Pet Insurance Perfect Partner for Quality Pet Motel

At the Durack Pet Motel we provide the best service possible to you and your furry family members. As you will find after choosing us to care for your pet in your absence, we value each and every one of our clients—animal and human.

This is why we have been operating as long as we have and are known as the most caring boarding kennels available. We take measures and precautions at all times to make sure that your pet is safe and happy during its stay with us.

There are times, however, when the unforeseen can occur. An injury or an illness is most unfortunate but accidents can happen and that’s when you will be glad if you have your pet insured.

Insurance Always A Bonus

Even before you ever book your pet into a pet motel; it’s always wise to have pet insurance. For a small fee you have the peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured, a giant vet bill won’t break your wallet.

Vet bills can be quite costly depending on the procedure and/or medicines required and there are those very sad times when owners have had to make the very hard decision to fork out the money for care or to let their much loved pet go. It is a decision no pet owner wants to make if it’s simply a matter of money.

Phone Around

Most insurance companies now will include pet cover into your home or car insurance and as mentioned, this is usually a small fee, and a small price to pay to know your pet is covered. Generally, as with all insurance companies, there will be an excess to pay in the event you make a claim and in some cases you may find you are only covered up to a certain amount.

The best plan of action is to ring around and see what is available, even if you already have home insurance it’s a good idea to contact some other insurers to see what they offer and it may be worth the change.

Pet insurance also provides you with extra peace of mind if your pet is staying at the Durack Pet Motel. This is because if for any reason a vet visit is required, a large bill will be covered to the agreed amount according to the policy.

For more information about pet insurance, contact your provider or make enquiries. For more information on the best pet motel around, visit us online.