it could cause a change in the dog’s behaviour that may concern them. They may be able to provide the same walking time the dog is used to. If the facility allows the dogs to interact with each other in a free environment, check that this is supervised properly by an attendant.

Look for a Facility that has been Designed with Pets in Mind

a black dog resting comfortably insde a kennelOur facilities at Durack Pet Motel have been designed for the comfort of the cats and dogs that regularly board with us. Cats have their own spacious, individual suites that look out over our garden. There is plenty of fresh air and sunlight for them to enjoy and each suite has a scratching pole with shelves and cubby holes to explore. Every cat also has a trampoline bed.

Dogs have two different types of accommodation available to them. Large, spacious and well ventilated kennels are provided for medium to large dogs, and for the smaller varieties, we provide safe and cosy smaller kennels away from the bigger dogs. All kennels are furnished with trampoline beds and they are within easy access of our beautifully grassed exercise and play areas. This is the best part of their day as they enjoy playtime, pats, cuddles and exercise, all in the company of their new best friends.