Pet Free Holidays Without the Worry

Holidays are always something we all look forward to. There is no doubt your state of mind lifts considerably the closer you get to departure time.

The one fly in the ointment for you may be finding that special someone to look after your much loved moggy.

Here at the Durack Pet Motel we are in the business of boarding dogs safely, securely and especially ensuring that your dog has a holiday as well.

We understand that when a pet comes into our environment, albeit a loving and caring one, the dog may stress about being away from home.

This is why we ensure our guests are treated to lots of loving care, pats, cuddles, and playtime with suitable play partners.

Why not take advantage of our grooming service as well and get your doggy brushed, trimmed, washed and conditioned? He or she will definitely appreciate the five star treatment and feel like they have been on holiday as well!

We have two styles of kennel. A smaller one designed for the smaller dog and a large one, obviously designed to give bigger dogs room to move.

We feed our canine guests a combination of premium Advance dry food, cooked chicken and rice roll, cooked meat and vegetable roll or fresh meat.

We are able to take the time to handfeed a fussy eater and we can offer a special menu to get them literally eating out of our hands. They are on holiday after all!

If you prefer, we are happy to feed them whatever you provide if they have a special dietary need. We are also qualified and able to administer any medications that may be required.

What Does it Mean if a Dog Goes off its Food?

There can be several reasons why a dog goes off its food. These include:-

• Pickiness

• Behavioural

• Recent travel, or unfamiliar surroundings

• Vaccination reaction

• Illness

Whatever the reason, any one of these should be addressed quickly to ensure the comfort of your pet.

Our staff members are able to pick up on a dog’s behaviour very quickly and possess a few tricks up their sleeve to coax most pets out of the blues or stress of being away from their family and home.

Should your dog become unwell or show signs of vaccination reaction whilst in our care we have a veterinarian close by to attend to your pet’s needs promptly.